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PMG Chapter 160: Who’s furious?

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When the girl heard the young man’s evil words, her facial expression slightly changed but immediately after, she smiled again and said: “Young master, please don’t joke like that.”

“Who would waste their time joking with you? Get over here, damn it. You’re just a servant, that’s all. There is no need act like a noble woman.” said the young man sounding impatient and aggressive.

Lin Feng frowned when he heard these words. In the Imperial City, there were many strong cultivators who kept to themselves, but it seemed like there were even more of these arrogant and idiotic noble cultivators, who thought that everyone else was beneath them.

The beautiful woman turned ghastly pale. She bit down on her lips. Her social status was indeed extremely low. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, being a servant was really one of the lowest positions one could have. Her job was just to welcome every guest with a big friendly smile, her status was closer to a slave than a noble.

Therefore, if that young man wanted to humiliate her, she really had no choice but to accept it without the possibility of defending herself.

She remembered that one of her friends had been abused by someone from one of the noble families. He had bought her then forced himself upon her. He had been so violent and brutal to her that shortly afterwards she died. What a tragic death! However, the auction market didn’t intervene in such situations. Servants were just like slaves and not worth angering someone from a powerful family.

They had been trained to entertain guests. That was their job.

When the noble young man saw the woman’s expression, his evil smile started to grow. He then continued, “I remember last time Meng Chong found a servant he liked… he enjoyed her until she literally died. If you don’t come over here and do as I tell you, I will send you to the military barracks and we’ll see how many men you can satisfy before you die.”

The woman was scared to death. Surprisingly, there was someone who wanted to take advantage of her.

At that moment, a murderous light flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes. What a shameless animal! That guy was pleased with the fact that he had the power to cause such a vulgar scene. The fact that the people of this world allowed animals like him to continue breathing was tragic. He was the filth and impurity within the world that needed to be cleansed.

“You’re not shutting the hell up because you obviously don’t know how disgusting it is for other people to hear you speak, right?” said Lin Feng, still wearing his silver mask, while turning around and coldly glancing at the noble young man.

Lin Feng’s words surprised the man who coldly said: “Do you know with whom you are talking?”

“Of course, I know.” said Lin Feng while nodding which made the noble young man look interested. The noble young man smiled coldly and said: “Since you know who I am, don’t you care about the consequences of talking to me that way? Or is it that you lost yourself because of the woman?”

“Do I even need to think about the consequences when talking to a stray dog?” said Lin Feng with a mocking tone.

“Hehehehe…..” when the other noble cultivators heard Lin Feng, they couldn’t help but giggle and laugh. Lin Feng was utterly humiliating this young noble.

When the noble young man heard the other people laugh, he was stupefied. His expression became even colder and he shouted: “Cripple his cultivation and throw him the hell out of here! Now bring the girl over here!”

“Alright.” Someone who was sitting next to him stood up and walked towards Lin Feng.

That cold-looking man was wearing a simple gray robe. His posture was very straight. A whistling sound was emerging from his body as he moved.

Lin Feng was stupefied when he saw the man launching himself towards Lin Feng as he clearly had murderous intentions. The Qi that he was releasing from his body looked like the deadly Qi which military troops released!

He then remembered that when the noble young man spoke he had mentioned the military barracks. Could it be that he had a military background?

“Wait, wait!” said a loud voice at that moment which made the man in the gray robes stop and turn to the person speaking.

At that moment, a silhouette approached and said to the young man: “Young master Meng, everybody who is here is a distinguished guest participating to our auction. Therefore, within the territory of our marketplace, I must ensure that everybody is safe. Please abide our rules. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Of course, if you are interested in that woman, I can give her to you and then you’ll be able to use her as you wish.”

The person who had come was extremely polite which made the young man suddenly look relaxed again. It wouldn’t be a good idea to cause the managers of the auction to lose face. After all, their status was also extremely high.

“Consider yourself lucky.” the noble young man coldly said to Lin Feng. He couldn’t attack Lin Feng in the marketplace but as soon as he left, he would make sure to teach him a good lesson.

“That servant girl can come to me herself. I will make her taste my hard rod in front of everybody here.” said the young man which made the girl turn even paler. She had given up all hope.

She hadn’t thought that a simple and innocent sentence would put her in such a difficult situation. Besides, she hadn’t made any mistakes, the young man could have sat somewhere else if he didn’t like his initial seat and she had offered to help him.

But in this world, being right or wrong wasn’t important, strength was important. Evil cultivators could do as they wished as long as they had the strength or status to do so.

“Alright.” said the manager. He then looked at the beautiful woman and said: “Haven’t you heard what young master Meng said! Why have you not gone to his side already?”

The beautiful woman was scared to death, she could only stand there shaking. She didn’t know what would happen to her if she went over to the young man. How could this world be so wrong?


The young girl had tears in her eyes and was starting to sniffle. She had to accept that this was the way of this cruel world. She then started walking towards the young man.

When the noble young man saw that, an evil smile appeared on his face.

But after one step, the woman was surprised that she had been stopped.

She only saw that her little and delicate hand had been grabbed by a strong manly hand, preventing her from moving any further.

“Sit here next to me.” said Lin Feng coldly which stupefied the beautiful woman. She looked moved yet hesitant to listen to him.

“I am telling you to sit down here, you have no need to go anywhere else.” said Lin Feng while holding her hand even more tightly and forcing her to sit down. The crowd was astonished.

“I hope you will not make things any more difficult for us.” said the manager of the auction. It seemed like Lin Feng didn’t realize that the manager was doing him a favour. Lin Feng was treated as a distinguished guest. The manager hadn’t considered how Lin Feng felt. The manager had even come in person to protect him, but Lin Feng couldn’t distinguish good from bad, so obviously the manager didn’t care about being polite.

“Make things more difficult?” said Lin Feng while smiling and looking at him. He then asked indifferently: “Am I a distinguished guest here or not?”

“Obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here.” said the manager while nodding.

“Indeed, I am a distinguished guest which is why she had to receive me properly as was her job, but because she did, she is going to get punished and you want to give her to that filthy mutt. Don’t you think that your actions are not respecting me at all?” said Lin Feng coldly.

The manager did not care about respecting Lin Feng or him losing face.

That beautiful woman had taken care of Lin Feng and had done her job properly which is why the noble young man had gotten angry. Because of that, she was going to be forced into a fate worse than death. He was done being a bystander to the wrongs of this world, how could Lin Feng not intervene?

From the beginning, the manager hadn’t taken Lin Feng’s thoughts into consideration and had completely ignored him. To avoid making the young man furious, he didn’t care about Lin Feng becoming furious.

When the manager heard what Lin Feng had said, he was surprised. He had indeed not taken Lin Feng’s thoughts into consideration at all. He had only cared about the young man. Besides, he thought that the young man’s status was much higher than that of Lin Feng, so Lin Feng should have shown him gratitude for stepping in.

The manager suddenly looked less pensive and said to the beautiful woman: “Who allowed you to sit? Didn’t you hear what I said? Go to young master Meng.”

The young man had been furious because of Lin Feng, but because of what the manager had said, he felt overjoyed. Lin Feng and his status weren’t even on the same level.

“He’s really shameless…” said the noble young man in a low voice. He had a warm smile on his face. The manager of the auction market also thought that Lin Feng was being shameless.

Lin Feng was stupefied. He looked at the manager and said indifferently: “What did you just say?”

“Hmph.” snorted the manager. He pointed at the beautiful woman and said coldly: “Let her go to young master Meng.”


The sound of stone being broken spread in the atmosphere.

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  6. Arua November 3, 2015 at 2:25 am - Reply

    “He was the filth and impurity within the world that needed to be cleansed.”
    Cleanse my dear Lin Feng, please do cleanse to your heart’s content…
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      • DMR November 3, 2015 at 8:09 am - Reply

        I think it should be fair to notice that most of the famous Japanese MC’s that you call “pansies” (though they really aren’t) are actual good guys and are actual heroes…. also remember, that shonen is usually supposed to be kid appropriate (minus the fan service) and all.
        Rather than them being pansies, they are just too idealistic… (few of them are actual scardy-cats, and even those ones actual are willing to fight for their loved ones)..
        We too often make Xianxia MCs off as “badass” when many Japanese MCs are also kinda awesome too if you think about it. It’s just that they are actually more heroic (and minus the slaughter, the MC of this Xianxia would be a pretty good shonen MC).
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      If you wish to cultivate in this world, you need to stay true to your heart or you will limit your future. Not the same as other titles where they can hide away and cultivate to power up.

      • Annoyer November 3, 2015 at 6:53 am - Reply

        Well said. I actually like this about him, its one of the things that defines his character.

        • DaShogun November 3, 2015 at 7:01 pm - Reply

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