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PMG Chapter 1620: Mu Lin Xue

PMG Chapter 1620: Mu Lin Xue
Mu Xiao smiled apologetically and turned to everybody else, “You all heard Miss Qing Ying, that book contains a deployment spell. Everybody can carve it into some talismans and I’ll give them to Miss Qing Ying. Now, use your godly awareness to study the deployment spell.”
“Brother Mu Xiao, is Miss Qing Ying going to choose one of us to help her?” asked one of the guards.
“Keep dreaming, even if Miss Qing Ying wanted to choose one of us to help her, it wouldn’t be you. Brother Mu Xiao is much stronger than us when it comes to deployment spells, we can practically congratulate him already.” said another one smiling.
“Indeed, Master Mu Xiao, you’ll always be with Miss Qing Ying in the future.” Everybody agreed. Although they were jealous, they were happy for him. Maybe Mu Xiao would make weapons with her soon, and then someday, they’d fall in love.
“Master Mu Xiao, if you marry Miss Qing Ying, your future will be incredible.” said someone else jokingly.
“Behave yourselves you rascals!” shouted Mu Xiao, rolling his eyes. “Everybody get over here and study the deployment spell. If you take this seriously, you all will have a chance.”
Mu Xiao gave the book to one of them, that guy looked excited and impatient.
Everybody laughed once more before they turned their attention to the book, inspecting it with their godly awareness. Eventually, it was Lin Feng’s turn. He inspected the book with his godly awareness and was surprised. That deployment spell wasn’t as ordinary as he’d thought, it was quite powerful.
When everybody finished inspected the book, Mu Xiao took it back and said, “Alright, don’t waste time, you have three days to carve marks, and if you do well, then maybe Miss Qing Ying will be satisfied.”
“Hehe, Master Mu Xiao, you’re daydreaming too much.” said one of them jokingly, but then he turned around and left.
Everybody left, but Lin Feng didn’t hurry to leave. He was still enjoying the sun.
“Lin Feng, why are you not leaving?” asked Mu Xiao.
“Don’t we have three days? There’s no need to rush.” said Lin Feng smiling.
“Lin Feng, you can’t act like that. The more time you have, the better results you’ll have! You should use all the allocated time.” said Mu Xiao in a moralizing tone. Lin Feng glanced at Mu Xiao in a deep and meaningful way, thinking that Mu Xiao hadn’t acted that way during the past few days.
Lin Feng smiled on the inside. That deployment spell seemed very important to Mu Xiao, maybe the best one really would be chosen to stay with Miss Qing Ying.
“Alright, I’ll do my best.” said Lin Feng nodding. Then he went to his room. The deployment spell was an offensive deployment spell, just like the shattering deployment spell. Thus, it wasn’t very difficult for Lin Feng. He just had to cast a few small deployment spells and then they’d turn into a larger one.
Lin Feng carved the spell in a short time, but he still waited the three days before coming out and handing over his talisman to Mu Xiao.
Mu Xiao numbered the talismans and said, “I remember your numbers. If Miss Qing Ying likes your talisman, I’ll tell you.”
“Master Mu Xiao, don’t fool us, your talisman must be better than all of ours.” said the crowd smiling. Mu Xiao then walked to the inner courtyards to give Miss Qing Ying the talismans.
“Hehe, he’s going to become rich. He’ll stay with Miss Qing Ying all the time, and maybe they’ll even share a room. Hehe…” said someone smiling and looking at Mu Xiao.
“Imagine if it happened though.” said that person laughing. He glanced at Lin Feng and tapped his shoulder, “Lin Feng, I heard you begged Miss Qing Ying to allow you into the governmental buildings. How does it feel to know that Mu Xiao is going to end up with the woman of your dreams?”
Lin Feng scratched his head and smiled, “I may be a little jealous.”
“Haha!” everybody laughed. At that moment, Mu Xiao was already in the inner courtyard. He went to Miss Qing Ying and said, “Miss, here are the talismans, have a look.”
“Make them explode to show me how powerful they are.” said Mu Xiao.
“Alright.” Mu Xiao moved back and made them explode. Mu Qing Ying looked expressionless. Those people had made progress, but it was still far from being enough. Maybe Mu Xiao’s talisman would be better though.
Boom! At that moment, a terrifying fire dashed to the skies, looking like a fire dragon. Mu Qing Ying was very surprised.
“Nine Dragons, the carvings are perfect.” Mu Qing Ying was stupefied, and Mu Xiao was too. Nine dragons? How was that possible? That deployment spell…
“Mu Xiao, you’ve made progress! Now you can help me.” said Mu Qing Ying to Mu Xiao, who had just come back to his senses. Mu Xiao frowned and looked at Mu Qing Ying.
“What’s wrong?” asked Mu Qing Ying.
“Nothing.” replied Mu Xiao. He had many thoughts when he looked at her. His heart was pounding as he said, “It’s an honor for me to help you.”
“Alright, you can move into the inner courtyards with me and live in the room next to mine. I can call you anytime that way.” said Mu Qing Ying.
“Roger, Miss.” said Mu Xiao nodding. He clenched his fists, there was still one talisman left, but he was never going to take it out because it was his talisman.
“Go back, pack and inform the others.” said Mu Qing Ying. “If you need anything, just call me.”
Mu Xiao went back to his room, but he looked strange.
People in the outside courtyard were waiting for him. When they saw him come back, they smiled and asked, “Master Mu Xiao, how did it go?”
“Practice hard, I may not be here to help you anymore in the future.” said Mu Xiao smiling. Everybody smiled, “Master Mu Xiao, don’t forget about us in the future.”
“Good luck!” everybody congratulated him, even though they were jealous.
Lin Feng looked surprised, but he immediately understood what was going on. He smiled indifferently when Mu Xiao looked at him, “Lin Feng, Miss Qing Ying said you’re quite good. You should continue with your efforts.”
“I will.” said Lin Feng nodding. Then, Mu Xiao left and packed his stuff. He was going to move to the inner courtyard.
Lin Feng was still waiting for an opportunity. Some months passed, and Mu Xiao came to visit them occasionally.
At that moment, Mu Qing Ying was in a courtyard, she stretched her back, making her breasts look even perkier. Mu Xiao was drooling, but when Miss Qing Ying looked at him, he immediately looked elsewhere.
“Mu Xiao, you must be tired too, but there’s something I still want to talk to you about. Your deployment spells are not as good as before. You need to start making perfect deployment spells like that one day.” said Mu Qing Ying in a grave and solemn way.
“I understand.” said Mu Xiao nodding. “Miss, I want to tell you something.”
“Tell me.” said Mu Qing Ying.
“On that day, I checked everybody’s deployment spells, and although Lin Feng begged you to join us, he’s still too weak. His deployment spells are really bad, and he’s not interested in learning. I think we should expel him.” said Mu Xiao.
Mu Qing Ying remained silent and then nodded, “We don’t need to keep any trash here.”
“I’ll take care of it.” Mu Xiao turned around and got ready to leave.
“Qing Ying.” said a voice in the distance. It was a beautiful woman, she had beautiful long hair, beautiful eyes, she was slim.
“Miss Lin Xue.” said Qing Ying smiling at her. “Lin Xue, how come you’re here?”
“I need one of your guards.” said Mu Lin Xue. Mu Qing Ying glanced at her and said, “You should have asked the clan to help you with that, you always rely on yourself after all.”

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