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PMG Chapter 162: Ba Dao

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The auction continued. The heavy curtains opened and two silhouettes came out. It was the old man and a slave with a huge marking carved into his face. The marking was “Ba” in huge letters on his face, which was the mark of his enslavement. His arms and legs were restrained with chains.

The huge mark coupled with his long and messy hair made him look like a savage.

“Cultivation slave.” thought Lin Feng stupefied. Surprisingly, there was a cultivation slave at the auction.

Surprisingly, one could buy actual people at the auctions.

At that moment, the crowd became really excited, especially those who had come from the Prisoner Arena and would frequently watch the fights on a regular basis.

“Ba Dao. It’s Ba Dao.” Finally, Ba Dao had reappeared. Part of the crowd had been waiting to see him again for a long time.

The old man glanced at the crowd and saw that they were all very excited, which caused him to have a smile across his face.

“Ba Dao has broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer. He has won eighty one battles at the Prisoner Arena.” said the old man indifferently, which astonished the crowd. Eighty one victories? How scary! He had killed eighty one people and had never lost a single battle. How terrifying!

Lin Feng was stupefied as well. Winning eighty one battles was easier said than done, especially against extremely strong cultivators of the sixth Ling Qi layer. Eighty one cultivators of the sixth Ling Qi layer had fallen by his hand; that wasn’t a small amount. That was a terrifyingly large number and to make things even more terrifying, he never got to choose his own opponent. Making the blood of eighty one extremely strong cultivators flow had made him as strong as he was at that moment.

“I do not need to talk much about the price. Everyone understands that he will most likely break through to the Xuan Qi layer. When he does, then he will be able to compete with even one of the eight high officials. Everybody can imagine what it’s like to possess a slave who is as strong as one of the eight high officials.” said the old man indifferently while smiling and then continued: “For Ba Dao, the starting price is two hundred purity stones of medium quality. Let the auction begin now!”

When the old man finished talking, the crowd became even more enthusiastic and excited. Everybody was fixedly staring at Ba Dao. That’s right, in the future, he would be as strong as one of the eight high officials. If he was free, how powerful a figure he would be!

As if he had just realized how enthusiastic and excited the crowd was, Ba Dao slowly raised his head. At that moment, a sharp force burst from his body. The crowd was shocked and got the feeling that it was dangerous to even look at him for too long.

Ba Dao was glancing at the crowd. When he looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng had the feeling that Ba Dao’s sharp glare could cut through anything. It gave Lin Feng a shiver down his spine.

That was definitely blade force.

While Ba Dao and Lin Feng were looking at each other, blade force and sword force filled the entire atmosphere. It was very sharp.

But very quickly, Ba Dao glanced at other people which suddenly relieved Lin Feng. His heart was pounding.

“How strong and powerful! That slave can control blade force.  His force is also extremely thick and powerful.” thought Lin Feng.

No wonder that he had won eighty one battles and never lost a single time. He could control blade force much better than even Mu Fan. It seemed like his blade force made him invincible against cultivators of his own layer.

If there was a person like him who could use energy attacks, he would be able to oppress extremely strong cultivators who are even a few layers higher.

The noble young man behind Lin Feng was extremely excited. A slave of the sixth Ling Qi layer who had killed eighty one people? How tempting! If he could buy that slave, who would probably break through to the Xuan Qi layer in the future, he would look imposing and majestic when ordering him around.

“Three hundred purity stones of medium quality.” said one person. He immediately raised the starting bid by one hundred purity stones.

“Five hundred purity stones of medium quality.” said another person without hesitation. That price was already extremely low.

A slave of the sixth Ling Qi layer wasn’t necessarily very valuable, but a slave who had killed eighty one people and would probably break through to the Xuan Qi layer in the future was extremely valuable.

“One thousand purity stones of medium quality.” said another voice sounding detached, which made Lin Feng’s heart twitch for a second. These people were really rich. Lin Feng remembered how poor he was in the past and how miserable that was. He was now much better off, but he still did not have the money that these noble cultivators had.

The one who had just said that bid would probably spend the money of his family to buy that slave.

“Five thousand purity stones of medium quality.” said another voice just at the moment when Lin Feng was thinking about how high the previous price was. He was stunned.

Five thousand purity stones was a terrifying price. That was enough to practice in the cultivation tower for as long as you wished.

Besides, that price had come from the noble young man behind Lin Feng. It was young master Meng who wanted to buy the slave.

When the crowd heard that price, they were all astonished. Many people were making a wry smile. At five thousand purity stones of medium quality, they couldn’t afford to pay more. That price was even slightly expensive for the slave.

The old man uncommunicatively looked at the crowd, smiled and then said: “Young master Meng has raised the bid to five thousand purity stones of medium quality. This is a slave who, in the future, will break through to the Xuan Qi layer. Is there anyone else who wants to bid?” said the old man trying to tempt the others into bidding, but everybody remained silent. After all, five thousand purity stones of medium quality was a terrifying price.

“Five thousand and one.” said a calm voice.

The crowd was stupefied. They looked in the direction of the person who had just bid. The bid had come from directly in front of the young noble man, and it belonged to Lin Feng.

The young man’s pupils shrank. He coldly stared at Lin Feng’s back.

“Five thousand, one hundred purity stones of medium quality.”

“Five thousand, one hundred and one.” said Lin Feng as calm as before.

The crowd felt like they were watching a marvelous show. It seemed like Lin Feng was increasing the bid by a single purity stone each time on purpose.

“Five thousand, five hundred.” said the young man sounding colder and colder.

“Five thousand, five hundred and one.” said Lin Feng sounding calm and indifferent.

The young man looked even more ferocious. But at that moment, the man next to him, who was wearing the gray robes, loudly interrupted him.

“Young master, the auctions are just one method.”

The young man was surprised and then started smiling coldly. Indeed, if he wanted the slave, he didn’t necessarily need to get him through the auctions.

The crowd was stupefied. He had probably said that only to scare Lin Feng.

The young man had decided not to bid again. A short moment later, the old man said: “Congratulations. The slave is yours.”

“Leave him in the back for when I leave. You can auction my daemonic fire lion and take the purity stones for the slave from its sale.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

The old man remained silent for a few seconds and then said: “No problem.”

The price of the daemonic fire lion was always going to be much higher than the price of a slave. After all, when the daemonic fire lion reached the Xuan Qi level at maturity, it would become a god like existence.

When the daemonic fire lion came out from the backstage, the crowd became extremely excited and enthusiastic. They were almost going insane with excitement.

In the crowd, there was one person with long golden hair who looked very strange with a golden glow in his eyes.

The young man with the golden hair whispered indifferently: “Nobody can take that daemonic fire lion from me today.”

The old man on the stage was calmly looking at the excited crowd. He waited until the excitement of the crowd reached its climax. He then raised his hand to make the crowd calm down and immediately said: “I don’t need to say much about the value of this daemonic fire lion. I am convinced that many of you have already seen it at the Prisoner Arena and dreamed of having it for yourself. Finally, it is now available at our auction market. Now, everybody has an opportunity to win this fierce beast. As it matures, it will reach the Xuan Qi level and maybe even breakthrough to the higher Tian Qi level.”

The old man was extremely excited too. He didn’t understand how the daemonic fire lion of the Bai Clan had ended up in Lin Feng’s hands. The Bai Clan would have never given it to someone who wasn’t a member of their clan. They also wouldn’t ever dream of taking it to the auction. It would always remain within their clan.

The old man had no idea of what had happened at the Prisoner Arena. Back then, the young man in yellow clothes had wanted to give the daemonic fire lion to Mu Fan as a gift but it hadn’t worked. Lin Feng had killed Mu Fan… But what made the young man in yellow clothes feel even more depressed is that he was also at the auction market and was forced to witness the sale of the daemonic fire lion. He hadn’t had a chance to steal the beast back from Lin Feng, as what he had expected was that Lin Feng was going to use the daemonic fire lion himself and not immediately sell it.

He had never thought that before he had a chance to act, he would see the daemonic fire lion on sale at the auction!

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