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PMG Chapter 1602: Dangerous Conversation

PMG Chapter 1602: Dangerous Conversation
Yao Yun Peak, Qi Yun Xiao and Qi Yun Lei stopped at the bridge. They watched as Muyi cast illusion deployment spells on all the fake mountains, but they didn’t see Lin Feng anywhere.
“Master Muyi.” Qi Yun Xiao and the others arrived with several people: Qi Yun Xiao, Qi Yun Lei, Qi Yun Sheng, Jin Chen Jun and Qi Yu Chen.
Muyi turned around and looked at them, noting that there were some people he didn’t recognize.
“Master Muyi, I’d like to introduce you to my brothers, Qi Yun Lei, Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yu Chen.” said Qi Yun Xiao smiling. “Do you know where Master Mu En is?”
“Why are you looking for him?” asked Muyi. His heart started accelerating as he thought about his last talk with Lin Feng.
“Qi Yun Lei also likes deployment spells, so when he heard about Master Mu En, he asked if he could meet him. He has some questions about deployment spells.” said Qi Yun Xiao. He looked absolutely normal and smiled as if what they were asking was perfectly harmless.
“I see. I’ll go ask for you.” Muyi glanced at Qi Yun Lei and then left. A few minutes later, he landed before Lin Feng’s door and knocked. Lin Feng said, “Come in!”
Muyi entered the room just as Lin Feng finished another talisman. Lin Feng put it away and looked at Muyi.
“Mu En, Celestial Qi Castle brought a guy who says he likes deployment spells and is asking to see you.” said Muyi using telepathy. “There were three strangers, and Qi Yun Lei is a medium-level emperor, I don’t know why he came here.”
Lin Feng nodded, seemingly understanding what was going on. He stood up and said, “Since we’re the guests of honor, we must go and see him. Let’s go.”
Then, they both walked out.
“Master Mu En!” said Qi Yun Xiao waving and smiling. Lin Feng nodded and smiled. He looked normal, as if he had nothing to hide.
“Master Yun Xiao, why did you come here?” asked Lin Feng smiling. He glanced at the three people. He knew Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yu Chen, but he didn’t know Qi Yun Lei.
“Master Mu En, that’s Qi Yun Lei, he is like you in that he practices deployment spells.”
“Master Mu En is a Zun cultivator, but he can kill emperors, so I don’t deserve being mentioned in the same sentence as him. I just came to say hello.” said Qi Yun Lei politely. “Master Mu En, I’ve been practicing deployment spells for about ten years, but there are some things that I don’t understand at all. You’re so young and already so strong. Could you maybe teach me some things?”
“I could teach you something, sure. Carve some simple deployment marks and show me what you know.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know what that person’s goal was, so he had to be very careful.
“Alright, please sit down.” said Qi Yun Lei pointing to a stone chair. Lin Feng sat down. Qi Yun Lei started carving marks in the table in front of them using cosmic energies.
Qi Yun Lei was very precise as he focused on each stroke.
“Great deployment spells are made of smaller deployment spells. Small deployment spells are made of holy marks which are inter-connected to one another, and holy marks are made of deployment marks which are intertwining. Each stroke must be perfect and precise. However, I’m too slow. It gets even more difficult with each mark I add. I also have the impression that controlling them is difficult.”
Qi Yun Lei carved a small deployment spell, then lights flashed. After carving the deployment spell, he looked at Lin Feng and waited for his reply.
“Master, you have an advanced understanding of deployment spells. As you said, you must control the strokes perfectly to control them properly. Concerning great deployment spells, you need to be talented to carve them.” said Lin Feng smiling.
He put his hand on the table and suddenly, marks flashed, causing terrifying energies to emerge. The marks started intertwining. There seemed to be two small deployment spells on the table, but each were made from different types of strength. In other words, Lin Feng’s marks were better.
Qi Yun Lei was speechless, Lin Feng was telling him that he wasn’t talented. He was telling him that to become stronger, he could only work diligently. But Qi Yun Lei couldn’t refute him because Lin Feng’s marks were perfect. He had almost forgotten why he was there after watching Lin Feng carve his marks.
But Qi Yun Lei smiled wryly and said, “Master Mu En, you’re amazing. I practice so hard and I am still so far behind you. My teacher is Master Jingfeng from the Everlasting Palace, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him?”
Qi Yun Lei was smiling indifferently but that question was crucial.
“I just follow my teacher and I practice hard. He always tells me not to pay attention to what happens in the Everlasting Palace, so I don’t even know who Master Jingfeng is. You must think I’m ridiculous.” said Lin Feng smiling. Qi Yun Lei’s heart started pounding.
Actually, there was no Master Jingfeng in the Everlasting Palace, he just made him up. However, Lin Feng’s reply was very well worded.
“I see. You’re so talented though, so I must admire you. I would never think you’re ridiculous.” said Qi Yun Lei shaking his head and smiling wryly. “The Everlasting Palace is in the northern part of Si Xiang City, and now other influential groups keep rising. Some sects also want to catch up with us, which is why the Everlasting Palace wants to find the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s palace. Master Mu En, you’re so talented, I’m sure that someday you’ll be as strong as the Everlasting Celestial Emperor!”
“My teacher doesn’t allow me to get involved in those things, I am only allowed to practice constantly and travel to gain experience. We’ll see if you’re right once I become stronger. Concerning the Everlasting Palace, I’m not stupid, I don’t know much but I know where it is.” said Lin Feng in a calm way. He knew that Qi Yun Lei was investigating him. He was doubting that Lin Feng was a disciple from the Everlasting Palace, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked such questions. However, things were happening a lot faster than he’d expected. Muyi and Lin Feng had just discussed those things the day before.
“Sorry, what did I say?” said Qi Yun Lei, he didn’t know what to say. “I don’t want to disturb you any longer, Master Mu En.”
“Alright.” said Lin Feng nodding indifferently. Then, Qi Yun Lei and the others left.
After they left, Lin Feng frowned and glanced at Muyi.
“Qi Yun Lei kept making mistakes, the Everlasting Palace is not in the northern part of the city, and nobody is threatening them. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Master Jingfeng doesn’t even exist.” said Muyi to Lin Feng using telepathy. He had told Lin Feng how to reply a few seconds before, using telepathy.
Lin Feng nodded and whispered, “They’ll find out about us soon.”
He said that he knew nothing because he only practiced with his teacher, but that was difficult to prove in an argument.
Muyi nodded, he also realized the situation was getting dangerous.
On the other side, Qi Yun Lei walked while thinking quickly.
“Yun Lei, what do you think?” asked Qi Yun Xiao.
“I just lied about everything. When talking about his teacher, he said he only followed his teacher. If I had asked who it was, he would have probably said his teacher doesn’t allow him to tell anyone who he is. That’s a perfect answer to use if he were lying. I think he might not be from the Everlasting Palace.”
Qi Yun Xiao and the others looked skeptical.
What was Mu En’s purpose if he wasn’t from the Everlasting Palace?
“Even if that’s true, he’s still a very capable deployment spell caster. Let’s go to the main palace and discuss this.” said Qi Yun Xiao.

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