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PMG Chapter 1617: Gold-Fire City

PMG Chapter 1617: Gold-Fire City
Three months later, very far away from Yao Ye Island, demon Qi was dashing to the sky from a cave in a mountain range.
Boom, boom, boom! Everything around that cave was quaking, even small pieces of stones exploded.
Muyi was at the top of a precipice, fixedly staring at the cave in the distance. He was surprised by how powerful that demon Qi was. He had seen Lin Feng fight with talismans, but he had never really seen how Lin Feng battled.
Bang. Another sound resounded through the mountain chain. Even more terrifying demon Qi rose up to the skies, condensing into clouds.
“Ninth Zun Qi layer, what a terrifying and aggressive demonic energy.” thought Muyi.
A demon-like silhouette rose up in the sky, his eyes were pitch-black, and his long black hair was messy. Lin Feng looked like a demon god.
“Ninth Zun Qi layer, and soon, I’ll become a demon emperor.” thought Lin Feng, remembering all the emperors’ statues. He was getting closer and closer to breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. If he were still in the small world, people would admire him.
Lin Feng inhaled and exhaled demon Qi for a little while, then he recalled his demon Qi, and his eyes progressively became normal again. Finally, he turned into a handsome young man again. He landed in front of Muyi and smiled happily, “Uncle Muyi, sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“It’s only been about two months I guess, it’s not that long.” said Muyi smiling. For a medium-level emperor, a few months were nothing.
“Let’s not waste time, we continue onwards. How far are we from Gold-Fire City?” asked Lin Feng to Muyi. Muyi initially wanted to take him to Gold-Fire City, which was a gigantic city. It was a lot larger than all of the nine great celestial castles together.
“We’re not that far from it, only three days of traveling left. Lin Feng, once we get to Gold-Fire City, maybe then you will realize how vast that world really is. You will see how magnificent and splendid the city is as well. That city is famous for its weapon manufacturers and its weapon manufacturing groups.”
Muyi and Lin Feng then left, Lin Feng was smiling.
“The city of weapon manufacturers!” He had never heard of such groups in the small world.
“Uncle Muyi, back then, when you saved me, you used a weapon talisman. Was that a talisman from a powerful group in Gold-Fire City?” asked Lin Feng.
“Indeed, however, Gold-Fire City is gigantic and has many such groups. It’s divided into four parts: East, South, West, and North. Each district has bigger and smaller weapon manufacturing groups, there are probably hundreds of large ones. If you also count the smaller groups and individual manufacturers, then it’s probably impossible to know exactly how many there are. However, for a few reasons, I got expelled from such a group a long time ago. That’s why I just used the talisman to scare Emperor Ni Chen, I couldn’t do much more than that.” explained Muyi, smiling and shrugging.
If Emperor Ni Chen had known about that, he might have regretted.
“I see, you study deployment spells for weapons, that’s surprising!” said Lin Feng smiling. “Besides, you are a medium-level emperor and surprisingly, you got expelled from your group. Are there very powerful groups in Gold-Fire City then?”
“Just a little stronger than the nine great celestial castles, but everyone here are experts at manufacturing weapons. You won’t find any great emperor here, because after a weapon manufacturer becomes a great emperor, they immediately leave town. Everyone respects great emperors, so even if some people become great emperors in Gold-Fire City, they usually go abroad to become stronger.” explained Muyi. “Concerning deployment spells, I do study them for weapons. Lin Feng, do you know what a cultivator needs to know to become a weapon manufacturer?”
“Deployment spells, fire, soul strength and materials.”
“You’re right. That’s where the name of this city comes from, Gold-Fire City. Fire to fabricate weapons and gold is a great material to fabricate weapons. Fire and materials constitute the environment, they are necessary elements, however, a powerful soul and a powerful deployment spells make a huge difference. The most difficult part is the deployment spell, without a powerful deployment spell, you can’t make a powerful weapon.” Muyi continued. Alchemists and weapon manufacturers had a similar range of knowledge, but weapon manufacturers had to understand deployment spells better than alchemists.
“Uncle Muyi, why did you take me to Gold-Fire City? Because of their weapons?” asked Lin Feng. Muyi knew how good Lin Feng was at using deployment spells.
“If you’re interested, you can try and study how to fabricate weapons. Maybe it could be beneficial for you.” said Muyi smiling. It seemed that Muyi had planned things out for Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t mind, he was interested in everything and studying the arts of weapon manufacturing was interesting.
They both walked and chatted. Lin Feng understood weapons a little bit better after Muyi finished explaining everything to him. It seemed that many groups in Gold-Fire City were great imperial forces and it also seemed that many influential groups were connected to those weapon manufacturing groups.
Three days later, they finally made it to the gigantic city.
“We’re here.” said Muyi, smiling at Lin Feng. Gold-Fire City was different from the nine great celestial castles, people here are free to move as they wished.
Muyi and Lin Feng first went to the city center. They didn’t fly, they simply walked on the vast streets. There were many street vendors on the sidewalks, reminding Lin Feng of his previous life, however, in Gold-Fire City, those street vendors sold weapons.
“Gold-Fire City is also a gigantic open-market where people trade weapons. Many people have traveled a long way to come here to find materials, you can even buy fire here.”
Muyi smiled wryly. In the great world, people could buy almost anything, even fire.
“Do you want to see documents and resources concerning weapon fabrication?” asked Muyi.
“Where?” asked Lin Feng.
“Let’s go. I’ll show you some stuff.” said Muyi smiling. He took Lin Feng to a pavilion and found some bookshelves with very ancient books resting on it. Officials documents, instruction manuals, and so on. There were stickers everywhere to help people find the resources they needed.
“Introduction to Weapon Manufacturing.” Lin Feng noticed a book, so he stopped and started leafing through it. The book dealt with new technologies and the levels of weapon manufacturers.
“People who can fabricate holy weapons can’t be called masters? They can only be called amateurs?” Lin Feng was stupefied. In the small world, holy weapons were considered great weapons.
“There are various levels of imperial weapons, and those who can fabricate level one imperial weapons are called Level One Professors. Those who can fabricate level nine weapons are called Level Nine Professors. Only those who are level six professors and above can be called Weapon Manufacturing Masters. Finally, only those who can fabricate Great Imperial Weapons can be called Great Scholastic Masters of Weapon Manufacturing Arts.”
Lin Feng gasped with amazement, he learnt a lot from reading that book.

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