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PMG Chapter 1616: Beast of the Night

PMG Chapter 1616: Beast of the Night
After Hu Yue left, she gazed into the distance where she saw a light appear before. It was a lot faster than her.
She wanted to take Lin Feng even farther, but she saw that light and had decided to go back.
“I wonder if those are people from the Everlasting Palace. If they are, they are very fast.” thought Hu Yue.
As Hu Yue thought, there was only one person and that person landed on Yao Ye Island.
“Yao Ye Island!” that person’s eyebrows looked like swords. He was wearing a simple robe, and he looked ordinary, but his eyes were as dazzling as stars. He released his godly awareness and inspected the area, every single inch of the area, but he didn’t say anything. If someone noticed his presence, then he’d talk.
He inspected the area, and several beasts sensed someone was looking at them, but didn’t act out about it.
Yao Ye Island was an animal’s world, so even a strong cultivator like him could only glance around for a bit. After some time, he frowned, and his silhouette flickered away.
After Hu Yue went back, she landed at the top of a mountain. Her red robe was fluttering in the wind as a light passed in front of her, intriguing her. She was right, it was a strong cultivator from the Everlasting Palace. Maybe other people didn’t know but she did, she completely understood what was going on. If she hadn’t taken Lin Feng away just a second before, the situation would have been tragic for him.
Hu Yue went to Shen Yu and asked him, using telepathy, “Did you sense that someone was spying on us?”
Shen Yu looked at her and said, “I did, but I noticed that he wasn’t doing anything, so I didn’t pay attention.”
“It might be someone from the Everlasting Palace.” said Hu Yue. Shen Yu frowned nervously.
“Don’t be nervous, I already took Lin Feng away. He’s far away in the middle of the sea. Even if that person is extremely strong, he can’t possibly find someone that far.” said Hu Yue, still using telepathy. “But if he doesn’t find anyone, he might ask us to hand him over. If that happens, we must remain calm and courteous.”
When Shen Yu saw Hu Yue smile, he nodded, “I know what you mean. We have to observe and be patient.”
As expected, the strong cultivator spent a lot of time looking for Lin Feng on Yao Ye Island, but he didn’t find him.
He rose up in the air and noted the spectacular landscape. He then flew above the clouds. The beasts heard something, so they raised their heads and looked towards that guy.
“Someone really is spying on us.” thought the beasts furiously. They felt that person was extremely strong though.
“Qing Di Mountain is helping the Everlasting Palace, otherwise, the Everlasting Palace wouldn’t have come that fast.” thought Shen Yu.
“Who crippled my disciple’s cultivation in the nine great celestial castles?” shouted that strong cultivator. His voice resonated throughout the entire region.
Shen Yu and Hu Yue glanced at each other, then they rose up in the air.
“You two did it?” asked the strong cultivator looking at Shen Yu and Hu Yue in a cold way.
“Master, I did cripple someone’s cultivation in the nine great celestial castles, but that person wanted to capture one of my disciples, a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. I thought that the Everlasting Palace couldn’t possibly send a medium-level emperor to capture a Zun cultivator. I thought they were only humiliating the Everlasting Palace, so I crippled his cultivation. Don’t blame me.” said Hu Yue politely.
“Where’s the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer?” asked the strong cultivator straightforwardly. He didn’t really care about Qi Yun Lei, his goal was actually Lin Feng.
“Master, after we came back to Yao Ye Island, he left. I don’t know why. I asked him, and he said he wanted to travel to gather experiences and become stronger. We don’t know where he went either. Master, why are you looking for a Zun cultivator? Did anything happen? Maybe we can help you.” said Hu Yue in a calm and innocent way. However, the strong cultivator released energies which oppressed Hu Yue.
“Release your godly awareness and show me your memories.” said the strong cultivator. He didn’t believe her, and this matter was too serious.
“Master, even though I’m a beast, I’m also a woman. I have many secrets, so you can’t inspect my memories.” said Hu Yue, she suddenly looked very angry.
“Stop!” yelled the strong cultivator. He released his godly awareness, wanting to forcefully inspect Hu Yue’s memories.
However, at that moment, the sky became pitch-black.
“Eh?” that strong cultivator frowned and glanced around. He couldn’t see anything but darkness.
“Bestial night.” said the strong cultivator from the Everlasting Palace.
“You think you can inspect my people’s memories as you wish?” said a voice which seemed to come from the darkness.
“Her memories contain clues about someone we’re looking for, it’s important for the Everlasting Palace.”
“If you inspect her memories, let me inspect yours as well.” said the voice. The strong cultivator looked angry. He was a great emperor, so how could he let someone inspect his memories. Everybody had secrets, and he was no exception.
“Since you know that nobody wants to let anybody else check their memories, why do you think you can inspect my people’s memories? She told you the person you’re looking for is not here.”
“So I came here for nothing?”
“You can choose to stay here too, but you can’t touch any of my people.” said the voice in darkness.
The strong cultivator from the Everlasting Palace looked furious. His Highness the Beast of the Night was an unfathomable cultivator. Very few people had ever seen his real body. Almost nobody even knew what kind of beast he was and in general, people feared him.
“The Everlasting Palace wants that person.”
“If you find him here, then you can take him with you. I’m giving the Everlasting Palace face, but if you can’t find him, then the Everlasting Palace must give me face too by not touching my people. The same applies to the leader of the Everlasting Palace, otherwise, you’ll have to bear the responsibility for your actions.” said the voice in the darkness aggressively. Then, the darkness slowly dispersed, and the sun reappeared.
“Alright, I’ll spend some time here then.” said the strong cultivator in a cold way. He was a great emperor, so he could practice cultivation anywhere. He could even spend years there if he wanted to, so he wanted to see if Lin Feng would come back eventually.
Hu Yue took a deep breath, she was amazed. His Highness the Beast of the Night was terrifyingly strong. He could solve any problem it seemed and on top of that, it seemed that His Highness the Beast of the Night also knew about Lin Feng!
Lin Feng and Muyi were traveling already, so they had no idea about what was going on there, but at least the great emperor didn’t know where they were.

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