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PMG Chapter 1629: Gold-Fire Tower

PMG Chapter 1629: Gold-Fire Tower
Elders and many other people were crowded on the main square of the Mu Clan.
Mu Lin Xue and three others had arrived. Many people were looking at them, which wasn’t a surprise because Mu Lin Xue was the most beautiful woman of the clan. Each time she showed up, everybody couldn’t help but look at her. Of course, some people were noticing Lin Feng standing next to her.
Those who did frowned. They had never seen him before, so what was he doing with Mu Lin Xue? Did it mean anything?
Mu Lin Xue’s uncle had seen Lin Feng, but he just thought that he was a servant. But now, when he saw Lin Feng, he suddenly stood up. He walked to the edge of the battle stage and looked at them, “Lin Xue, who’s that person? What is he doing here?”
“His name is Lin Feng and he’s my assistant.” said Mu Lin Xue. Her uncle frowned and looked at Lin Feng. He had seen him a few months before when Mu Lin Xue made the level two imperial weapon. He had thought that Mu Lin Xue was working alone but had that person… helped Mu Lin Xue?
“No wonder she wasn’t looking for anyone to help her, she had already found someone suitable for her.” thought her uncle angrily. “You’re not from the Mu Clan?”
“I joined the Mu Clan by becoming Lin Xue’s guard.” replied Lin Feng smiling.
“The tournament is something extremely important for us, do you have powerful deployment spells to show us?” asked Mu Lin Xue’s uncle. He wanted to check how strong Lin Feng was and if he could really help Mu Lin Xue.
“Uncle, you’re asking too much. Lin Feng is my assistant and that’s all. I hope you can respect my decisions.” said Mu Lin Xue. She knew what her uncle was thinking, he was wanting to see if she had a chance at defeating Yan Feng.
“You’re going to participate in the tournament, but you’re not the only one involved, and your participation will have an impact on our whole clan!” said Mu Lin Xue’s uncle in a cold way.
“Mind your own business. Go find your daughter if you want hand out advice.” snapped Mu Lin Xue.
“That’s enough!” shouted Mu Lin Xue’s grandpa furiously. Her uncle turned around and walked to the other old men, then he said, “Lin Xue is going to participate in the tournament, which is a very serious matter. With this consideration, I believe that her assistant must be experienced.”
“First, we need to select the participants.” said the main old man. His eyes were closed, and he sounded indifferent. With that, Mu Lin Xue’s uncle shut his mouth. Everybody was looking at Lin Feng angrily though. Of course, Lin Feng knew that was going to happen. Now he understood why she hadn’t talked about him earlier.
All the members from the Mu Clan finished gathering there before one of the old men stood up and nodded at the crowd, “This afternoon, the tournament will be held in Gold-Fire City. The Mu Clan is going to select five teams, so all those who can make imperial weapons need to step forwards now.”
Having the ability to make imperial weapons was a decisive factor, eliminating most of the candidates.
A few people jumped onto the stage. Mu Lin Xue tapped Lin Feng’s arm and grabbed his hand, but she noticed that his eyes were closed.
“Let’s go.” said Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng. Then he opened his eyes and followed. The crowd was wide-eyed, the most beautiful girl from their clan was holding hands with a young man, what was going on? Had she fallen in love with him because she had spent some time with him?
Everybody knew that after the tournament, Mu Lin Xue would probably marry Yan Feng. Even though she could make level two imperial weapons, she still couldn’t beat Yan Feng. But surprisingly, now, she was holding hands with another young man.
Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao were behind them, also dumbstruck. Were Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue that close?
Sixteen people, eight teams, thirty years old and under, all able to make imperial weapons. Of course, they weren’t the only ones, but they had the highest potential with those requirements.
“Master, how can we be sure we chose the right people?” asked someone to the old man who had his eyes closed. Only five teams could join in the tournament, so three teams had to be eliminated.
The old man opened his eyes and looked at the teams.
Tap, tap… two people, from different teams, took a step backwards.
The old man looked at them and said, “If you can’t stand the pressure, you can’t become Weapon Manufacturing Masters. Those two teams must leave!”
“Master, it’s not my fault!” said a young man, his assistant was one of the two who had stepped away.
“Since you chose your assistant, you must bear responsibility for what he does.” said the old man strictly.
Now, six teams were left, so only one more had to be eliminated.
“Show us the best imperial weapons you’ve made.” said the old man to the teams. Then, they took out imperial weapons and gave them to the old man. Only two weapons were level two imperial weapons, while the rest were all level one imperial weapons. One of them belonged to Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue, while the other one belonged to another team, a young man and a young girl who were Mu Lin Xue’s uncle’s children.
The old man looked at the imperial weapons and gave them back to the potential participants. He looked at two of them and said, “Your imperial weapon was the weakest. Leave.”
They said nothing, bowed, and then left.
Many people were going to participate in the tournament and millions of people would probably watch. Therefore, failing before the tournament was a type of relief.
“Pfew…” Mu Qing Ying took a deep breath. She had passed the first test, so now she could participate in the tournament.
“Alright, get ready to leave.” said the old man, looking at the participants in a calm and serene way. They had to hurry over to Gold-Fire Tower.
Mu Lin Xue’s uncle frowned, he initially wanted to cause trouble, but now he had no choice. The leader of the clan had made the decision, so who was he to argue. In any case, he was convinced that Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng would fail, so he gave up worrying over it.
“Even Mu Lie and Mu Yu can defeat you!” thought the uncle. Mu Lie and Mu Yu were his children, so of course he gave them high praise.
“Everyone should go and watch the tournament, it will be beneficial for you.” said the leader of the clan. Then, he rose up in the air.
“Come.” said the leader to Mu Lin Xue and the others.
Mu Lin Xue and the others rose up in the air and everyone followed them.
At that moment, in Gold-Fire Tower, there were millions, if not billions of people. They were all incredible weapons craftspeople with extraordinary statuses in Gold-Fire City. Who would want to miss this?
Everybody was excited, even people from other cities and regions came to watch. For example, there were some people from Sword Mountain there.

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