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PMG Chapter 1618: Muyi’s Request

PMG Chapter 1618: Muyi’s Request
Muyi was reading an ancient book next to Lin Feng, from time to time, glancing at Lin Feng.
“Uncle Muyi, are there any Great Scholastic Masters of Weapon Manufacturing Arts in Gold-Fire City?” asked Lin Feng.
“From what I know, there should be one.” said Muyi smiling. A Great Scholastic Masters of Weapon Manufacturing Arts had a very, very high success rate when manufacturing level eight and nine imperial weapons. They could easily create terrifying armies all on their own.
Lin Feng nodded and continued reading. Someone next to Lin Feng was reading a book but when he saw what kind of book Lin Feng was reading, he looked at him mockingly. Lin Feng was probably a beginner in the arts of weapon manufacturing because nobody would read such books.
But Lin Feng didn’t care about what people thought of him. He released his godly awareness and inspected some official documents, he was just skimming them though. After some time in the pavilion, he already knew all the basics.
“Uncle Muyi, let’s leave.” said Lin Feng to Muyi. Muyi nodded, but when they reached the exit, Muyi had to give the guard a few abstruse tablets. After all, nothing was free in that world.
“There are always foreigners stopping here, and since so many people come, the price is not too high. The people who manage those libraries must make a lot of money.” said Muyi to Lin Feng.
“So, what do you think? Are you interested in weapon fabrication or not?” asked Muyi smiling.
“I am a bit interested, but I think it could only be a hobby at best for me. If I want to have a high level in weapon fabrication, I would need to spend a lot of time and energy on it. I don’t think it’s something suitable for me.” explained Lin Feng honestly.
“I think so too.” said Muyi smiling. Then he continued, “In the world of cultivation, no matter whether you’re an alchemist or a weapon manufacturer, there’s only one goal, become stronger. People fabricate weapons to become stronger, however, it always requires time. That’s why most strong cultivators only want to practice cultivation. However, you’re not even thirty yet and you’re still carving out your own path in the great world. You must remember that in the great world, many people break through to the Xuan Qi layer shortly after their birth. However, even in the great world, getting close to breaking through to the Huang Qi layer before thirty is something exceptional already. With your talent and your understanding of deployment spells, you don’t really need weapons.”
“We’ll see, maybe someday I’ll study weapon fabrication and immediately become a Great Scholastic Master of Weapon Manufacturing Arts.” said Lin Feng jokingly.
“Lin Feng, this time I took you to Gold-Fire City because I have something in mind.” said Muyi, gazing into the distance. He seemed pensive.
“Uncle Muyi, you saved my life a few times, so you can tell me what you want, and I’ll do my best to help.” said Lin Feng. Maybe it had something to do with Muyi having been expelled from his group.
“I would like you to approach someone.” said Muyi, he seemed moved that Lin Feng wanted to help him.
“Approach someone?”
“Indeed, my clan. I’m from the Mu Clan from the northern part of Gold-Fire City. It’s a very powerful weapon manufacturing clan, and there’s a very talented young disciple who is an expert at fabricating weapons: Mu Lin Xue. She’s one of the most talented young people there. She has broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, she’s an expert at using fire, and has a powerful soul strength. I hope you can get close to her.” said Muyi honestly.
Lin Feng looked skeptical and asked, “Uncle Muyi, may I ask you what your relationship with Mu Lin Xue is?”
“She’s my daughter.” said Muyi.
“Eh!” Lin Feng looked surprised. Muyi had a daughter? And why had he been expelled from the clan?
“You have to ask her why I got expelled. My daughter is very talented and she’s a good cultivator. She will soon become stronger than me, but the leader of the clan wants to control my daughter’s future.” said Muyi, smiling wryly.
Uncle Muyi, why do you want me to approach Mu Lin Xue though?” asked Lin Feng. He still didn’t understand.
“It has something to do with a grand meeting that will happen in half a year. After you get close to Lin Xue, you will know what I mean. I took you to Gold-Fire City for just this, I hope you don’t think I’m selfish.” said Muyi, sounding embarrassed. He had saved Lin Feng from Emperor Ni Chen back then, so that Lin Feng could help him back.
“Uncle Muyi, I will soon become an emperor. No matter where I am, I can become stronger, including Gold-Fire City. During my time here, I will get to know many Weapon Manufacturing Masters and I will have a broader knowledge. I don’t think that’s so bad.” said Lin Feng kindly.
“Thank you, Lin Feng. I’ll take you to the Mu Clan now, but don’t tell her or anyone from the Mu Clan that I told you to do this.” said Muyi. Then, Muyi put on a mask Lin Feng had made him use in the nine great celestial castles.
Outside of the Mu Clan’s territory, there was a vast public square where there were big roads leading to various places. Nostalgia rushed over Muyi as he looked at the familiar buildings. He didn’t know how Lin Xue was doing since he left, perhaps she’d changed since then.
“Uncle Muyi, how do I approach her?” asked Lin Feng smiling wryly. He didn’t know her, so getting close to her was easier said than done.
“She looks proud, but on the inside, she’s kind and gentle. If she has the feeling you’re a good person, it should be easy to get close to her. Of course, if she hates someone, it’s another story. If anything happens, just tell me.” said Muyi before leaving. Then he smiled and turned around, saying, “Lin Feng, if you want to have some fun with my daughter, I don’t mind either.”
“Eh!” Lin Feng smiled wryly. He hadn’t thought about that. He missed Meng Qing and Yue Xin. But Lin Feng couldn’t protect his wives in the great world if he didn’t have the strength of the Huang Qi layer, so he still had to hide them.
Lin Feng looked at the territory of the Mu Clan, for some reason he had a headache. He was used to doing things for himself, and he didn’t really feel like getting close to someone, but since Uncle Muyi asked him for a favor, he’d do his best to help.
At that moment, a group of young men and women came out from the Mu Clan and frowned.
“What are you looking at?” asked a girl in green clothes. She had a furry white cloak which made her look heroic. She was also very beautiful.
“I find the Mu Clan’s territory to be majestic.” replied Lin Feng. He had recalled his Qi before, so now he looked like an ordinary cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.
“Even if that’s true, don’t just stand in front of the main gate.” said the girl in a cold way. Then those people passed in front of Lin Feng and left.
Lin Feng glanced at them one more time before he entered the Mu Clan. He asked to a pedestrian, “Do you know that girl’s name?”
The pedestrian smiled and whispered, “Brother, she’s the jewel of the Mu Clan, you can’t fall in love with her.”
“I won’t, I’m just asking.” said Lin Feng smiling, he figured that the pedestrian was easy-going.
“Hehe, bro, I perfectly understand you, there’s no need to justify yourself.” said the pedestrian, tapping on Lin Feng’s shoulders and smiling in a gentle way.
“Qing Ying, is that guy asking about you?” asked a young man who was smiling at Mu Qing Ying.
Mu Qing Ying didn’t reply, instead another young man smiled and said, “In the northern part of the city, many men are interested in her. There’s nothing surprising if he is.”
“I’m just amused that some people overestimate themselves.” said the one who had just talked before. Then, they left. Lin Feng heard them clearly for they hadn’t tried to act discreet, but he didn’t care. He needed to learn more about Mu Lin Xue.

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