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PMG Chapter 1621: I’ll Help You

PMG Chapter 1621: I’ll Help You
“I’m used to it.” said Mu Lin Xue.
“I know how talented you’re though. My guards can’t help you.” said Mu Qing Ying. Actually, Mu Lin Xue was right, nobody could really help her. She didn’t really need guards, but she was getting ready for the tournament, so she needed someone to give her new ideas.
“Let’s go. You just can’t choose Mu Xiao. He’ll be turning thirty this year and he’ll be helping me at the tournament. You can choose anyone else though.” said Mu Qing Ying smiling. Mu Lin Xue and Mu Qing Ying were about the same age. However, Mu Lin Xue was much more talented and even more beautiful. She admired Mu Lin Xue.
“I understand.” said Mu Lin Xue nodding. Since Mu Qing Ying wanted Mu Xiao for herself, Mu Lin Xue wasn’t going to choose him.
Mu Xiao listened to them and then watched them leave. Mu Qing Ying was beautiful, but Mu Lin Xue was even more beautiful. Two beautiful girls together, side-by-side, what a scene.
They arrived in the outer courtyard and called the guards. Mu Qing Ying smiled at Mu Lin Xue and said, “Lin Xue, these are all my guards.”
“Mu Lin Xue!” Lin Feng looked at Mu Lin Xue, immediately thinking that she was beautiful. She had perfect breasts, but she still looked pure and innocent. The guards didn’t even dare look at her.
Mu Lin Xue looked at Lin Feng, thinking that he looked handsome and unfathomable. It seemed like he had been through a lot. That was the reason why she immediately took note of him. The others didn’t dare look at her, but Lin Feng did. Not only did he just look at her, he continued looking at her in a calm way, as if he didn’t seem scared.
“She looks like Mu Yun.” thought Lin Feng. How would Mu Lin Xue react if she knew what he was thinking?
“Lin Xue, whom do you want?” asked Mu Qing Ying. The crowd looked nervous. Mu Lin Xue didn’t have a single guard, so the one she chose was probably going to stay with her all the time. Just thinking about it made them all feel excited.
Lin Feng hoped he would become her guard, that would be the opportunity he had been waiting for.
“Miss Lin Xue, I would like to become your guard.” said Lin Feng. He had to act bold now, otherwise, she might choose one of the others.
Mu Qing Ying looked at Lin Feng, she looked furious as said, “Mu Xiao said he wanted you to leave the clan just a few minutes ago. You only joined the clan for me and now you want to follow Lin Xue. You must be dreaming! You won’t become Lin Xue’s guard, the Mu Clan doesn’t need such trash.”
Lin Feng knew what she meant, he should have become Mu Qing Ying’s guard, but he hadn’t tried because he wasn’t interested.
When Mu Xiao saw that Lin Feng was looking at him, he turned his head. He wanted to expel Lin Feng on his own to avoid any trouble.
“Lin Feng, you’re not a bad deployment spell caster but you don’t make any efforts. I told Miss Qing Ying you should leave, so please do.” said Mu Xiao to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at him in a cold way, he was starting to get upset. Then he looked at Mu Lin Xue again and said, “Miss Lin Xue, I would like to become your guard.”
“How audacious…” said Mu Qing Ying. “Back then you begged me to join the Mu Clan’s government, and I gave you a chance. Now you’re just trying to fool Lin Xue in the same way.”
“Qing Ying, I just need an assistant, not someone to help me with deployment spells. Since you want him to leave, it’s perfect, I can take him with me without bothering you.” said Mu Lin Xue.
“Miss Lin Xue.” said Mu Qing Ying, “He’s a bad guy, he might even be a pervert. Back then, he begged me to join the government.”
“He can’t do anything to me.” said Mu Lin Xue.
“Alright.” said Mu Qing Ying nodding. She didn’t insist on it, she just glanced at Lin Feng in a cold way and said, “You better behave yourself!”
“I’m off.” said Mu Lin Xue, nodding at Mu Qing Ying. Then she looked at Lin Feng and said, “Let’s go.”
Lin Feng started walking, but when he passed next to Mu Qing Ying, he stopped for a few seconds and whispered, “I never joined the Mu Clan for you.”
Then, he followed Mu Lin Xue away.
Mu Qing Ying repeated, “You didn’t join for me? I see, you wanted to punch above your weight!”
Lin Feng ignored her. His goal was Mu Lin Xue and he was finally getting there now!
Mu Lin Xue took Lin Feng to her own inner courtyard. Each noble disciple from the Mu Clan had their own courtyard. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue then immediately went to her laboratory where she fabricated weapons.
The room was gigantic, a gigantic cauldron stood out the most, though it looked different from the cauldrons alchemists used. That one was more like an oven in that it could shut.
There were several tools on that oven: a hammer, fire tongs were amongst those Lin Feng was familiar with.
“Why did you want to become my guard?” asked Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng. She had the feeling that Lin Feng wasn’t someone that was easy to understand. At least, she didn’t think that he looked like a piece of trash like Mu Qing Ying said.
“I didn’t want to become your guard, I wanted to help you.” said Lin Feng calmly. Mu Lin Xue looked surprised. Even if she thought Lin Feng didn’t look like trash, she wouldn’t have thought he’d say such a thing. People who were better than her at fabricating weapons could be counted with just one hand, and those people were preparing the tournament, so they couldn’t help her.
“How can you help me?” asked Mu Lin Xue, she was curious.
“I understand deployment spells.” said Lin Feng calmly. Mu Lin Xue looked unhappy and said, “I’m like you, I’m proud, but I’ve never said that I understand deployment spells.”
“Maybe we have different ways of talking, but at least the deployment spells I understand can help you.” said Lin Feng.
Mu Lin Xue looked excited now. She just said, “Alright, since it’s that way, I’ll give you one opportunity to prove it. Go out and get some materials for me, use this ring to buy some things. When you come back, we’ll start fabricating weapons.”

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