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PMG Chapter 1614: Breaking the Seals

PMG Chapter 1614: Breaking the Seals

Amongst people Emperor Ni Chen had brought from Qi Ding Mountain, some of them managed to escape: such as Qi Yu Chen who had left with Celestial Qi Castle. He wasn’t only a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain, he was originally from Celestial Qi Castle. Besides, he was a Zun cultivator, so Emperor Ni Chen wouldn’t blame him.
“Emperors from Yao Ye Island, you said it was between Lin Feng and Celestial Qi Castle, but he offended us first.” said Qi Yun Xiao politely.
“Who the hell do you think you are to talk to us like that?” yelled Shen Yu.
No one from Celestial Qi Castle could say anything to Yao Ye Island as they belonged to two completely different worlds. They were acting ridiculous.
Qi Yun Xiao’s body felt completely rigid as he realized his mistake.
“Lin Feng, what do you think?” asked Shen Yu.
Lin Feng was thinking, Yao Ye Island had already offended Qing Di Mountain, and now if they offended the nine great celestial castles, things would get even more serious. After all, if Yao Ye Island attacked Celestial Qi Castle, the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and the Palace of Medicinal Kings would also get involved. Three large groups like that might oppress Yao Ye Island.
Besides, Lin Feng also understood that Yao Ye Island wasn’t his group, and it wasn’t Shen Yu’s group either. Sometimes he had to rely on himself.
“You can’t get involved, Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings are my enemies.” said Lin Feng. “Though, I want one person to die.”
Qi Yun Xiao and the others all looked upset when they realized who he was talking about. They glanced at Master Mi.
“Oh no, Master Mi can’t die!” Master Mi had an incredible status within Celestial Qi Castle. He controlled a large number of their forces, so who knew what would happen if he died.
“Even if you kill me, your friends will never break free from my seal, never.” said Master Mi. He was wearing a mask, but Lin Feng knew he was looking at him.
“So, what should I do then?” asked Lin Feng.
“If you don’t kill me, I’ll break their seals myself.” said Master Mi.
Lin Feng smiled in a cold way. He had been waiting for this for a long time. Even if they didn’t attack Celestial Qi Castle, Yuan Fei and the others had to be released.
“Bring them here and break their seals in front of me.” said Lin Feng.
“Alright, I’ll have them come over.” Master Mi closed his eyes and called them. He was connected to them through their minds thanks to the seals.
After a short time, a medium-level emperor brought Yuan Fei and the others over.
“You better think carefully and not leave anything dodgy in their brains.” said Hu Yue smiling devilishly. Master Mi nodded as he landed in front of Yuan Fei. Then a light penetrated Yuan Fei’s godly awareness. Master Mi knew that even high-level emperors couldn’t break those seals, he was the only one who knew the code.
With that, Master Mi slowly broke the seal.
“Argh…” Yuan Fei shouted furiously, looking insane. He was fixedly staring at Master Mi. Suddenly, he raised his fist and punched the air in Master Mi’s direction. He had come back to his senses and immediately started swinging.
“Stop!” shouted Master Mi, blocking Yuan Fei’s attack. “I broke your seal, so now you’re free.”
Yuan Fei glared at him for a moment, then he recalled his Qi.
“Argh…” another shout sounded. A silhouette rose up in the air and shouted, “Yuan Fei!”
Lin Feng turned around and noticed someone, then he looked delighted. It was the Great Ape Emperor, he had been staying in the region, but he wasn’t strong enough to save Yuan Fei. When he saw that Yuan Fei was freed, he showed up again, this time he was so happy.
“Argh!” the stone ape shouted furiously, Yuan Fei was an ape like him! In Yao Ye Island, there were many apes. He was a stone ape, then there was the Great Earth Demon Ape. But they didn’t know what kind of ape Yuan Fei was yet.
The apes gathered and smiled. Then, the Great Ape Emperor and Yuan Fei walked over to Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, thank you.” said the Great Ape Emperor. He looked at Shen Yu and the others and said, “Thank you, Masters.”
“I wouldn’t have thought that you’d be the same type as me. Yao Ye Island is a good place for you, apart from the stone ape, there’s also a Great Earth Demon Ape, so you won’t feel lonely.” said Shen Yu smiling.
“Yao Ye Island.” the Great Ape Emperor looked happy and nodded, “Thank you Master for accepting us.”
“There are millions of islands in Yao Ye Island, all of them filled with different animals. There’s no need to thank me, I’m just accepting one of my own.” said Shen Yu. Master Mi also broke Ban Ruo and the others’ seals. Ban Ruo and the others came back to their senses looking very upset. They had been controlled for quite a while, their heads were heavy, and they felt guilty. Luckily, Lin Feng was a true friend.
“Are you alright?” asked Lin Feng to Ban Ruo and the others. They all bumped fists and smiled happily.
“You should be thankful; Celestial Qi Castle took care of you and they even healed Xing Zhan’s leg. Don’t worry about the rest.”
“Indeed, we are grateful.” said Xing Zhan smiling. Without Celestial Qi Castle, his leg wouldn’t have been healed as it was now. Besides, they had become stronger during that time. Celestial Qi Castle had them practice constantly.
“Lin Feng, should we settle accounts with the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and the Palace of Medicinal Kings?” asked Shen Yu to Lin Feng.
“Uncle Yu, let’s go back to Yao Ye Island.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t intend to fight against them now. If he had the choice, he would have done everything without Yao Ye Island. Because of him, Yao Ye Island had already offended Qing Di Mountain and there was an even more dangerous group, The Everlasting Palace to worry about.
Apart from Qi Yun Lei, nobody else from the Everlasting Palace had appeared yet. Lin Feng figured that Qi Yun Lei probably wanted to capture Lin Feng alone and then go back to the Everlasting Palace to improve his status. Lin Feng also thought that Qi Yun Lei didn’t know that Lin Feng knew the thousand great deployment spells, otherwise, the great emperor in cyan clothes wouldn’t have let a stupid cultivator like Qi Yun Lei try to capture him.
“Alright.” said Shen Yu nodding. Then, he raised his hands as to tell everyone that they were going back.
“Argh…” the stone ape shouted at the people from Celestial Qi Castle. He attacked in their direction again, then he turned around and left.
His steps made extremely loud sounds, causing the ground to shake. Everybody ran away, and nobody prevented them from passing.
“Lin Feng, how did you end up in such a situation?” asked Shen Yu to Lin Feng, now they were on the back of the wind beast.
“I hadn’t thought that a disciple from Celestial Qi Castle, who was also a member of the Everlasting Palace, would come back and uncover my real identity.”
“You should tell me when you’re doing such things, then you won’t have to take such risks.”
Lin Feng smiled wryly and shook his head. He had problems with the nine great celestial castles, but those things had nothing to do with Yao Ye Island, and he wanted it to stay that way if he could help it. Even if he had known that Qing Di Mountain would get involved, he still wouldn’t have told Emperor Shen Yu.
“Lin Feng.” Someone rose in the air next to him. Lin Feng smiled and said to the wind beast, “Uncle Feng, that’s my friend. Let him come.”
The wind beast slowed down and allowed Muyi to jump on his back. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, we’re safe.”
“Thank you Master Muyi for helping me. They could have killed me before if you hadn’t helped. I wouldn’t have had time to inform Yao Ye Island then.” said Lin Feng smiling. “Master Muyi, come with me to Yao Ye Island. We can continue studying deployment spells there.”
Muyi glanced at Shen Yu, and Shen Yu looked at him and said, “Lin Feng’s friends are also friends of Yao Ye Island.”
“Thank you, Master. I’m alone so I will try not to disturb too much.” said Muyi. He was happy to go to Yao Ye Island.

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