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PMG Chapter 1631: The Great Tournament

PMG Chapter 1631: The Great Tournament

Mu Lin Xue was pleasantly surprised, she didn’t realize that Lin Feng could have a sense of humor in such worrying circumstances. Yan Feng wanted to scare him and had provoked him, but it hadn’t worked, and now Yan Feng looked like a buffoon.

Yan Feng was furious. He released more energies, but nobody paid attention to him.

He slowly recalled his cosmic energies and said coldly, “Mu Lin Xue, you will regret that. After the tournament, when we get to the Yan Clan, nobody will be able to save you anymore.”

“And you!” said Yan Feng turning to Lin Feng. “You don’t even know what you did to yourself now.”

“Lin Xue, let’s go.” said Lin Feng, smiling at Mu Lin Xue. No need to waste their breath with him.

“Alright.” Then the two of them held hands and walked away. Was he really going to get married with the most beautiful lady from the Mu Clan? From everybody else’s perspective, she was holding hands with another young man.

“Who’s that guy? He’s got some balls to upset Yan Feng.” some people thought.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to think about those things. It wouldn’t be long before they were going to start the tournament.

“That’s Si Man Nan from the eastern part of the city. It is said that he’s already a Level Two Professor. The only thing is that he hasn’t come to the Gold-Fire Tower yet, so they haven’t been able to check.” Some people were talking about two people who were approaching.

Si Man Nan from the eastern part of the city, Ge Qing Feng from the western part, Yan Feng from the northern part, and Hen Chang Tian from the central part. They were the most talented people of their generation. Mu Lin Xue wasn’t just talented, she was also very beautiful!

When Mu Lin Xue saw Si Man Nan, she said to Lin Feng, “That’s Si Man Nan, he’s one of the four most talented weapon craftspeople in Gold-Fire City, but he’s discreet so nobody really knows how strong he is. I’m guessing that he’s at least as strong as Yan Feng.”

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. It seemed like making a level two weapon wasn’t enough to rank in the top ten at the event.

“Ge Qing Feng is here too. He’s a genius from the western part.” said Mu Lin Xue. Ge Qing Feng was wearing silver clothes, and he looked majestic with the wind blowing his robes against him. He silently landed on the area after she identified him to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced around, watching everybody arriving.
“Lin Feng look.” said Mu Lin Xue, pointing at the main bleachers. “Those people are weapon craftspeople from the Gold-Fire Tower. The colors of their robes indicate their level: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, golden red, golden purple. Of which, those colors respectively mean level one to level nine.”

Lin Feng glanced at them. There was only one person who was wearing a golden-purple robe, three people were wearing golden red robes, seven people were wearing purple clothes, and most of them wore blue and cyan robes, which meant that there was mostly Level Five and Six Professors.

Suddenly, a sword whistled, and everybody looked up to see several strong cultivators riding a magnificent silver sword.

“That must be Sword Mountain.” thought everybody. The cultivators descended from the sky and went to the bleachers where the Yan Clan was.

It wasn’t just Sword Mountain, many external forces arrived and sat with the weapon manufacturing groups they worked with.

“So many people.” thought Lin Feng. He was surprised to see so many people gathering for this single event.

A professor in a yellow robe arrived. Although he was a Level Three Professor, he still looked quite young.

“Hen Chang Tian.” Mu Lin Xue pointed him out for Lin Feng and said, “Hen Chang Tian is a disciple of Gold-Fire Tower. His weapon manufacturing abilities are terrifying as he’s already a Level Three Professor!”

Being a level three professor was nothing exceptional, but Hen Chang Tian was so young, so it was amazing given his age. Only those who were thirty years old and under could participate in the tournament, and Hen Chang Tian was no exception.

“He came alone.” Mu Lin Xue noticed. He must be confident! Of course, Hen Chang Tian was a Level Three Professor, so it was probably difficult for him to find an assistant who wasn’t older than thirty and was still strong enough to help him.

“Sister Lin Xue!” At that moment, Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao weren’t far from Lin Xue and Lin Feng. The Mu Clan was there with them, but they looked depressed.

“What’s wrong, Qing Ying?” asked Mu Lin Xue.

“There are so many people, I’m very nervous.” said Mu Qing Ying, smiling embarrassedly. The Mu Clan was under a lot pressure now.

Mu Lin Xue smiled and said, “Relax, you have nothing to lose.”

Mu Lin Xue said that even though the pressure was so much worse for herself. There were actual consequences for her if she lost.

At that moment, Mu Lin Xue sensed that someone was looking at her. She looked to her side and saw Yan Feng. Apparently, he was going to be fabricating weapons not that far from her.

At the same time, the seven professors who wore purple robes rose up in the air and looked at the crowd.

Everyone raised their heads and saw that the sun was directly above them, indicating that it was high noon already.

“After choosing your place, you cannot move again. You must be at least ten meters away from the other contestants as well.” said one of them to the crowd. “The first round will last for an hour, if you fail to make a weapon, you’ll be eliminated. Also, you’ll be eliminated if you don’t make an imperial weapon. When you leave, don’t disturb anyone around you. You’ll only have one opportunity!”

People had prepared themselves for this, but hearing it now made them feel nervous. Only one opportunity, and if they didn’t manage to make an imperial weapon, they’d be eliminated!

This time, the test was about determination and the ability to make weapons, so failing was forbidden.

“Now, start making weapons!” shouted the Weapon Manufacturing Master.

“Pfew…” Mu Qing Ying took a deep breath. With Mu Xiao, they still couldn’t manage to make imperial weapons every time, only sometimes. But no matter, they couldn’t fail this time!

They glanced at Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng. Mu Lin Xue had already taken out a cauldron and materials, and she was starting the fire. She had prepared everything and just making an imperial weapon was already easy for her and Lin Feng. The first round shouldn’t be a problem for them.

“Good luck, but remember that if you fail, you’ll be mine.” said Yan Feng in a cold way, taking out his own things.

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