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PMG Chapter 1613: Afraid to Fight?

PMG Chapter 1613: Afraid to Fight?
“Talk?” Emperor Ni Chen was baffled. In the world of emperors, talking meant nothing, strength was all that mattered.
“People from Celestial Qi Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings, and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness tried to kill my disciple: Lin Feng. They resorted to various methods to bully him, now, if we want to settle accounts with them, we can.” said Emperor Shen Yu. “You have a high status within Qing Di Mountain and you wanted to kill my disciple. You even asked people from the nine great celestial castles to kill him. Ni Chen, I hope you have a good excuse, otherwise, things will get far worse for you.”
The strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain looked furious, Shen Yu was threatening them. He was telling them that Yao Ye Island had the right to attack Qing Di Mountain if they wanted to.
At that moment, Qi Yun Lei rose up in the air and flew next to Emperor Ni Chen. Then he said to Shen Yu, “Do you want to know who tried to capture Lin Feng?”
Shen Yu frowned and asked, “Did anyone else get involved?”
“I’m from the Everlasting Palace.” said Qi Yun Lei in a cold way.
“Everlasting Palace?” Lin Feng’s eyes flashed with insight for second. He remembered that Qi Yun Lei had shouted that they couldn’t kill Lin Feng after Emperor Dong tried to kill him. He hadn’t thought that the Everlasting Palace would want to capture him.
“It’s him, the great emperor in cyan clothes.” Lin Feng remembered. There was only one reason, the great emperor in cyan clothes had realized that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had probably transmitted his knowledge to Lin Feng, so he had ordered the Everlasting Palace to capture Lin Feng. That was the only reason why Qi Yun Lei wanted to capture him alive.
“Shen Yu, do you know what you’re doing?” asked Ni Chen.
“So it’s the Everlasting Palace.” Hu Yue slowly walked to Qi Yun Lei and smiled. Suddenly her red robe fluttered in the wind as she flew forwards with incredible speed. Qi Yun Lei wanted to dodge, but Hu Yue managed to grab him.
“Break!” shouted Qi Yun Lei, furiously releasing sharp sword cosmic energies.
“Can you break free though?” said Hu Yue smiling. Qi Yun Lei could feel his blood dripping down his side. In a flash, he lost an arm.
“No, what are you doing!” Qi Yun Lei looked terrified. She was modifying his blood.
“I want your flesh and blood.” She suddenly threw Qi Yun Lei to the ground violently. Qi Yun Lei couldn’t fight back as his blood was strangely changing.
“I’m from the Everlasting Palace!” shouted Qi Yun Lei. However, Hu Yue just smiled and looked at him, “The Everlasting Palace doesn’t want someone whose cultivation has been crippled.”
“What are you doing!” Qi Yun Lei stammered. Hu Yue’s smile invoked a primal fear in him. His flesh was falling apart, and his blood was rotting. His veins started breaking apart too. She was going to cripple his cultivation!
“Master, no…” Qi Yun Lei finally realized what was going on.
“Am I that old? You should call me Queen!” said Hu Yue giggling.
“Queen, let me go!” Qi Yun Lei begged her. He knew that if she crippled his cultivation, neither the Everlasting Palace nor Celestial Qi Castle would want him anymore. That’d be a fate worse than death.
“I didn’t think the Everlasting Palace could have such trash.” said Hu Yue. The other cultivators from Qing Di Mountain and Celestial Qi Castle looked terrified.
Ni Chen hadn’t thought the cultivators from Yao Ye Island could be so insane. Qi Yun Lei even said that he was from the Everlasting Palace, but Hu Yue still didn’t care.
Shen Yu didn’t even frown, he just looked at Ni Chen and said, “How could the Everlasting Palace have such trash? I think he was bluffing, he must have only been a cultivator from Celestial Qi Castle. You’re only humiliating the Everlasting Palace by saying that. Besides, even if he were from the Everlasting Palace, so what? Since when has Qing Di Mountain been a subgroup of the Everlasting Palace?”
“We are not a subgroup of any other group.” said Ni Chen in a cold way.
“Since you’re not a subgroup of the Everlasting Palace, why would you want to capture Lin Feng? It’s the Everlasting Palace who wants to capture Lin Feng. Are you trying to rise by helping the Everlasting Palace capture disciples from Yao Ye Island?” said Shen Yu. “Now, people from Celestial Qi Castle, piss off! It’s between Qing Di Mountain and Yao Ye Island, of course, if you want to help Qing Di Mountain, I don’t mind.”
After Shen Yu said that, the wind beast started blowing insanely towards the people from Qing Di Mountain.
“Where are all the leaders of the nine great celestial castles? Have they disappeared?” shouted Ni Chen. People from the nine great celestial castles looked scared. If the leaders of the nine great celestial castles helped fight against Yao Ye Island, they could oppress them. However, who was willing to offend Yao Ye Island?
If they didn’t come though, then Qing Di Mountain would be offended.
They had a dilemma, but the choice was obvious. Even if they offended Qing Di Mountain, it was less concerning because they lived in the same territory. Qing Di Mountain might reproach them, but they couldn’t annihilate them. However, if they offended Yao Ye Island, those beasts would attack them, leaving no survivors.
Celestial Qi Castle was already gone. They didn’t understand why Yao Ye Island was doing so much for Lin Feng, but they weren’t going to stick around to find out. If Emperor Shen Yu was the only one, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but so many cultivators had come for him.
“Shen Yu, do you really want to start a war between Qing Di Mountain and Yao Ye Island?” asked Emperor Ni Chen.
“Ni Chen, don’t think too highly of yourself. Maybe you’re the only one involved, or perhaps Qing Di Mountain is involved, but since you attacked our disciple, we are not afraid of anything. Now, those from Qing Di Mountain who had attempted to kill our disciple must die.” said Shen Yu.
“Argh…” the gigantic ape jumped, making the ground explode beneath him. His gigantic hand descended from the sky…
“We’ll remember this!” shouted Emperor Ni Chen. Then, he rose up in the air with someone and their silhouettes flickered.
The wind beast wanted to chase them, but Shen Yu said, “Forget it, Ni Chen controls empty space and gold cosmic energies, he’s too fast and strong. Even if we catch up with him, we can’t kill him. Let him go. We’ll just kill all of Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators who are still here.”
“Brother Feng, let’s have some fun too!” said Hu Yue to Lin Feng. Suddenly, she landed in front of an emperor from Qing Di Mountain, stretched out her slender white hand, and blood appeared. The emperor sensed he was losing control over his blood, just like the other emperor. Suddenly, he looked horrified.
“Brother Feng, forget about me being so brutal.” said Hu Yue smiling gently. Blood continued splashing around her until the emperor turned into a rotten corpse and died.
“That’s what happens when there’s a huge difference between cultivation levels.” thought Lin Feng.
After breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, Lin Feng would also understand that even at the same level, there could still be gigantic differences between cultivators. That was already the case for him with people of the same level.
People from Celestial Qi Castle, who were now in the distance, looked terrified. Yao Ye Island didn’t fear fighting Qing Di Mountain!
“It’s better to offend Qing Di Mountain and not Yao Ye Island.” they reminded themselves. The nine castles considered Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators strong, but against cultivators from Yao Ye Island, they seemed so weak.

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    Nice to see people helping Lin Feng in battle for the first time in a while

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      I was thinking that previously because that Ni Chen dufus also suspected that he came especially for LF. The only connection I can think of is Meng Qing’s Mom might be from Yao Ye too originally as she was guarding Meng Qing from her clan which is probably located in Holy City?

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