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PMG Chapter 1609: Muyi’s Methods

PMG Chapter 1609: Muyi’s Methods
Emperor Ni Chen glanced at the crowd.
“Stop.” Emperor Ni Chen yelled. Instantly, everybody stopped fighting. The cultivators in black clothes also stopped.
Emperor Ni Chen glanced at those people in black clothes and said, “I don’t care who you are, just leave, now.”
Emperor Ni Chen didn’t want to ruin the cohesion between the nine great celestial castles, so he made them leave before they showed who they were.
The cultivators in black clothes moved away, they knew they couldn’t do much in front of Qing Di Mountain.
After a short time, all the cultivators in black clothes disappeared. The emperors from Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings were surrounding Lin Feng.
“What an army…” thought the crowd, speechless.
Lin Feng glanced at the strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain. He hadn’t thought that Qing Di Mountain would get involved.
He took out a talisman and suddenly, he reappeared a thousand meters away. However, even as he did this Qi was blocking him. How could he escape?
Vines appeared around his body and constricted him. Lin Feng felt like coughing up blood as they strangled him. He released demonic Qi to try and resist.
“Does he still think he can escape?” the crowd was speechless. Against all expectations, Lin Feng took out another talisman. However, a golden hand appeared and blocked him.
“Lin Feng.” Yuan Fei clenched his fists and released bestial Qi. He was furious, but he couldn’t do anything about it.
Ban Ruo and the others felt the same. Their souls were sealed but they still knew what they were feeling. They were too weak, so they couldn’t break the seals on their souls.
Lin Feng looked at Emperor Ni Chen and said, “Are you getting involved because of the tensions between you and Emperor Shen Yu? Or is it because you are friends with Celestial Qi Castle? Perhaps it’s because of my abilities when it comes to using deployment spells?”
“I don’t need to explain anything to you. Now, cripple you own cultivation and leave. Otherwise, you’ll die.” said Emperor Ni Chen calmly. He didn’t need to justify himself, he could do whatever he wanted with Lin Feng and nobody could say a thing about it.
Lin Feng didn’t insist. If Emperor Ni Chen was that confident in his decision, then it meant he had already thought about Yao Ye Island.
“Before I cripple my cultivation, you must fulfill your promise to Emperor Shen Yu, a competition. Where is your disciple?” asked Lin Feng to Emperor Ni Chen.
“You’re already dead, so the competition has become pointless. Just cripple your cultivation, I don’t have time to waste with you. If you don’t, they will.” said Emperor Ni Chen indifferently.
However, Lin Feng smiled and said, “Ni Chen, you’re a coward. You asked for a competition and now you’re scared. Emperor Shen Yu is infinitely stronger than you.”
“That guy is insane!” thought the crowd. But it didn’t matter anymore, he was going to have to cripple his cultivation now.
“If you want to cripple my cultivation, make them come, at least then I’ll cripple one or two of their cultivations.” said Lin Feng in a demonic voice. With that, he took out many talismans and smiled devilishly.
Ni Chen couldn’t attack Lin Feng himself because he was too strong, and his social status was too high. So instead, he said, “Cripple his cultivation.”
Emperor Dong, Zhou Tian Ruo, Qi Yun Sheng and the emperors from the Palace of Medicinal Kings released their Qi at the same time, surrounding Lin Feng.
“Argh…” Yuan Fei turned into a gigantic ape after going insane from watching.
Emperor Ni Chen turned his head and saw Yuan Fei, he was surprised, “He’s in a frenzy.”
“Shut up!” Master Mi appeared in the air above Yuan Fei and lights penetrated Yuan Fei’s eyes. Even if Yuan Fei was getting out of control, Master Mi could solve the issue.
“Qing Di Mountain and the nine great celestial castles are bullying a little cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, how amazing!” said someone at that moment. Did someone want to die?
Someone appeared next to Lin Feng and looked at the crowd in a despising way.
“What a powerful army to fight against a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. Hehe. Qing Di Mountain is amazing, no wonder they reign over the region.” said Muyi mockingly. Qi Yun Xiao smiled in a cold way and said, “Muyi, initially, we only wanted Lin Feng, but it seems that you want to bring about your own destruction.”
“Shut up, who the fuck do you think you are to talk to me that way?” shouted Muyi furiously. Qi Yun Xiao did shut up, he was wondering if Muyi had a domineering social status?
Lin Feng smiled wryly, thinking that he shouldn’t have come.
While everybody else was recovering from his rather sudden entrance, Muyi was talking to Lin Feng using telepathy.
“Who are you, Your Excellency?” asked Emperor Ni Chen indifferently. Even if Muyi was there, Lin Feng was going to die. Muyi was just a medium-level emperor, so he couldn’t change anything.
“Open your eyes and you’ll understand who I am!” said Muyi in a cold way. Then a talisman appeared in his hand with a big word written on it: Weapon!
“Weapon?” Emperor Ni Chen scrunched his eyebrows. He recognized that it was a fire talisman at least, “Your Excellency, which weapon manufacturing group are you from?”
“Qing Di Mountain’s people really are ignorant, surprisingly, you don’t even recognize my talisman. You little dog, watch and learn.” said Muyi arrogant. He threw his talisman at Emperor Ni Chen and Emperor Ni Chen grabbed the talisman. From what Muyi was saying, he seemed to belong to a very powerful group.
Emperor Ni Chen looked at the talisman and tried to think of all the weapon manufacturing groups he knew of.
“Explode!” Muyi yelled loudly. The talisman Emperor Ni Chen was holding suddenly released a special Qi, causing Emperor Ni Chen’s facial expression to change drastically. The weapon talisman exploded, and the Qi surrounded Emperor Ni Chen. At the same time, Lin Feng also used a talisman which contained cosmic energies. The space around them changed completely and the two of them disappeared.
“Chase them!” shouted Qi Yun Lei furiously. A group of people started chasing them, but Muyi was a medium-level emperor, so he was as fast as them. Let alone Lin Feng kept using talismans, widening the gap between them more and more.

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