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PMG Chapter 163: Horrifying Price!

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The old man looked at the crowd who were bursting with excitement. He then finally said: “Alright, the starting price for the daemonic fire lion is five hundred purity stones of medium quality. Now, let the auction begin!”

When the old man finished talking, the crowd became extremely agitated.

“One thousand!”

“One thousand two hundred!”

“One thousand five hundred!”

Many people were quickly raising the price but everybody knew that the real bidding had yet to begin. How could a few thousand purity stones of medium quality be enough for a daemonic fire lion?

Lin Feng looked calm and indifferent on his seat. He had underestimated the price of the daemonic fire lion, but after he had seen the price of the Ba Dao, he had understood that the price of the daemonic fire lion was going to be extremely high.

The beautiful woman next to Lin Feng was looking at him. The eyes under that silver mask surprisingly looked extremely calm when watching this scene.

“Master, how should I refer to you?” asked the beautiful girl to Lin Feng.

“Refer to me?” thought Lin Feng surprised. He then immediately said: “You can call me Master Feng.”

“Master Feng, my name is Yi Xue.” said the beautiful girl in a sweet voice. Lin Feng slightly nodded and at that moment, the price of the daemonic fire lion had already been raised to three thousand purity stones. It wouldn’t last too long until it reached the same price that was paid for the slave.

The young master Meng glanced at Lin Feng with a cold smile across his face.

He stood up and walked towards the edge of the area reserved for all the distinguished guests. He put his hand on the railing and said: “Today, I, Meng Cong, am determined to obtain this daemonic fire lion. Nobody should try to make me unhappy, otherwise it will not end well for that person. If you don’t make me unhappy, then there will not be a problem and we can be good friends after the auction.”

When the crowd heard what Meng Cong said, they were surprised. What a bastard! He was suddenly threatening the entire crowd. This area was filled with noble and powerful cultivators and yet he dared to threaten them all. They had the choice: become his friend or become his enemy.

Many people were staring at Meng Cong but when they thought that he was from the Meng Clan and was a distinguished guest for the auction, most people chose to remain silent.

There was only one aristocratic family in the Imperial City and their family name was Meng!

“Now, I say three thousand and one purity stones of medium quality.” said Meng Cong with an indifferent smile on his face while glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had dared to outbid him for the slave that he wanted so he would prevent Lin Feng from obtaining a high price on his daemonic fire lion.

The old man looked at Meng Cong from the stage. The fact that he was behaving like this had made the old man feel uncomfortable.

“The daemonic fire lion is now mine.” said Meng Cong sounding proud. Suddenly, a strong and imposing voice said: “Four thousand purity stones of medium quality.”

“Who said that?!” said Meng Cong with an extremely cold tone. As proud he was a moment ago, he wouldn’t have thought that someone would dare to make him lose face. That was intolerable.

Meng Cong glanced at the crowd looking for the person who had bid higher than him.

“I said that.” said a cold and indifferent voice. Immediately after, a silhouette in the crowd slowly stood up. It was a man with golden hair. He looked strange and it seemed like he was surrounded by a golden light.

When the crowd saw him, their pupils shrank. It was him!

“Kuang Shi.” Meng Cong’s eyes shrank.

“What do you want?” said Kuang Shi. His golden eyes were looking directly towards the area where Meng Cong was sitting. Meng Cong was surprised. His facial expression had frozen, he then said: “Hehe, you are a brilliant disciple of the Wan Shou Men Sect. Since you want that daemonic fire lion, I will not make you lose face and I will let you have it.”

Kuang Shi turned around and ignored Meng Cong which made him even more furious. He was being humiliated over and over again.

“Hehehehehe.” some laughing and giggling sounds spread in the atmosphere. While everybody was silent, this laughter sounded particularly sharp in Meng Cong’s ears. His face was disgusting to look at. He slowly turned around and looked towards Lin Feng.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at people who proudly say words that are worth less than a fart.” Lin Feng said sharply.

Meng Cong was extremely aggressive and had threatened everyone within the crowd, but once Kuang Shi had come out, he had taken back everything he had said. He was even using the excuse that he just didn’t want to make the other person lose face. It was just ridiculous and laughable.

The Wan Shou Men Sect was one of the strongest sects in the Xue Yue Country and they were considered extremely strong even in the Imperial City. Even though Meng Cong’s status was extraordinary, even he didn’t dare to offend a member of the Wan Shou Men Sect.

At that moment, Meng Cong was silent. On that day, he had already been humiliated a few times by Lin Feng and had not been able to regain face. He initially wanted to get the daemonic fire lion to regain face and wanted to take advantage of his social status to threaten everybody within the crowd. He hadn’t thought that he would be humiliated again, but this time by Kuang Shi. And even after that, he had been humiliated again by Lin Feng who loudly made fun of him. Meng Cong had made his entire clan lose face.

But nobody took his mood into consideration. The old man smiled indifferently. He was still standing on the stage and said: “Four thousand purity stones of medium quality, is there anyone else who wishes to bid on the daemonic fire lion? This daemonic fire lion, I guarantee it will reach the Xuan level in the future and could even reach the Tian level. It would become the overlord of the Xue Yue Country.”

“Four thousand five hundred.” said someone after hearing the old man’s words which were very tempting. Even though they probably wouldn’t be able to get the lion from Kuang Shi, they still might get lucky. That was a daemonic fire lion, who didn’t want to try their luck?

“Five thousand.” said Kuang Shi looking expressionless. If he wanted something, he would definitely get it. Even Meng Cong had had to retreat because he understood Kuang Shi’s temperament.

“Six thousand.” said an old man in a black chang pao while gnashing his teeth.

“Ten thousand.” said Kuang Shi calmly which stupefied the entire crowd. When he said that, he looked absolutely unperturbed.

“No wonder people thought that the Yun Hai Sect was one of the sects with the least influence in the Xue Yue Country. It seems like it was really true.” thought Lin Feng. The Yun Hai Sect was really surpassed in wealth. The Yun Hai Sect lacked natural resources. It didn’t have any vein of the earth for its disciples to practice within. A single disciple of the Wan Shou Men Sect could spend ten thousand purity stones of medium quality while remaining unperturbed. The Yun Hai Sect still regarded purity stones of lower quality as extremely valuable.

“Eleven thousand.” said the old man in black chang pao looking angry while exhaling through his gnashing teeth. His strength had already reached a bottleneck and he needed the aid of a ferocious beast.

“Fifteen thousand.” said Kuang Shi. The crowd was astonished. Immediately after, some people smiled wryly. As expected, nobody could compete with that guy. Fifteen thousand is a sum that many wealthy and noble people couldn’t afford… Coming from a single person and not a clan, it was even more monstrous. Nobody wanted to continue bidding after that.

Finally, the final price for the daemonic fire lion ended at fifteen thousand purity stones of medium quality.

Lin Feng was smiling. He was very satisfied by the price. He had promised a hundred purity stones of medium quality to the crowd of people who had come with him. He had never thought that he would manage to get such a monstrous price.

He originally thought that if he could sell it for four thousand purity stones of medium quality, then it would be a great sum for him.

He walked towards the backstage with Yi Xue. At that moment, a group of people came out with a pile of purity stones.

“There should be Nine thousand, three hundred purity stones of medium quality here. You can check yourself.” said the old man while looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled. Nine thousand was much more than what he had anticipated.

He took the purity stones and instantly the purity stones disappeared. The old man was stupefied. He looked at Lin Feng with a strange look.

“I must be too old. My sight is getting blurry.” said the old man while staring at Lin Feng’s eyes under his silver mask. He had given so many purity stones to Lin Feng, that wasn’t easy to carry. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng had a Na stone.

Ordinary people didn’t possess a Na stones. Lin Feng was so mysterious.

Lin Feng smiled under his silver mask. The old man didn’t ask much either. He pointed at Ba Dao and said: “He’s also yours now. Take him with you.”

At that moment, the old man was curious. Ba Dao had already broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer, would he obey to Lin Feng who was only at the fifth Ling Qi Layer? Was Lin Feng strong enough?

“Come with me.” said Lin Feng while looking at Ba Dao and sounding indifferent. Immediately after, he left and took the lead.

Ba Dao was already unchained, he looked expressionless and was following  behind Lin Feng.

A short moment after leaving the auction market, Lin Feng turned around and stopped walking. He coldly looked at Ba Dao through his silver mask. Ba Dao looked cold and expressionless.

If a cultivation slave was unchained, he could do whatever he wished. He didn’t need to obey a master. After all, a cultivation slave was a human being!

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