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PMG Chapter 1610: Sealing the Exit

PMG Chapter 1610: Sealing the Exit
Qi Yun Lei was the fastest one, whether by strength or determination. They had asked Qing Di Mountain to come to avoid any problems. Back then, when Emperor Qi told them that Master Mu En was Lin Feng, he had asked Emperor Qi to transfer him some images of Lin Feng. After that he had realized that Lin Feng was also the one the great imperial palace was looking for.
At that moment, Lin Feng and Muyi were moving at full speed. Muyi knew that his talisman couldn’t slow down Emperor Ni Chen for too long, so they had to hurry. If Emperor Ni Chen caught up with them, they’d be doomed.
“Don’t hesitate in using all the talismans you’ve got.” said Muyi to Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s entire body felt sore. He already knew he couldn’t save any talismans at a time like this.
“There!” Lin Feng pointed at a direction. Lin Feng and Muyi flew above some ruins, at the same time, lights flooded the sky and empty space strength surrounded them, then they disappeared.
“Teleportation deployment spell!” They sensed the energies from very far away, “There!”
However, Lin Feng and Muyi used another deployment spell and disappeared again. Emperor Ni Chen chased them, but he soon stopped.
“Where are they?” shouted Ni Chen furiously. He had lost them? Lin Feng kept using deployment spells! They couldn’t stop Lin Feng and Muyi!
“There, I guess!” said Qi Yun Xiao pointing in a direction. Emperor Ni Chen didn’t have time to think as he immediately continued chasing them. However, at that moment, a person in black appeared. He looked ordinary and his wind abstruse energy looked weak, so nobody paid him any attention.
After a short time, Emperor Ni Chen flew back looking furious. He couldn’t even capture a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. If they didn’t manage to capture them, what would everybody think of Qing Di Mountain?
“Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, you go and seal the area. They can’t escape, no matter what! Then, tell all the nine great celestial castles, including yourselves, to seal the buffer zone as well. Nobody can leave the buffer zone now!” said Emperor Ni Chen. Even if Lin Feng changed his face, he wouldn’t be able to leave now.
“Hurry up! Guard the area! Nobody can leave!” shouted Emperor Ni Chen after he saw that nobody reacted.
“I’m going to guard the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness’s exit!”
“I’m going to the Palace of Medicinal Kings!”
“I’m going to Celestial Qi Castle!” people from the three groups hurriedly flew away with strong cultivators.
Lin Feng and Muyi had changed their faces again, but they didn’t run in the direction of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. This time they were running towards Celestial Summer Castle.
“How fast.” thought Lin Feng. He wouldn’t have thought that almost all the paths could be blocked before the escaped.
During those three days, Lin Feng had cast teleportation deployment spells in many places where there weren’t many people. Of course, without Muyi, he couldn’t do much, but now things were beyond Lin Feng’s calculations.
“What about the paths to the other eight castles?” thought Lin Feng. He then immediately flew towards another city. But once he arrived, he realized that it was blocked too, he couldn’t get out.
Lin Feng frowned. All these areas were sealed!
“I can only wait again.” thought Lin Feng, sighing. People kept flying above him, seemingly inspecting the crowd.
Time passed, and people remained silent. They couldn’t leave, but what could they do? Not much.
Celestial Qi Castle didn’t kill Yuan Fei at least. Lin Feng posed a threat, so he could come back for Yuan Fei another time and then they’d regret killing him. Also, it was a humiliation for them to kill powerless people.
Time passed and on the second day, people could leave, however, they had to queue. The rules were even stricter, people had to leave within seven days, emptying the buffer zone completely.
Lin Feng smiled. He had figured that was something they’d try. Within those seven days, he’d be able to leave, even if it was troublesome.
Lin Feng didn’t leave immediately, instead he patiently waited in his room in the guest house.
Emperor Ni Chen was guarding the exit to Celestial Qi Castle as he glanced around and checked everyone passing through. There were nine exits in the buffer zone and all of them were guarded by strong cultivators. They just had to wait for Lin Feng to show up…
In the distance, above Buzhou Mountain, a gigantic animal was flying madly through the air. Its cosmic energies would create hurricanes as it flew along. There was someone wearing red clothes riding the animal’s back, a gigantic ape, and a bunch of other animals. They were all flying in the direction of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness.

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