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PMG Chapter 1595: Invite a Wolf Into One’s House

PMG Chapter 1595: Invite a Wolf Into One’s House

There was a pavilion on Yao Yun Peak, and the surroundings were very beautiful. Looking over the mountain’s side there was a sea of clouds, providing a tranquil feeling. Besides this, Lin Feng was offered several women’s services, but he declined them once they got there.

Lin Feng took out the ring with the cosmic energy and the fur, then he put them on a stone table as Muyi observed. Lin Feng didn’t need to try so hard to make talismans anymore, he just had to put some materials on a table and things happened almost naturally, and with the cosmic energies it was even easier to carve the marks.

“They offered you a wonderful gift just to be friends with you!” said Muyi smiling. If Lin Feng had really been a member of the Everlasting Palace, it would have undoubtedly benefited Celestial Qi Castle. Even now Muyi didn’t understand what Lin Feng‘s end goal was.

“Indeed, I can make many talismans easily with that.” said Lin Feng smiling. He didn’t need to rely on his own abstruse energies to carve marks, but if he could use both types of energies then his talismans would be even more powerful.

“Master Muyi, I need calm for a few days to fabricate some talismans. If the people from Celestial Qi Castle come here to invite us for dinner or whatever, just refuse and tell them I’m practicing cultivation.” said Lin Feng to Muyi. He had too many materials, so now he needed to fabricate talismans!

“I will.” said Muyi, smiling and nodding. He didn’t study talismans, so he went to continue studying illusion deployment spells in the mountains.

Lin Feng went to another place in the mountains to study. During the next few days, many people from Celestial Qi Castle came to invite them for dinner, amongst other things. But since Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, they didn’t want to disturb him. Instead, they left more materials to fabricate talismans with Muyi and told him to give them to Lin Feng. They were very polite during that time. One month later, Lin Feng finished fabricating some talismans and came out of his room again.

Celestial Qi Castle sent beautiful women every day, and each of them brought more items. On that day, the beautiful girls were only watching Lin Feng and Muyi in the pavilion. After some time passed, Jin Chen Jun came to Yao Yun Peak and invited Lin Feng and Muyi. This time, they didn’t refuse.

“Master Mu En, Master Qi Yun Xiao has some things to do. When he saw that you were practicing cultivation, he left for a few days, but he should be coming back soon.” Jin Chen Jun and Lin Feng were walking on the wooden bridge as Jin Chen Jun was talking. The landscape was magnificent, they could see the entire territory of Celestial Qi Castle from there!

“Jin Chen Jun, you’re too polite. Such an insignificant person as myself doesn’t deserve Master Qi Yun Xiao’s kindness. I can’t even repay you, Jin Chen Jun, for your kindness.” said Lin Feng. Jin Chen Jun was very happy when he heard Lin Feng. Of course, Lin Feng was sleeping and eating in their territory and they gave him presents all the time, so they could only be friends at this juncture. They were just worried about getting Lin Feng to come in the first place, and now that he was there, everything would proceed smoothly.

“Master Mu En, all I ask is that you don’t consider me a stranger. If you need anything more, just tell me and I’ll do it for you.” said Jin Chen Jun.

“Celestial Qi Castle is so kind to me. I feel honored.” said Lin Feng. He then pointed at Celestial Qi Castle’s vast territory and said, “Jin Chen Jun, I practice shattering deployment spells. Even though Celestial Qi Castle doesn’t practice such things because you have an endless number of extremely strong cultivators, I could cast one on your territory as a protection. This could be a sign of gratitude.” said Lin Feng.

Jin Chen Jun was extremely happy, “You’re so kind, we can’t refuse. We will do everything we can to help you, I guarantee you!” Since Lin Feng wanted to help them with a deployment spell, Jin Chen Jun felt like preparing even more gifts for him that he’d give him after, then their friendship would become even more stable.

“I don’t like procrastinating, so I will start today. I just need to use the cosmic energies from fate seeds to cast the powerful deployment spell.” said Lin Feng.

Alright, what kind of fate seed do you need?” asked Jin Chen Jun. He was a little bitter on the inside though, fate seeds could be used to break through to the Huang Qi layer and now Lin Feng wanted to use one to try out his deployment spell.

“An Earth fate seed.” said Lin Feng. He saw that Jin Chen Jun’s mouth twitched, but he still smiled and said, “Prepare a few, after all, Celestial Qi Castle’s territory is gigantic, so if you need a powerful shattering deployment spell, we’ll need several fate seeds.”

“No problem. I will do all I can. Offer me a moment as I ask someone to get some.” Jin Chen Jun then turned around and spoke to Emperor Dong, “Emperor Dong, brother, you have a high cultivation level, so you’re faster than I am. Can you go back to Celestial Qi Castle and pick those up? Thank you.”

Even though Jin Chen Jun was an emperor, he didn’t have that many fate seeds. From those few, he didn’t have any Earth fate seeds. Even if he did have some, he wouldn’t be willing to use his own.

“Alright.” Emperor Dong nodded and smiled at Lin Feng, “Master, I’m going to Celestial Qi Castle to get your fate seeds.”

“Thank you, Master.” said Lin Feng, smiling in a resplendent way. If Emperor Dong knew he was facing Lin Feng right now, how would he react?

“I’ll be back later.” said Emperor Dong politely.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “That Emperor Dong is really nice, even though he’s strong, he’s still so polite.”

Emperor Qi and Qi Qian Xing were upset after they heard that. Emperor Dong wasn’t willing to act that way with just anyone. Let alone he was only an emperor in the small world, of which their social position within the hierarchy of the group was so low, they had no choice but act polite in these situations.

“Emperor Dong is nice, indeed. Those two are Emperor Qi and Qi Qian Xing, Emperor Qi has broken through to the Huang Qi layer for a very long time now and Qi Qian Xing is about to break through to the Huang Qi layer.” said Jin Chen Jun, introducing the two to Lin Feng. They looked at Lin Feng and said politely, “Master Mu En, you must think we’re ridiculous!”

“Your cultivation levels are higher than mine. I’m the one who feels ridiculous.” said Lin Feng smiling. Even though he was acting pleasant in front of all these people, on the inside, he wasn’t happy. He hoped he’d kill them soon and avenge all the people they had killed.

However, at that moment, they were chatting and laughing. Jin Chen Jun was extremely happy now that Lin Feng and he were becoming good friends, and now Emperor Qi and Qi Qian Xing were becoming friends with Lin Feng as well.

“Jin Chen Jun, Emperor Dong is gone now, so let’s have a walk.” suggested Lin Feng. Jin Chen Jun nodded, why not?

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng. He immediately rose up in the air.

“There are many people here, even in Si Xiang City, we don’t have such places. But our market is a little bit better.” said Lin Feng.

“Of course, but you can’t compare Si Xiang City with such a small place.” said Jin Chen Jun. They both flew very far away. As they were flying, they came across a castle which looked like Celestial Qi Castle, both majestic and imposing.

“What a beautiful building! Let’s go and look at it!” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Master Mu En, wait!” said Jin Chen Jun, his facial expression suddenly changed. Lin Feng turned around and asked, “Is there a problem?”

Jin Chen Jun got nervous after he saw Lin Feng was frowning. He didn’t want to lose his new friend, so he smiled again and said, “Master Mu En, that’s the Palace of Medicinal Kings.”

“The Palace of Medicinal Kings is one of the nine great celestial castles, no wonder it’s so beautiful. I really want to go and see it.” said Lin Feng smiling. Jin Chen Jun didn’t know what to say anymore. What did Mu En want to do there? He couldn’t prevent Mu En from going, he could just warn him.

Jin Chen Jun couldn’t know that Lin Feng wanted to cause trouble. As he passed through, Lin Feng wanted to see if their people were going to attack him!

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