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PMG Chapter 1632: First Round

PMG Chapter 1632: First Round

Yan Feng was using an ancient snake cauldron which had snakes and dragons carved on it. After he released his fire, Lin Feng was surprised to see a powerful fire cosmic energy burning. It was fierce, brutal, and wild.

“The fire he uses is a green-scaled snake fire. The Yan Clan killed some green-scaled snake emperors for him and stole their cosmic fire to improves his own.” said Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng using telepathy. Lin Feng smiled wryly. Disciples from rich families seemed to always be spoiled. Their families spent a lot of money for them and Yan Feng was no exception.

Lin Feng noticed that many other people had special types of fire as well, especially the other geniuses. Hen Chang Tian specifically caught his eye with his golden fire. That tournament wasn’t fair at all. Mu Lin Xue’s fire and cauldron weren’t bad, but their quality was much lower than everyone else’s.

Yan Feng glanced at Lin Feng, seeing how the first round wasn’t that difficult, he didn’t need to focus that much.

After a short time, Yan Feng shouted at the person who was with him, “Carve the marks!”

His assistant was a girl wearing black clothes. She wasn’t as beautiful as Mu Lin Xue and her Qi was very cold. However, she was an expert at carving marks, and her speed was note-worthy.

Very quickly, a sword started whistling above Yan Feng’s cauldron.

“Feng is already a master when it comes to making swords, so the first round should be extremely easy for him.” said the leader of the Yan Clan smiling.

“Yan Feng was the fastest one. He doesn’t even need to try this round!” said a strong cultivator from Sword Mountain. All the cultivators from the Yan Clan focused on swords because they cooperated with Sword Mountain.

“Hmph! Mu Lin Xue is shameless. I wonder if she should even become Yan Feng’s wife.” said the leader of the Yan Clan in a cold way. Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng seemed to have an intimate relation, how could Yan Feng want a woman who was sleeping with other men? How could she even act proudly and arrogantly like that?

Yan Feng’s sword whistled in the air. Then a few seconds later, Hen Chang Tian and the others also finished making their imperial weapons.

One of the seven purple-clothed strong cultivators from Gold-Fire Tower smiled, “How will those four rank in your opinion?”

“No idea. In terms of level, Hen Chang Tian could be the strongest one, but he’s making weapons alone. Yan Feng and the others have assistants, so it’s much easier for them.” said another one smiling. They didn’t care if anyone could hear them.

“I think Yan Feng is the best. He makes quality weapons, his fire is great, and he is the fastest. I think he might rank first.” said another one smiling. It was the guy who wanted Yan Feng as his disciple.

“Ge Qing Feng is not a weakling either.” said another one smiling.

“Let’s see. We won’t learn much in the first round after all. Maybe some of them will make level four imperial weapons later.” said one of them, his eyes were twinkling.

“Indeed. Look at that girl, the one from the Mu Clan. She’s good but her fire, cauldron, and pace aren’t as good as Yan Feng’s. However, the young man next to her is good. They could rank in the top ten if they work together. After all, she’s already a Level Two Professor.” said another master wearing purple clothes.

“Hehe, that girl is going to become Yan Feng’s wife.” said Yan Feng’s future teacher. They all smiled at him and said, “You already know Yan Feng’s attitude, but if she does rank in the top ten, and doesn’t want to get married with Yan Feng, then nobody will be able to force her.”

Yan Feng’s future teacher looked surprised. Indeed, if she managed to rank in the top ten, then Gold-Fire Tower would have to protect her.

“But the Mu Clan and the Yan Clan have an agreement, so you’re not quite right. Besides, it’s too early to talk about that now. First, she has to rank in the top ten.” said Yan Feng’s future teacher. Even though he wasn’t Yan Feng’s teacher yet, he already considered himself as such.

“We’ll see.” said another one smiling.

At that moment, Lin Feng rose up in the air and started carving deployment marks. It was nothing too difficult for him as he was using a shattering spell.

“That team is great, that boy’s deployment marks are perfect for Mu Lin Xue.” thought the professor who thought highly of Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng.

He wasn’t the only one to think that way, some of the other professors were also pleasantly surprised. Yan Feng looked at his assistant, the girl in black clothes and asked, “What do you think of her?”

Yan Feng looked angry asking, but he still wanted to compare himself to them.

“She’s alright. I’m not amazed but she’s not bad either. I don’t think they can win at least.” said the girl wearing black clothes. Yan Feng nodded. He didn’t think about it too much after that.

Lin Feng’s deployment marks weren’t too complex. It was only the first round, and making an imperial weapon was the only requirement. After carving the marks, he started hammering the weapon. Finally, they made a sword, an imperial weapon.

The Mu Clan watched as the sword rose up in the air. They were surprised, Mu Lin Xue’s assistant wasn’t bad. There were no mistakes in his deployment marks. But they still felt uneasy, just where did Lin Feng come from and who was he?

In any case, it was far from being enough. To rank in the top ten, they had a long way to go still. Even though it was only the first round, the crowd had already noticed many geniuses.

Mu Qing Ying didn’t pay attention to anyone else, her forehead was already covered in sweat. She was using her full strength to make that imperial weapon. Mu Xiao and Mu Qing Ying couldn’t succeed that easily, so they couldn’t afford to get distracted.

In the end, they did succeed in making an imperial weapon. Afterwards, Mu Qing Ying looked very happy.

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