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PMG Chapter 1597: Revenge

PMG Chapter 1597: Revenge

News spread that Celestial Qi Castle had been to the Palace of Medicinal Kings and had caused a lot of trouble. It was even said that some people had been injured and killed. It was also rumored that they stole precious plants and flowers from their private gardens.

The Palace of Medicinal Kings started sending a lot of strong cultivators to the buffer zone and Celestial Qi Castle did the same. After Qi Yun Xiao learnt about that, he immediately volunteered himself to a patrol with some other strong cultivators.

The white-bearded old emperor from the Palace of Medicinal Kings was seated as he glanced around and said indifferently, “Everybody has now heard about Celestial Qi Castle’s assault. They humiliated us, so what should we do?”

“Master, the situation is a bit strange.” said an emperor at that moment. “From what I know, the leader of the group was Jin Chen Jun, and he was with some emperors, but there were no high officials. The Palace of Medicinal Kings and Celestial Qi Castle has never had problems before, plus Jin Chen Jun has no reason to provoke us. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be brave enough to try like that.”

“You’re right. The only explanation would be that people behind the scenes, people who control Celestial Qi Castle, are using Jin Chen Jun. If it’s not the case, then it could be Mu En trying to cause problems.”

“Everything is possible. Mu En is from the Everlasting Palace and controls powerful deployment spells. Last time, he humiliated our disciples, and now he came to our palace, attacked our people, and stole our herbs. All in all, even if he did it, he was supported by Celestial Qi Castle. He doesn’t fear us, he actually despises us.” reasoned that person.

Everyone in the meeting nodded. They weren’t stupid and could reason that too. If the people who controlled Celestial Qi Castle behind the scenes hadn’t started that, then Jin Chen Jun couldn’t possibly do it on his own, so the only one who could have started that was Mu En.

Bang! The white-bearded emperor hammered the table which his fist. Then he yelled, “Mu En is insane but whether it’s Celestial Qi Castle or Mu En’s fault, I don’t care, Celestial Qi Castle is responsible for this!”

Everybody nodded.

“Inspect Celestial Qi Castle in secret and inform us of anything you find. In three days, we’ll pay a visit to Celestial Qi Castle.” said the white-bearded old man. They wouldn’t forget Mu En’s role in all of this!

At the same time, back in Celestial Qi Castle, there were many strong cultivators gathered in a hall, including Qi Yun Xiao who was seated in front of everyone with a sullen face. He was now paying for those events. Celestial Qi Castle had gone to the Palace of Medicinal Kings and had killed people, humiliating them. There was zero chance that the Palace of Medicinal Kings would forgive them.

Jin Chen Jun perfectly knew that he would have to bear the responsibility for those things. They had made great efforts to bring Mu En to their castle, so could they blame him? They didn’t even dare talk about their troubles near Mu En, otherwise, he might get upset and leave.

“Go and spend time with Master Mu En!” said Qi Yun Xiao coldly. Things were done already, and they couldn’t go back in time to fix them. Blaming Jin Chen Jun was useless too. The best thing to do now was to continue building their relationship with Mu En.

Lin Feng didn’t care about all those things. He was with Muyi in the vast spaces of Celestial Qi Castle. He was carving marks all around Celestial Qi Castle while Muyi was helping him by releasing cosmic energies into the marks.

The marks were intertwining and turning into holy marks. Immediately after, they disappeared as they sank into the wall.

To cast a great deployment spell over the entire territory of Celestial Qi Castle, Lin Feng had to cast countless small deployment spells first. He wasn’t as experienced as Yan Di so he wasn’t as fast and precise, but he was always improving.

Jin Chen Jun was in the distance, calmly observing him. He didn’t want to disturb him now.

“Even though Lin Feng caused them a lot of trouble, he was very serious when it came to casting deployment spells. He even looks like a completely different person.” thought Jin Chen Jun.

Qi Yun Xiao and some others approached Jin Chen Jun. Jin Chen Jun was going to talk but Qi Yun Xiao raised his hand while observed Lin Feng, “I’ve heard that when casting deployment spells, you cannot make a single mistake whilst drawing the marks, otherwise it will influence the overall efficiency of the spell. Besides, when you cast a great deployment spell, you need to cast countless small deployment spells. Those people’s strength relies in their concentration. They’re usually very good at practicing cultivation too. It is because of this that there are some groups which date back to the antiquity who specialize in deployment spell casting. You could almost claim that those people are enlightened.”

Everybody listened to Qi Yun Xiao and then looked at Lin Feng with admiration. He was so young and he was already so good at casting deployment spells. A bright future awaited him.

“Observe him and try to learn from him.” said Qi Yun Xiao to the crowd. Everybody nodded in return.

Lin Feng continued carving marks for three days without stopping. The crowd around him just observed, entranced by his focused and meticulous carvings. Master Mu En was exactly the kind of person Qi Yun Xiao had described. He didn’t let anything distract him, he didn’t even raise his head to look around.

Muyi was secretly amazed as well. Lin Feng had been carving marks for three days and three nights, so he couldn’t wait to see the final product. Muyi thought even more now that he was far from being as talented as Lin Feng.

Finally, Lin Feng carved the last mark in the central-most part of Celestial Qi Castle. Around him, all the invisible marks were intertwining.

“Done!” Lin Feng put his hands on the marks and suddenly, they started shining magnificently. In a short time, the whole Qi Clan was shining.

“Break!” A gigantic word appeared in the sky: BREAK. Jin Chen Jun was amazed by that strength!

“I wonder how strong that deployment spell is.” whispered Jin Chen Jun. Three days, three nights of effort…

“You were right Master Qi Yun Xiao, even if Master Mu En wasn’t a deployment spell caster, he’d be an incredible cultivator.” said Emperor Dong sighing. Many emperors were gathered there, preparing for an assault. They had offended the Palace of Medicinal Kings, so it was only a matter of time until they got their revenge.

“Mission successfully completed. The deployment spell is an overwhelming success.” Lin Feng landed before Jin Chen Jun and the others and smiled.

“Master Mu En, you’ve made great efforts on our behalf. Thank you.” said Jin Chen Jun smiling. Lin Feng’s deployment spell would surely be terrifying.

If Mu En became an emperor in the future, and then became one of the leaders of the Everlasting Palace while Celestial Qi Castle had him as a friend, then they wouldn’t need to care about the Palace of Medicinal Kings or Qing Di Mountain ever again.

“You did so much for me, so this can’t be considered much. It is my duty to make Celestial Qi Castle happy.” said Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. Celestial Qi Castle had done so much for him?

An emperor from Celestial Qi Castle frowned as he gazed into the distance.

Lin Feng turned around as well and saw people flying above the clouds. He smiled evilly. Finally, perfect timing!

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  1. Belkar June 17, 2018 at 2:04 pm - Reply

    Thank you again!

  2. Michelstro June 17, 2018 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    Hahaha, knowing lin feng, he cast a spell on celestial qi just to destroy it not save it, LOL, evil bastard

    • MarkofWisdom June 17, 2018 at 8:13 pm - Reply

      He did both-one use of the spell will be to murder everyone from the medicine palace, another later use will be to blow up the castle. I’m guessing he’s going to be causing havoc but not go overboard yet until he’s able to rescue his friends and have enough power to level the place

  3. Wan Shi Tong June 17, 2018 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    “Even though Lin Feng caused them a lot of trouble, he was very serious when it came to casting deployment spells. He even looks like a completely different person.” thought Jin Chen Jun.
    Mu En, not Lin Feng. They don’t know it’s Lin Feng.

    • Masstt June 17, 2018 at 7:44 pm - Reply

      It might also be Muyi instead of Jin Chen Jun … I would personnaly bet on this.

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