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PMG Chapter 1625: Mu Xiao’s Plot

PMG Chapter 1625: Mu Xiao’s Plot
“They’re dead.” the sword emperor was astonished. He hadn’t cared to watch the battle because he’d assumed his companions would make easy work of the two guards.
Mu Qing Ying was also surprised. She was looking at Mu Xiao, wondering when Mu Xiao had become that strong. Of course, she didn’t even consider that Lin Feng had done anything. She just thought he had tried to run away.
Mu Lin Xue wasn’t surprised. She knew that Lin Feng’s abstruse energies were terrifying. That’s why she agreed to the fight in the first place.
“Master, what are you doing? You can’t get angry because of their battle, right?” said Mu Lin Xue after she noticed the emperor was upset.
“Very good.” said the sword emperor in a cold way. He wanted to kill Lin Feng and Mu Xiao right then, but he turned into a light and left. Two disciples from Sword Mountain had died against two guards from the Mu Clan, this was an embarrassment.
“Let’s go back.” said Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng and Mu Xiao. Then the four of them left. Mu Qing Ying walked to Mu Xiao and said something. She looked curious, she wanted to know how Mu Xiao had won.
Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng went to the lab. Mu Lin Xue gave a book to Lin Feng and said, “This time, I want to make an imperial armor. The deployment spell for it is in here, so have a look.”
Lin Feng nodded and inspected the book. Each time, before Mu Lin Xue started making weapons, they agreed on everything so that they could make the best weapon possible.
“I can make that deployment spell better, I just hope it will be suitable for the armor.” said Lin Feng. Mu Lin Xue smiled and said, “It seems like you’ve never used your full strength then.”
“You haven’t either!” said Lin Feng. Then they both laughed. Mu Lin Xue then looked at Lin Feng in a serious way and said, “Let’s get serious. Let’s see if we can make weapons at a higher level.”
“I will never refuse your requests.” said Lin Feng smiling.
“Thank you, Lin Feng.” Mu Lin Xue nodded, she could see that Lin Feng was being honest and kind hearted. She didn’t ask him anything, Lin Feng just told her everything she needed to know.
“Let’s start. You do you, especially if you can improve the spell. I really hope we can succeed.” said Mu Lin Xue.
After discussing the details, Mu Lin Xue released her fire. This time, her fire was brighter than ever. Lin Feng could sense how incredible her fire was, which implied that her soul was probably very powerful as well.
Mu Lin Xue made the gold melt, then she dipped it, and polished it. Each of her movements were very precise. Lin Feng calmly watched her. Then, he started carving deployment marks. They were making an armor this time, so Lin Feng didn’t use a shattering deployment spell, but a defensive one. He was an expert at casting offensive deployment spells, but not defensive deployment spells. No matter, he still did his best.
“He changed the deployment spell again, it looked amazing. It’s almost a pity to cast such an incredible defensive deployment spell on this armor. I wonder if it’ll be perfect for the armor though.” thought Mu Lin Xue as she watched Lin Feng.
It was the first time she saw Lin Feng so focused, because he was trying harder this time, it was also taking him longer to draw the marks. Mu Lin Xue was filled with anticipation. With a great deployment spell and great materials, what would their imperial armor look like?
In another courtyard, in another lab, Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao were also trying to create an imperial weapon. It was the first time they had tried, Mu Qing Ying was covered with sweat, her cauldron was surrounded by a dazzling fire. Mu Xiao had just finished carving deployment marks was now hammering away at the weapon. They were trying to make a big blade and they were almost done.
Mu Qing Ying was nervous, she knew that if she wanted to participate in the tournament, she had to get better. It wasn’t that there were a limited number of people allowed to participate, it was that the Mu Clan wouldn’t let people go if they weren’t good enough. Otherwise, they would end up humiliating them.
The blade was looking better and better, it was already starting to emit buzzing sounds. Like most people, she could only make swords and blades. She didn’t have the knowledge or the power to fabricate special weapons such as scepters or ancient mirrors.
Finally, the blade twinkled, it even looked bloodthirsty.
“Condense!” said Mu Qing Ying. Lights rose up to the skies, piercing through the ceiling of their room.
“An imperial weapon.” Mu Qing Ying was pleasantly surprised, she had finally made an imperial weapon.
“Qing Ying, we did it.” said Mu Xiao happily. He had helped Mu Qing Ying fabricate an imperial weapon! Even though he had initially cheated to become her personal assistant, he still worked hard to prove to her that he was worth it. He spent most of his time studying. He knew that the only way to make Qing Ying fall in love with him was to improve his contributions.
“Indeed, we did it.” said Mu Qing Ying smiling in a resplendent way.
When Mu Xiao saw her resplendent smile, he slowly walked towards her and put his hands on her cheeks. It looked like he wanted to wipe the sweat from her forehead, “Qing Ying, you’re really beautiful.”
Mu Qing Ying shivered and suddenly her facial expression changed drastically, “How shameless!”
Mu Xiao’s facial expression suddenly changed to as he jumped backwards, “Qing Ying, I…”
“Mu Xiao, you’ve gone too far!” shouted Mu Qing Ying.
Mu Xiao’s heart twitched as he said, “Miss Qing Ying, you’re too beautiful, and I’ve liked you for so long, I’m crazy about you. I wouldn’t have made such efforts if it weren’t for you. I know that my social status is low, and I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry for upsetting you. I know what I have to do.”
“Miss, take care.” said Mu Xiao, slowly walking backwards. Then, he turned around and left. Mu Qing Ying was giving him a cold stare. They had already fabricated an imperial weapon and now there wasn’t much time left before the tournament, so Mu Qing Ying couldn’t let him go.
“Stop!” Mu Qing Ying calmed down and took in a breath.
“Do you need me to do anything else, Miss?” Mu Xiao asked.
“You can’t go.” said Mu Qing Ying.
“If I hadn’t done that, I would have continued secretly dreaming about you, but now I made a mistake and you despise me. I can’t stay. If you want to kill me, I’ll understand.” said Mu Xiao, lowering his head. He was trying to look like victim to force Mu Qing Ying’s hand.
By now, there were many people gather outside her lab. Mu Qing Ying had surprisingly made an imperial weapon!
“Qing Ying, you did it!” said someone who was pleasantly surprised. It was Mu Qing Ying’s father.
“Mu Xiao, I reacted too aggressively. I don’t despise you, I actually like you. Please forget about my outburst before. I went too far, so I’m sorry.” said Mu Qing Ying in a low voice.
“What you mean to say is that you want to be with me?” asked Mu Xiao, staring at Qing Ying.
“I need some time to think about it, alright?” asked Mu Qing Ying.
“I will do everything for you, I would even die for you.” said Mu Xiao.

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