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PMG Chapter 161: Compassion

Since this technically counts as Tuesday. This will be the regular release and more will come later. I have taken the day off to recover my sleep, because I have had trouble sleeping.

I am personally a huge fan of this story arc. Since the zither cleansed his heart and he has a breakthrough, he just started on a completely new plotline which I am excited for you all to read.
-Note from LikyLiky: Jen is trying to kill me I’m staying up just to look at this…… Well I’m just going to leave it here and let them decide when to let you fans read it while I go to the land of dreams to cultivate and be like Lin Feng.
Enjoy xoxo

When the crowd heard the noise of stone being smashed during the auction, they all looked in Lin Feng’s direction.

The crowd was stupefied. That area was reserved for distinguished guests, how could anyone make trouble in that area?

There were also many people who had come with Lin Feng and they couldn’t help but be stupefied when they saw Lin Feng smash the stone seating table into pieces. Lin Feng had caused trouble in the Prisoner Arena and was now causing trouble again.

The beautiful woman was astonished as well. A moment ago, she had hidden her tears behind her hands by covering her face and when she put her hands down, she saw the table and chair had been reduced to tiny pieces. She didn’t know what to think anymore.

Surprisingly, there was one person who was protecting her at her workplace and it wasn’t the manager.

The manager was also surprised to see that Lin Feng had become so furious that he had reduced the furniture to rubble. Because he had ignored Lin Feng again, Lin Feng had become furious and the manager was actually slightly frightened.

He was staring at Lin Feng. He looked cold yet vigilant.

But Lin Feng ignored his facial expression and said coldly: “I brought my daemonic fire lion to sell it here at your auction market which makes me a distinguished guest here, is this how you treat your distinguished guests though, by ignoring them and humiliating them?”

The people in the crowd were very nervous. The daemonic fire lion was very attractive.

But they were very curious about Lin Feng. Someone who had brought a daemonic fire lion had to be a distinguished guest of the highest level, but why was it that he was being ignored by the manager?

“I am one of your distinguished guests, just like him, but from the moment I got here he has not stopped offending me. I did not go out of my way to offend him. You obviously have no idea how to treat your clients, you disregard me to make him happy and want to hand over the waitress that was serving me to him.  You never once asked for my opinion or cared about offending me. He was the one in the wrong and yet you grovel to him like a dog. As one of the managers at the auction market, by acting with such disregard for me, do you believe I am unable to sell my daemonic fire lion anywhere else?” said Lin Feng. He then stood up and said: “Since you have treated me with complete disregard, I want my daemonic fire lion back. I don’t care about being a distinguished guest here. I will take the daemonic fire lion and all of the customers that followed me to another auction.”

When the crowd heard these words, they all looked at the beautiful woman on his side, as well as the noble young man who was sat behind him. They instantly understood that the young man was part of the Meng Clan. This is why the manager did not dare to offend him.

However by doing that way, he was disrespecting Lin Feng who had become furious. He was making Lin Feng lose face. Anyone who was in Lin Feng’s position would also be furious, to be ignored and humiliated to such an extent was infuriating.

The manager’s face had a rigid expression. That little bastard…

He didn’t know that Lin Feng was the esteemed guest who was selling the daemonic fire lion. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would react so aggressively. The manager had no way to justify his behaviour towards Lin Feng.

At that moment, a silhouette appeared in the area reserved to distinguished guests. It was the old man from the backstage of the auction who had previous spoken with Lin Feng. It was clear that after hearing the noises from backstage he was angry.

“Apologize now! You do not know how to treat esteemed guests.” said the old man while sounding extremely angry at the way the manager had behaved.

“Apologize? Do you think words are enough?” said Lin Feng in a cold tone.

The old man’s body diffused a cold energy and he transformed into a shadow.


The old man’s shadow slapped the manager who had angered Lin Feng across the face. The power contained within this strike sent his body flying backwards.

“What a useless person.” said the old man coldly.

That young manager was a completely not even worth his time. Even though as a manager he has a high status, how could he ignore anyone sitting in this area? How could he completely disregard one customer and side with the other who was causing the trouble? Treating Lin Feng that way in front of everyone was like a slap in the face. How could Lin Feng not be furious? Was no one capable of using their brains?

The manager was crawling on the ground, stood up and wiped the blood from corner of his mouth. He looked furious. He then looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes, but he didn’t dare say a word.

“Are you still not begging for forgiveness?” shouted the old man coldly. The manager was stupefied but when he saw the old man’s murderous expression, he started shaking. He looked at Lin Feng and said: “I’m sorry.”

“You initially thought that you were smart to put him first, but now you know you are nothing but a fool.” said Lin Feng when he heard that the manager wasn’t sincere in his apology. He then added: “Get him out of here.”

“Didn’t you hear him? Get lost!” said the old man. The manager was so furious that his cheeks were burning. He evilly glanced at Lin Feng. Immediately after, he turned around and left. How he looked at the moment was a huge contrast in comparison to a moment ago when he had seemed so majestic.

When the old man saw that the manager was leaving, he smiled at Lin Feng with a regretful expression and said: “Are you satisfied with how things were solved?”

Lin Feng looked at the old man and pointed at the beautiful woman in front of him and said: “That will take it out on her because of me. If I ask you to give her to me, will you refuse?”

“Your intentions are good, of course you can have her.” said the old man while looking at the beautiful woman. She was lucky to have met Lin Feng. Besides, giving her to Lin Feng wasn’t a problem for the auction market as they had plenty of servants to replace her.

Lin Feng slightly nodded looking satisfied. He then said: “I hope that every distinguished guest will be treated the same from now on and not be more degenerates who will cause trouble.”

The noble young man’s pupils shrank and he looked at Lin Feng in a very aggressive way. Lin Feng had humiliated him many times, calling him a dog and a degenerate.

When the old man heard Lin Feng, he understood what he really meant. He then immediately turned to the young man and said: “Young master Meng, this is the auction market and I hope that you do not plan on making us lose face. We will not accept such a disturbance from you again in the future. What you do outside is your business, but when inside the auction market, you best behave.”

The young man looked at Lin Feng in a particularly evil way and thought that after the auction, he would be able to deal with Lin Feng. He would definitely kill Lin Feng after the auction, this was not finished.

The old man took the silence as an understanding to his warning.

“Thank you, young master Meng, for understanding.” said the old man indifferently. He then immediately added: “I hope that everybody else will be wise enough to respect our rules. Now, I have spoken enough, let the auctions continue.”

When he finished talking, the old man glanced at Lin Feng one last time and his silhouette flashed as he left.

Lin Feng looked at the vanishing silhouette while smiling happily in his heart. The old man had made things extremely clear, if the young man wanted to fight against Lin Feng outside of the auction then he could, but as long as they were inside he would be under the old man’s protection. Lin Feng had made the young master furious but as they were still inside the auction, he had no choice but to calm down and let Lin Feng sit in peace.

However the moment that Lin Feng left that old man’s protection, the young master would have his revenge.

“Thank you, kind Sir.” said the beautiful woman while looking at Lin Feng. The expression in her eyes looked infinitely grateful. She clearly understood that Lin Feng had felt compassion for her which is why he had asked the old man to become her new master. She understood that Lin Feng knew that her situation would be miserable in the future.

Lin Feng was saving her from an extremely tragic destiny.

“I just did what any good person should do, no need to thank me.” said Lin Feng.

But the beautiful woman shook her head showing that she disagreed with him. In her eyes the young man wearing the silver mask was so mysterious!

He looked insolent and arrogant but actually beneath his mask he was hiding many emotions. Looking very strong, he had attracted everybody’s attention by smashing that table which had purposely gained the attention of the old man to their current situation.

The beautiful woman was endlessly grateful to Lin Feng. In spite of everything else, Lin Feng had protected her and had humiliated the noble young man because of her. He had also humiliated the manager of the auction because of her. If Lin Feng hadn’t taken care of her, she would have become the property of the young man and her death would have been certain.

Before she used to think that she was just a servant in the auction market; she was just a servant who was only slightly above a slave. If she hadn’t been beautiful and kind, then she would have probably been forced into slavery. She had never been respected by anyone, her dignity never mattered to anyone.

But Lin Feng had protected both her life and her dignity. He had saved her from trouble and even thought about her well being. She would be loyal and devoted to Lin Feng ever since the moment she became his.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought about any of this. Lin Feng had only done this because the mask could not hide the compassion which was within his heart.

That woman had been humiliated by the young man because of Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t stand watching such a beautiful woman get defiled. He could not stand by and watch someone innocent suffer without doing something, such actions were not within his heart.

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