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PMG Chapter 1622: Fabricating Imperial Weapons

PMG Chapter 1622: Fabricating Imperial Weapons
Lin Feng went to town, and when he came back, Mu Lin Xue was right where he left her. The only difference now was that it was scorching hot inside. Inside the oven, there was a fire with five colors, and Mu Lin Xue was controlling that fire.
Lin Feng watched her, studying how she moved her fingers in the fire. Mu Lin Xue possessed a bestial-like fire, it was wild and fierce as it continued to grow hotter.
“Did you get everything?” asked Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng without turning her head.
“I have everything.” said Lin Feng, throwing the ring at Mu Lin Xue. She wasn’t facing Lin Feng, but when the ring neared her back, she still managed to catch it from behind. In a flash, all the items appeared outside of the ring.
“Look at that deployment spell, and when the right time comes, carve the marks. I hope I won’t be too disappointed, otherwise, you won’t have a second chance.” said Mu Lin Xue calmly. It was exhausting for her to prepare the items. Besides, the materials she used were very expensive, so if the deployment spell failed, she wouldn’t be very happy with Lin Feng. With that, she threw a book at him
“I will do my best.” Lin Feng nodded and took the book. He inspected it with his godly awareness and studied the marks. Very quickly, he reopened his eyes. A short time after, Mu Lin Xue put more materials in the fire.
There were many techniques to fabricate weapons, and weapon manufacturers could either use existing techniques or make up new ones. However, relying on one’s own techniques was very difficult because it was difficult to know what items and materials to use. It was a process of trying repeatedly before succeeding. Most masters didn’t try that, they usually tried to modify an existing technique.
“Sword!” thought Lin Feng. The weapon still didn’t have a shape, but he could tell that it was going to be very sharp.
“Carve the marks!” shouted Mu Lin Xue suddenly. Lin Feng immediately moved to the cauldron, and even though it was scorching hot, Lin Feng practiced fire cultivation, so it didn’t affect him.
Slash… Lin Feng released Earth abstruse energy to the carve marks, which were incredibly clear. They almost looked alive.
“Earth abstruse strength, I can change the shape of the weapon based on the energy used to carve the formations. With Earth energy, we can make a heavy sword.” thought Mu Lin Xue. Mu Lin Xue couldn’t wait to see what kind of weapon they’d manage to make.
Lin Feng kept shaking his hands, each time, the marks etched themselves onto the weapon. Progressively, heavy energies weighed down on the air around them. Mu Lin Xue started looking at it in a strange way.
“He modified the deployment spell I gave him and is using his own marks!” thought Mu Lin Xue. She was wondering whether Lin Feng had thought of modifying it when he read the book or if he changed it on the spot. Changing the deployment spell could have dramatic consequences. Although it was more complicated, if Lin Feng really changed it on the spot, then he really might have a chance at helping her.
More and more marks appeared, now destructive energies where invading the space around them. Mu Lin Xue looked pensive, she was wondering what kind of weapon would be suitable for that deployment spell.
Mu Lin Xue initially wanted to make a peerless holy weapon thinking it would be easier for Lin Feng, but  now her plans were changing. After Lin Feng changed the deployment spell, she had decided to change the weapon, maybe making it into an imperial weapon.
Lin Feng continued carving marks, eventually carving the last one. A terrifying strength filled the room after the last mark was drawn. If Lin Feng had carved those onto a talisman, it would have been enough to threaten a low-level emperor. With Mu Lin Xue’s experience, that weapon could be terrifying.
After Lin Feng carved the marks, Mu Lin Xue nodded at him with a smile which said that she acknowledged Lin Feng’s talent.
Mu Lin Xue added some materials in the fire, and after that, she used a gigantic hammer to give it a better shape.
Ding! A loud clanking sound resounded each time her hammer fell. Lin Feng smiled, he thought that a beautiful woman using a hammer was a funny scene.
“I’ll help you!” said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue.
“Lin Feng, that’s the Dancing Wind Hammer Technique, it’s not suitable for you. I’ll help you learn another hammer technique, but no matter which hammer technique you use, the goal is to make the weapon perfect. Just watch and learn.” said Mu Lin Xue, still hammering the weapon. Lin Feng nodded, accepting that he had no experience, he agreed that the hammer technique wasn’t suitable for him.
“How interesting.” thought Lin Feng. He was captivated, but not by her body, but by her movements. Each movement was important, contributing to the overall strength and precision of each strike. Even with her skill, the chances of failing were quite high. An average Level One Professor had a seventy-percent chance of failing while making imperial weapons.
“When she makes weapons, she’s controlling the intensity of the fire as she slowly defines the shape of the weapon.” thought Lin Feng. Now it made more sense as to why a powerful soul and fire was required.
After hammering the weapon for what seemed to be a million times, a strong wind blew throughout the room. It didn’t affect Lin Feng though, he was still focused on what was going on. He wanted to make sure that the weapon was perfect.
“The weapon is almost finished!” said Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng. The fire became even hotter at this point. Lin Feng looked at her face, noticing that they were both covered in sweat.
“It’s much more complicated than concocting pills, but weapons serve a different purpose in battles as they can help cultivators make up for their deficiencies.” thought Lin Feng.
Time passed and then the sword started shaking, even the room around them started shaking. Mu Lin Xue didn’t stop focusing, they were only one step away now.
“Rise!” said Mu Lin Xue, raising her head.
“Condense!” Mu Lin Xue shook her hands and the fire marks flew throughout the weapon. The scene was incredible, it was the first time Lin Feng had seen something like that. Finally, the sword rose up and whistled. It seemed heavy, destructive, and sharp.
“We did it!” said Mu Lin Xue, smiling in a resplendent way. She looked at Lin Feng and said, “We did it, it’s a level one imperial weapon!”
“You should clean yourself up.” Lin Feng said, glancing at her clothes. She wasn’t wearing much and since she was drenched in sweat, anyone could see through her clothes. Lin Feng was getting turned on.
“Eh…” Mu Lin Xue looked embarrassed. Usually, she was always alone when she fabricated weapons, so this was the first time a man was with her when she looked like this.
“I’ll go and change my clothes.” said Mu Lin Xue, leaving hastily as if she had forgotten about the imperial weapon.
“Lin Xue made another imperial weapon!” said an old man at that moment, he looked pleasantly surprised. Even though Mu Lin Xue was a Level One Professor, making an imperial weapon still wasn’t easy for her.
At that moment, Mu Qing Ying was in the air when she saw the imperial weapon. She thought to herself, “I wonder when I’ll be able to make imperial weapons… Lin Xue is too talented, she only relies on herself and still manages to make such powerful weapons.”

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