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PMG Chapter 1607: Kidnapping Lin Feng

PMG Chapter 1607: Kidnapping Lin Feng
Emperor Dong took a step forwards and glanced at the crowd, Lin Feng could change his face, so he might be in the crowd.
“Lin Feng, I know you’re here, just come out.” said Emperor Dong. Everybody heard him, even those who were far away.
Emperor Dong’s robe fluttered in the wind and he was smiling a cold way. If Lin Feng didn’t come out, they were going to kill his friends.
“Master Mi.” Emperor Dong turned around and bowed before Master Mi. Master Mi looked at Yuan Fei and the others, “You four, fight against each other. When one person dies, stop.”
Yuan Fei and the others’ mouths twitched. They glanced at each other, and even though they didn’t want to, they had no choice but to obey Master Mi.
Qi Yun Xiao, Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and Jin Chen Jun guarded the surroundings.
“Lin Feng won’t come.” thought the crowd. The probability that Lin Feng would come was small, everybody knew that, but they still came.
However, at that moment, a silhouette rose up in the air from the crowd. He was wearing a white robe, he looked handsome, and had long black hair.
“Lin Feng, it’s you.” said Emperor Qi. He had guessed right, Mu En was Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, I, Zhou Tian Xiao, will kill you.” shouted Zhou Tian Xiao furiously. It was Lin Feng!
Other members from Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings were all staring at Lin Feng.
“I am here. Master Mi, make them stop fighting.” said Lin Feng. Master Mi waved and said, “Move back.”
Yuan Fei was bleeding. He looked up at Lin Feng with bloodshot eyes. He looked sad because he was being controlled. He was sad because his friend, whom he considered a brother, had come to die for him. However, what he felt in his heart different from what he thought rationally, his soul was sealed, and he could only listen to orders.
Ban Ruo and the others felt the same. They felt humiliated, but they could only listen to Master Mi’s orders.
“I’m very surprised, Lin Feng, I can’t believe you’re Master Mu En.” said the white-bearded man from the Palace of Medicinal Kings. Lin Feng had killed seven of his emperors and would pose a threat to them in the future.
“Back then, you said you’d make the Palace of Medicinal Kings pay, and now I really think you could do it if it weren’t for the fact that you’re not going to leave today.” Many people rose up in the air behind Lin Feng, blocking his escape. There were a dozen emperors in that group.
“Don’t you fear Yao Ye Island?” asked Lin Feng to the crowd.
“Of course we do, but do you think you can do whatever you want thanks to Yao Ye Island? Those things are between you and us, not Yao Ye Island and us. Qing Di Mountain won’t let Yao Ye Island get involved anyways.” said Qi Yun Lei. “Lin Feng, cripple your own cultivation and we won’t kill you.”
“Cripple my own cultivation? Ridiculous!” said Lin Feng smiling coldly. He glanced at Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi and said, “You guessed it was me, right?”
“We also came up with the idea of killing your friends to make you show up, and it worked.” said Emperor Qi.
“You will regret that very quickly.” said Lin Feng, glaring at Emperor Qi. Then, he glanced at the crowd, and his eyes gradually became pitch-black, “Celestial Qi Castle, listen to me carefully, if you kill me, fine, but if I leave, don’t threaten me using such methods again. If you do, I won’t show up, instead I will make all of the strong cultivators from Yao Ye Island come and kill you without exception.”
Lin Feng then released demonic Qi which dashed to the skies. “Remember what I said. I always follow through on what I say. I’m a demon cultivator, so I don’t have emotions, therefore, I hope for you that there won’t be a second time.”
There were thirty powerful emperors there while Lin Feng was alone with Muyi. Lin Feng was a demon cultivator but was he actually emotionless? Why had he shown up if he was emotionless?
“You think you can escape?” asked Qi Yun Xiao, “Capture him.”
A few emperors moved towards Lin Feng, reaching for him.
Boom!” suddenly, in the distance, black silhouettes appeared and divided themselves into two groups of around ten people.
“Eh?” Those people were all emperors. How could Lin Feng persuade around twenty emperors show up?
“Stop them!” shouted Qi Yun Xiao furiously.
“Hurry up and run!” shouted one of those people.
“Do you think you can escape?” Qi Yun Xiao, the white-bearded emperor from the Palace of Medicinal Kings and the medium-level emperor from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness flew forwards. A gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng, as well as vines, and golden holy Qi.
Lin Feng shook his hands and talismans appeared. He then threw them around and destructive energies surged out.
“Explode!” Lin Feng threw more talismans. He was covered in a cold sweat because he knew that it would only take a small mistake and he’d die. He moved like the wind using his Wind Chant, and at the same time those people wearing black clothes flew over to him and protected him.
“Go!” said one of them hoarsely. Their only goal was to protect Lin Feng.
“Do you think you can leave?” shouted Qi Yun Lei. A golden beam of light appeared, intertwining golden marks then formed, and a cage made from empty space energies formed.
“A deployment spell, Celestial Qi Castle also has deployment spell casters. Even though his deployment spell isn’t as powerful as Lin Feng’s, he’s a medium-level emperor so his deployment spell must be, at least as strong Lin Feng.” thought the crowd.
“Cage, cage…” Qi Yun Lei jumped forwards.
“Lin Feng, you’re going to die!” Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi appeared next to him. Emperor Qi was the first one to release cosmic energies.
“Wind Chant!” Lin Feng started moving in the direction of Celestial Qi Castle.
“Where are you going?” asked Emperor Dong, releasing terrifying empty space energies. Lin Feng threw a talisman as he ran away. He knew he couldn’t fight against medium-level emperors, and he didn’t mind using several talismans at this juncture.

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