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PMG Chapter 1608: Difficult to Escape

PMG Chapter 1608: Difficult to Escape
“Stop him!” shouted Emperor Dong, releasing more cosmic energies.
“Explode!” Lin Feng threw another talisman, then suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared next Qi Qian Xing.
He made those talismans using empty space strength, but because he could only use abstruse energies to make them, he could only travel a short distance.
Qi Qian Xing subconsciously shivered after he saw Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes. They contained both death and cursing energies.
“Empty Space Fissures!” Qi Qian Xing released abstruse energies which moved towards Lin Feng. In the great world, his fissures weren’t as powerful as they were in Ba Huang, but still shouldn’t be underestimated.
“Great Earth Destruction!” Lin Feng punched the air in Qi Qian Xing’s direction. Explosions sounded and Qi Qian Xing’s hand crackled. His arm crackled too, it was feeling sore. Lin Feng was too preoccupied with everything going on around him, otherwise, he could have killed him. He had killed a cultivator who was much stronger than Qi Qian Xing with the same attack in the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace.
“Lin Feng.” shouted Emperor Dong furiously when he heard Qi Qian Xing give a horrible shriek. Then a force multiplied by one-thousand oppressed Qi Qian Xing, a gigantic hand grabbing his head. The last things he saw were Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes.
He was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, but he could barely compete with Lin Feng. Lin Feng had broken his arm in the blink of an eye, and now his life was in Lin Feng’s hands.
Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi, Qi Yun Sheng, and Jin Chen Jun surrounded Lin Feng.
“Let him go!” shouted Emperor Dong furiously.
Lin Feng was still holding Qi Qian Xing by the neck. He looked at Emperor Dong with his pitch-black eyes and said, “If he takes me away safely, I’ll think about it.”
“So, he will die.” said Lin Feng with a demon voice.
“No…” shouted Qi Qian Xing furiously and his body started burning. He looked desperate, was he going to die?
Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi didn’t know what to do.
Fwoosh. Lin Feng moved like the wind, this time surprising everybody because he was moving towards Emperor Dong. Lin Feng was insane! Emperor Dong was a medium-level emperor, so how did Lin Feng plan to attack him?
“Don’t kill him!” shouted Qi Yun Lei furiously to Emperor Dong. Emperor Dong shook his head, he had almost forgotten about Qi Yun Lei in that moment.
“Even if I don’t kill you, I’ll cripple your cultivation.” thought Emperor Dong. He couldn’t kill Lin Feng, so he had to at least cripple his cultivation.
“Explode!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He turned into an illusion and at the same time, a talisman remained.
Boom! A strong wind started blowing as destructive energies surrounded Emperor Dong. Then a loud sound followed. It seemed like Lin Feng’s silhouette was going to explode.
“What’s going on? Are there two Lin Feng’s?” the crowd didn’t understand what they were seeing. The one who had thrown a talisman at Emperor Dong and the one who was attacking Emperor Dong were two different people.
Lin Feng was bleeding and covered with sweat. The energies around him were too powerful, if Emperor Dong’s attack had completely reached him, it would have crippled his cultivation.
“Piss off!” Emperor Dong released more energies, but Lin Feng took out another talisman and disappeared again. He glanced at Emperor Dong, noticing that his talisman had exploded off one of Emperor Dong’s arms!
“A medium-level emperor lost his arm!” the crowd shivered. Jin Chen Jun and the others didn’t feel like attacking Lin Feng anymore. Emperor Dong had been too careless, he wanted to kill Lin Feng, but then Qi Yun Lei shouted and distracted him. He thought that he could cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation with that attack, but Lin Feng had prepared a rather powerful talisman. Emperor Dong hadn’t dodged because he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t attack him head-on like that. Then, he had tried to attack Lin Feng again, but Lin Feng was too fast and dodged.
“You’re a bunch of trash! You are emperors, but you can’t even deal with him!” shouted Qi Yun Lei furiously.
“Seal the area!” shouted Qi Yun Sheng. The emperors surrounded Lin Feng once more.
Lin Feng glanced at them and then jumped away without hesitation. Luckily, Celestial Summer Castle and the Ancient Celestial Castle had sent so many emperors to help him. Besides, he also had his talismans to protect him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything.
Lin Feng moved towards Emperor Qi this time.
Emperor Qi looked concerned, even though he was stronger, he feared Lin Feng after what he did to his father’s arms. If Lin Feng used a talisman to attack him, he’d die.
While Emperor Qi hesitated, Lin Feng closed the gap between them. At the last moment, Emperor Qi suddenly moved away.
“Piece of trash!” shouted Qi Yun Sheng furiously. Emperor Qi was such a moron! Even if he didn’t fight Lin Feng head-on, he could defend!
Lin Feng threw two talismans at Emperor Qi as he ran away.
Destructive energies quickly surrounded him, causing the empty space cage to shake violently.
“Qi Yun Lei’s deployment spell is quite powerful.” thought Lin Feng. Surprisingly, he couldn’t destroy it. At that moment, Emperor Dong and Qi Yun Xiao arrived in front of him, Qi Yun Xiao was shouting furiously. Then a gigantic empty space, golden hand moved towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng began to dodge, but Qi Yun Sheng released more energies and a curtain of empty space energies surrounded Lin Feng.
“Break!” Lin Feng punched the curtain of light, breaking it apart. Lin Feng continued running away but Emperor Dong appeared again, using the hand he still had to release cosmic energies. Emperor Dong didn’t hesitate this time, he figured that Lin Feng probably had more talismans.
As expected, Lin Feng took out another talisman, this one containing empty space strength. With it he disappeared. At the same time, outside of the cage, two silhouettes in black clothes finally broke through the cage, allowing Lin Feng to escape.
“You think you can still escape?” shouted Emperor Dong. He was faster than Lin Feng, so he quickly caught up with him.
But at the same time, a black silhouette moved in front of him and blocked him. Qi Yun Sheng and the others followed Lin Feng, but a thousand deadly punches launched out as Lin Feng continued running away.
Qi Yun Lei glanced at Lin Feng in a cold way and smiled, did he think he could escape? Where to?
At that moment, more people appeared in front of Lin Feng, forcing him to stop. They were even more terrifying than Emperor Dong.
Not far away, Lin Feng noticed Ni Chen from Qing Di Mountain.
“Qing Di Mountain!”
Lin Feng looked at him in a cold way. With his strength, he couldn’t escape anymore. There were too many emperors, and with Qing Di Mountain, he had no chance.

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