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PMG Chapter 1596: Causing Trouble

PMG Chapter 1596: Causing Trouble

Lin Feng entered the Palace of Medicinal Kings while Jin Chen Jun looked petrified as he followed. The Palace of Medicinal Kings probably wouldn’t dare attack a deployment spell caster from the Everlasting Palace, so they should be fine.

They both flew in the sky above the Palace of Medicinal Kings, causing people to look up at them in a despising way. Someone dared enter their palace without warning them beforehand? Even members from the other groups of influence didn’t do that, but now a stranger dared?

“Stop!” Even though the strangers looked strong, they had to stop them.

Lin Feng looked at them and shouted, “Piss off!”

The guards were even more surprised, that person was so aggressive!

“It’s the Palace of Medicinal Kings, stop!” shouted his interlocutor.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and continued flying forwards, ignoring those people as he moved along.

Then, someone punched the air in Lin Feng’s direction. Lin Feng didn’t even try to dodge, as if it had nothing to do with him.

“Who dared attack!” a gigantic golden hand blocked the attack.

How could Jin Chen Jun let anyone injure Lin Feng? He didn’t dare be too aggressive either, they were in the Palace of Medicinal Kings after all and he was from Celestial Qi Castle. If he injured or killed someone, it could trigger a war between their groups.

“Jin Chen Jun!” The young man looked furious when they recognized Jin Chen Jun. “Does Celestial Qi Castle want to attack our Palace of Medicinal Kings?”

“You’re so noisy! If you dare stop me again, Jin Chen Jun will kill you without hesitating!” Lin Feng rudely said.

How could they know that Jin Chen Jun wasn’t happy to be there, but he had to follow Lin Feng. Jin Chen Jun knew that Lin Feng had previously made people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings kneel in front of him as he insulted him. Was this revenge?

“That herbal garden is nice, let’s go take a look at it.” said Lin Feng. As they were flying about, more and more people came towards Lin Feng and Jin Chen Jun.

Lin Feng acted as if he hadn’t noticed anything. Rather, he was looking at the herbal garden, commending it on its great smell. He smiled and said, “I wouldn’t have thought that there would be so many incredible herbal plants here, many of them are priceless even! I’m taking them all.”

Jin Chen Jun’s mouth was wide open, speechless. The ground shook as Lin Feng landed on the ground and released Earth abstruse energies to cover the entire herbal garden.

“Moron!” thought Jin Chen Jun. They were done for! Lin Feng didn’t seem to care still as he started picking up all the plants and flowers.

“Stop that you moron!” shouted someone furiously. A silhouette was flying at them looking furious, his eyes were bloodshot even. He had spent hundreds of years on that garden and now some strangers were stealing from it?

“It took me hundreds of years to grow those plants and flowers, some of them need a thousand years to blossom and they’re at 998 years. It’ll only be two more years before they…” the old man was furious. He wanted to kill Lin Feng no matter what now.

“You moron, you must die!” said the old man raising his hand and releasing force.

“Your Excellency, please control yourself!” Jin Chen Jun’s facial expression suddenly changed. He was furious, especially seeing how Muyi didn’t seem like he intended to attack at all.

“Jin Chen Jun, good, very good!” said the old man furiously. By now the garden was completely empty, Lin Feng had taken everything.

“How audacious! You tried to kill me!” said Lin Feng. Others from the Palace of Medicinal Kings started surrounding Lin Feng with murderous intentions.

“Emperor Qi, make them stop!” shouted Jin Chen Jun. Emperor Qi released force around those cultivators of the Zun Qi layer, forcing everyone to freeze.

“You wanted to kill me!” Lin Feng jumped forwards and threw a few talismans.

“Deployment talismans!” those people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings suddenly looked terrified. It was him!

They couldn’t know that the renowned deployment spell caster was the guest of honor in Celestial Qi Castle right now.

“Let us go!” shouted the few young men to Emperor Qi. However, Lin Feng’s talismans quickly approached them and broke apart. Terrifying shattering energies surrounded those four people and killed them.

“Your Excellency, please stop!” an emperor approached from the distance. They were inside the the Palace of Medicinal King’s territory, but not in their headquarters. Therefore, there weren’t so many strong cultivators there, only a few low-level emperors, just like Celestial Qi Castle’s territories.

“Uncle Muyi, let’s kill them. They wanted to kill me, so they can’t blame me!” said Lin Feng moving like the wind. He landed on a tower and glanced around as he released fire energies.

The emperor who had just arrived was speechless, Muyi was preventing them from doing anything as Lin Feng wreaked havoc, setting everything on fire. He also picked up plants and flowers when he found private gardens.

After a short time, many places were burning.

An emperor happened to walk out of a building and saw the fire. He was immediately furious as he screamed, “Who dares set the Palace of Medicinal Kings on fire?”

Lin Feng glanced around and saw powerful Qi approaching from the distance. He moved like the wind and flew back to Jin Chen Jun.

“Those people are incredibly violent. Jin Chen Jun, you should have told me, or I wouldn’t have come here.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Lin Feng had come, stolen plants and flowers, and now he had set their territory on fire. One emperor had even been killed by Jin Chen Jun, another one couldn’t move because Emperor Qi was holding him down with pressure.

Jin Chen Jun was speechless, what had he done to deserve that? He had warned Lin Feng that it was the Palace of Medicinal Kings, but Lin Feng still wanted to go.

“Jin Chen from Celestial Qi Castle, good, good. The Palace of Medicinal Kings will remember this.” said the emperor in a cold way. After he saw that a medium-level emperor was there, he didn’t act rashly, especially given Lin Feng’s social status.

Jin Chen Jun was beyond furious, he wanted to say that it had nothing to do with Celestial Qi Castle, but he couldn’t in front of Lin Feng.

“Uncle Muyi, Jin Chen Jun, let’s go back. Jin Chen Jun, next time don’t forget to remind me that I can’t come here.” said Lin Feng. Jin Chen Jun’s heart twitched, but they did leave. The crowd from the Palace of Medicinal Kings didn’t chase them, even though they wanted nothing more than to do so.
“Celestial Qi Castle!” screamed a cold voice.

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    Thank you!

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    Rlly short chap wow

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    Man Lin Feng is getting more and more cunning with all his schemes

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    See how irritating those arrogant young master types are now that Lin Feng is doing it to you? You a******* are *exactly* that irritating to everyone else when someone associated with your group does the exact same thing to others. Enjoy getting your face shoved in because of Lin Feng returning the favor of what your group (and far to many others) does

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      This venerable likes the way fellow cultivator thinks!

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    I actually pity them. But then I realized that I have absolutely no reson to feel pity for them

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    i think Ling Feng is abusing Muyi a lot

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      I think Muyi is finding this hilarious watching tigers devour themselves

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        I also think Muyi’s having a great time, I bet he’s not been this entertained in his life!

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    This chapter was absolute gold! LF has certainly met enough of these spoilt brat types to method act them so well. My fav part was when he started picking the herbs and JCJ’s jaw dropped wide open. I ROFL so hard at the visual!

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    I imagine LF running around like an air and acting like a spoiled kid.

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    I imagine LF running around like an airplane and acting like a spoiled kid.

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