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PMG Chapter 1606: Celestial Summer Castle

PMG Chapter 1606: Celestial Summer Castle
After Muyi went back to his room, Lin Feng was completely alone. When Muyi asked him if he had friends imprisoned in Celestial Qi Castle, Lin Feng had already guessed what was going on. Now they knew he was Lin Feng, and the only one who could have guessed that would be Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi.
If he showed up, it’d prove it was him, but even if he didn’t admit it, they’d still kill his friends because they were sure it was him.
However, Lin Feng also wondered whether they’d dare kill him or not, after all, he was now a member of Yao Ye Island.
“If I show up as a deployment spell caster, Celestial Qi Castle will kill me.” thought Lin Feng. They wouldn’t let someone live if that person could pose a threat to their security.
“Pfew…” Lin Feng continued thinking about it while continuing to make talismans.
That night, an invisible and inaudible shadow crossed the courtyard. One couldn’t see it unless there was light, and even then, they’d only see a shadow on the ground.
Inside the buffer zone, on the side of Celestial Summer Castle, things were very calm. People were either sleeping or practicing cultivation. However, that shadow appeared and started sleeking about.
In one of the rooms, Xia You said, “Who?”
“It’s me, Lin Feng.” said a voice. Xia You was surprised, Lin Feng? What did he want from him?
“Come in.” said Xia You indifferently. A shadow appeared in front of Xia You, he smiled and said, “Master Mu En, you’re here, you’re brave!”
Since Lin Feng was there, it proved the rumors were true, Lin Feng was Mu En.
“I came to see you, Master. Why would I need to be brave for that?” said Lin Feng, smiling.
“Celestial Qi Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings, and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness are looking for you everywhere. Are you not afraid that we could capture you and hand you over to them?” asked Xia You in a cold way.
“Would it benefit you to do that, Master?” asked Lin Feng.
“So, what do you want?” asked Xia You, standing up. He looked enthusiastic.
“I want to make a deal with you. In three days, Celestial Qi Castle plans to kill me, but I want you to attack and take me away safely.” said Lin Feng.
Xia You was surprised and asked, “You want me to offend three groups of influence? What do you have for me in exchange?”
“Muyi and I have obtained two of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s great deployment spells, the shattering and the illusion deployment spells. You must have heard of the explosive power of the shattering deployment spell. You can have both, so what do you think?” Lin Feng asked. “Besides, Celestial Summer Castle doesn’t need to show up, you just have to protect me and help me leave safely.”
“That explains how he’s become so strong, he obtained some of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s great deployment spells.” thought Xia You. He was tempted of course. With the strength of the Zun Qi layer, Lin Feng had managed to kill seven emperors. If the Celestial Summer Castle could get those, they’d become a lot stronger and their territory would be better protected.
“What if I captured you now and made you give me the deployment spell?” asked Xia You. Lin Feng must have known that Xia You was strong enough to do that.
“I told Muyi I was coming here, and if I don’t go back, he’ll inform everyone, including Yao Ye Island. If Celestial Qi Castle wants to kill me, they have their own reasons, however, if you decide to kill me because of the deployment spells I have, I don’t think Yao Ye Island will be happy.” said Lin Feng calmly.
“No wonder you’re not worried. What if I can’t protect you when the right time comes.” asked Xia You.
“Master, if you accept, I’ll transmit the illusion deployment spell to you right away. Then, after you help me leave safely, I’ll transmit the shattering deployment spell to you. Of course, if I realize that you didn’t do your best on the D-day, you can forget about it. However, if you want to obtain my illusion deployment spell and then don’t appear on the D-day, even if I die, Yao Ye Island will remember you and will come to settle accounts.” explained Lin Feng. “Now, I need an answer. I need to go and find some other people as well.”
It seemed like Lin Feng had spent some time planning this out.
“Alright, it’s a deal.” said Xia You, nodding.
“Great, I’ll transmit the illusion deployment spell to you now then.” said Lin Feng, condensing his godly awareness. It then emerged from his third eye and moved to Xia You’s third eye.
“Master, I’m off.” Lin Feng then quickly left the room and disappeared in the darkness.
Xia You left the room and looked at the shadow, whispering, “He’s incredible. Such young people are rare. Even if we don’t make friends with him, we can’t be enemies.”
Celestial Qi Castle and the others wanted to kill Lin Feng, but who knew what he would do in the future?
Lin Feng left Celestial Summer Castle and went to his second target.
Muyi was in front of Lin Feng’s door, but it was closed. Muyi looked at the sky, noting that the sun was high above the city. The weather was good, but Lin Feng didn’t seem to care about appreciating it.
Muyi had mixed feelings, he was sad for Lin Feng and at the same time, he was happy that he didn’t go. It was difficult to explain.
“What is he doing?” whispered Muyi. He wanted to inspect Lin Feng’s room with his awareness. He hadn’t disturbed Lin Feng the past few days, but now he wanted to see what he was doing or how he was feeling.
He opened the door and looked astonished. Where was Lin Feng?
“How come?” Muyi was surprised, he hadn’t heard Lin Feng leave. He had been observing Lin Feng’s house for two days and he hadn’t seen anything.
“Moron.” thought Muyi. Maybe Lin Feng left the other day and hadn’t come back.
He was convinced that Lin Feng hadn’t ran, so there was only one reason, Lin Feng didn’t want Muyi to be involved, so he hadn’t told him he was going.
“What a guy.” thought Muyi, smiling wryly. Then, he disappeared from there and immediately flew towards Celestial Qi Castle’s buffer zone.
Muyi wasn’t the only there, countless people knew about Master Mu En and Lin Feng now. The one who had cause trouble 4-5 years ago had come back and pretended to be someone else, then he tried to cause trouble between Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings.
“Are those Lin Feng’s friends? They look extraordinarily strong, at least they aren’t any weaker than the younger generation from Celestial Qi Castle. They have potential!” thought the crowd.
Would Lin Feng show up though?
Many people thought that Lin Feng would die if he showed up.
Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi, Qi Qian Xing, they were all there looking at Yuan Fei and three other disciples from Tiantai in a cold way. Would this work?
Strong cultivators from the Palace of Medicinal Kings and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness were there too. If Lin Feng showed up, they’d make sure he died.

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