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PMG Chapter 1624: Yan Feng

PMG Chapter 1624: Yan Feng
Lin Feng smiled and nodded, then they went to town to buy the materials.
“Miss Lin Xue.” Mu Qing Ying was in Mu Lin Xue’s inner courtyard and was smiling. Her courtyard was next to Mu Lin Xue’s, so it wasn’t surprising to see her.
“Miss Lin Xue, are you going to buy materials yourself?” asked Mu Qing Ying.
“Indeed. I’m going to buy a few materials, and I can’t waste time.” said Mu Lin Xue honestly, nodding.
“Alright, I’m going shopping too. Let’s go together.” said Mu Qing Ying.
“Alright, why not.” said Mu Lin Xue. Mu Qing Ying looked at Mu Xiao and said, “Mu Xiao, come with me.”
“Roger, Qing Ying.” said Mu Xiao. Lin Feng looked surprised. Mu Xiao was now calling Qing Ying by her name, they had become close too, just like him and Mu Lin Xue. Even though Mu Xiao had plotted against Lin Feng, he only ended up helping him!
The four of them walked out. Mu Qing Ying was chatting with Mu Lin Xue while Lin Feng and Mu Xiao were walking behind them. Even though Mu Qing Ying didn’t like Lin Feng, she didn’t say anything.
“Congratulations.” whispered Lin Feng to Mu Xiao. Mu Xiao frowned and looked at Lin Feng in a cold way. He was furious, he had hoped Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue weren’t too close.
“Lin Feng, you’re too lucky. Surprisingly, Miss Lin Xue lets you stay with her. You better enjoy it.” said Mu Xiao, insisting on the last words.
“I will do my best.” said Lin Feng smiling.
The four of them left the governmental buildings of the Mu Clan, and as soon as they did, a group of people appeared in the sky above them. They were looking at Mu Lin Xue and the others.
“Yan Feng.” Mu Qing Ying was surprised. Mu Lin Xue looked at them in a cold way.
“Lin Xue, long time no see. I missed you so much.” said Yan Feng smiling.
“You’re shameless!” shouted Mu Lin Xue.
“My future wife, why are you saying I’m shameless?” asked Yan Feng. He didn’t care, he felt like he had the situation under control.
“Who’s your future wife?” shouted Mu Lin Xue.
“Three more months and then we’ll be married. We’ll see if you dare say anything then.” said Yan Feng. He glanced at Lin Feng and Mu Xiao and said, “Boys should stay away from my woman, otherwise, I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”
“You’re insane!” shouted Mu Lin Xue furiously. But Yan Feng smiled and said, “Lin Xue, your people are my people.”
Yan Feng then left with his friends. Mu Xiao looked upset, he felt humiliated even. Yan Feng was extremely talented. As expected, someone like Mu Xiao couldn’t become friends with someone like Mu Lin Xue. It was his goal to marry Mu Qing Ying anyways, so it didn’t matter.
“How arrogant and shameless!” whispered Lin Feng. However, it wasn’t that much a surprise that he was so arrogant. He was from a clan who was stronger than the Mu Clan and he was a disciple of Sword Mountain.
Mu Lin Xue’s heart was pounding, she was furious. But she quickly tried to control herself.
“Everything will be alright.” said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue. Mu Lin Xue smiled at him in a resplendent way and said, “Right, everything will be alright.”
Then, they continued walking, however, Mu Lin Xue couldn’t manage to calm down. She was happy with Lin Feng, but they still weren’t strong enough. Yan Feng was already a Level Two Professor, and maybe he’d be able to make level three imperial weapons at the tournament.
Mu Qing Ying glanced at Lin Feng and said to Lin Xue, “Sister Lin Xue, don’t let insignificant people fool you.”
How come Lin Feng was so close to Mu Lin Xue?
Mu Lin Xue glanced at Mu Qing Ying and shook her head. But Lin Feng smiled and said, “That applies to you even more than me, don’t let insignificant people fool you.”
Mu Xiao looked furious.
“Since when did scumbags get so determined.” said Mu Qing Ying in a cold way. Then, she walked to Mu Lin Xue and pushed Lin Feng backwards. At the same time, she said, “Sister Lin Xue, I know you’re a kind person but don’t let him fool you, he begged me to join the Mu Clan back when.”
“Don’t worry, I’m a grown up and can make my own decisions.” said Mu Lin Xue smiling wryly. She wanted to defend Lin Feng, but it was better to hide her feelings. She hoped Lin Feng and her would amaze everyone at the tournament.
Then the four of them went to Gold-Fire City market. Mu Lin Xue had prepared lots of things to trade: fate seeds, peerless holy weapons, imperial weapons. She really hoped Lin Feng and her could manage to make level two imperial weapons together with the materials they bought there.
After half a day, Mu Lin Xue had found everything she needed. She wanted to go back, but at that moment, three people appeared in front of them. One of them had an ancient sword on his back and he was walking towards her. It was an emperor, a sword emperor.
The two people on his sides also had swords resting on their backs.
“People from Sword Mountain.” Mu Lin Xue thought. Then she said, “Master, I’m Mu Lin Xue, I’ve never offended Sword Mountain.”
“Miss Lin Xue, you haven’t indeed, but the two people behind you offended Yan Feng, so they must die.” said the sword emperor.
Mu Xiao was scared, he hadn’t thought that Yan Feng would do that to them. Although he was upset, he couldn’t do much. If Sword Mountain wanted to kill him, they could.
“Master, you’re an emperor from Sword Mountain, how could you kill two little boys?” asked Mu Lin Xue calmly and indifferently.
“Of course, I won’t attack, I only came to ensure your safety. My partners will kill those boys.”
“Alright, make them fight then.” said Mu Lin Xue calmly.
“Lin Xue!” Mu Qing Ying looked upset. Mu Lin Xue didn’t care about Lin Feng, but Mu Qing Ying cared about Mu Xiao, how could she let him die!
“Sister Lin Xue, I like people like you. Why are you two still not attacking?” said the emperor to his two partners. Then, they both fused with their swords and flew forwards.
“Mu Xiao!” said Mu Qing Ying. Suddenly, terrifying abstruse energies filled the space around them.
Lin Feng moved back with incredible speed. Qing Ying was surprised, that bastard was escaping!
Dong! Lin Feng suddenly jumped forwards and a gigantic stone enveloped him with Mu Xiao and the two attackers. Now, everybody around them couldn’t see them.
His eyes suddenly became pitch-black as he condensed demon and death abstruse energies.
Ooof. The one who was attacking Lin Feng started shaking after he saw Lin Feng’s eyes.
“Die!” When Mu Xiao saw that the cultivator attacking them had stopped moving, he released his own fire energies. However, his fire didn’t affect the cultivator too much. Lin Feng’s death energy had already caused a lot of damage.
“Lin Xue doesn’t want me to show how strong I am.” thought Lin Feng. He said to the other sword cultivator, using telepathy, “Here.”
That person looked at Lin Feng, staring into his eyes. Then, demon, death and cursing abstruse energies started corrupting his body.
After having broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, Lin Feng’s best abstruse energies were demon, Earth, death and cursing abstruse energies. Few people could resist him who were at the same level. Lin Feng’s attack allowed Mu Xiao to use his fire. After a short time, the stone disappeared, and the two sword cultivators had already died, burnt alive by Mu Xiao’s fire!

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