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PMG Chapter 1633: Fabrication Speed

PMG Chapter 1633: Fabrication Speed

“We did it. I can move on to the next round!” thought Mu Qing Ying, looking at her weapon which was floating in the air. She then glanced at Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng. They had finished before her and were patiently waiting.

“Lin Feng fooled me.” thought Mu Qing Ying, glancing at Lin Feng. Back when he first joined the Mu Clan, he hadn’t said much, and he looked ordinary, but he was actually so good this good at carving deployment marks and casting deployment spells. He couldn’t be any worse than Mu Xiao in fact.

“Miss Lin Xue, good luck! I’m sure you can rank in the top ten!” said Mu Qing Ying to Mu Lin Xue, smiling.

“Thanks, you too! Your weapon is not too bad, so you should relax.” said Mu Lin Xue smiling. Mu Lie and Mu Yu groaned coldly and said, “With just you guys, we’re the only ones who will be able to make the clan shine.”

Mu Lin Xue glanced at Mu Lie and smiled indifferently, “Don’t worry. In the future, nobody will try to steal your resources in the Mu Clan, at least, I won’t.”

Mu Lin Xue’s uncle wanted her to leave the clan and hand her over to the Yan Clan because of his own children. They were talented, so he wanted the Mu Clan to focus on them. Mu Lin Xue was a problem, but if she left, his children would become the geniuses of the clan. Then they would get all the resources from the clan for themselves.

Because of this, Mu Lie and Mu Yu considered Mu Lin Xue as their enemy.

“You are aware of what you’re worth, that’s good. When you go to the Yan Clan in the future, you won’t have problems anymore. Of course, since your assistant humiliated the Yan Clan, maybe they will reject you instead.” said Mu Lie smiling mockingly, trying to infuriate Mu Lin Xue.

Mu Lin Xue looked at him in a cold way, but Lin Feng smiled and said, “Lin Xue, don’t waste your time talking to them. It’s obvious that they have no values.”

“Alright.” Mu Lin Xue nodded and ignored Mu Lie.

“You’ve got a big mouth. Just wait and see, we’ll know soon if you have the skill to back up your words.” said Mu Li. At that moment, the two hours had already passed. One of the purple-clothed professors jumped forwards and shouted, “Those who aren’t done can stop, you’re eliminated, so you can leave. You were too slow.”

Many people left disappointed. Half of the participants had already been eliminated from the first round.

The purple-clothed professor glanced at the remaining people, noting that there were a few thousand left. Then he said, “Alright, get ready for the second round. You have two hours again, during the second round, you can fail and try again if you finish within the allocated time, but only those who can make level two imperial weapons can move on. The maximum number of people who can move on to the next round will be one-hundred. Therefore, the faster you are, the better.”

Everybody listened calmly. They weren’t surprised because they knew that thousands of people were too much to work with.

“Level two imperial weapon.” whispered Mu Qing Ying to herself. She smiled wryly, it seemed that the first round was her limit. She couldn’t make a level two imperial weapon, on top of that, only the first hundred people could succeed.

“The second round starts now!” said the purple-clothed professor before he jumped back. Scorching hot flames appeared all around. The participants couldn’t waste time during the second round, so they all pushed their flames immediately.

“Lin Xue, make a sword, and use the best materials, I’ll change the deployment spell to accommodate.” said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue. They had already talked about the tournament, but they hadn’t discussed the details of the second round. In any case, they didn’t lack good materials.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.” said Mu Lin Xue smiling at Lin Feng. She was extremely nervous already. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue hadn’t made that many level two imperial weapons. Of course, she didn’t have any doubts about Lin Feng’s abilities to cast deployment spells or her own abilities. If they focused, a level two imperial weapon shouldn’t be a problem.

The seven purpled-clothed professors glanced at the crowd and smiled, “You said Mu Lin Xue was good? But Yan Feng has already released half of the fire required, while Mu Lin Xue just started releasing her fire.”

Another professor was looking at them and smiling.

“Speed and power are two different things. She is slower than Yan Feng, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t as talented as him. This just means that she doesn’t have the same advantages.”

“Alright, let’s wait and see.” said Yan Feng’s future professor smiling indifferently.

That round was more intense than the first round. Almost all the contestants were covered in sweat.

Boom! Explosions sounded as a cauldron filled with materials exploded. The two participants were shaking violently, their soul strength wasn’t enough, and they hadn’t been able to stand the fire. They smiled wryly and stopped. They instead decided to watch the others, hoping to learn something from them.

Mu Qing Ying was nervous, her throat was completely dry, she felt exhausted, and she looked desperate.

“With Mu Xiao’s deployment spells, we can’t possibly make a level two imperial weapon. We should just give up too.” thought Mu Qing Ying. Then, her fire disappeared. Mu Xiao suddenly looked at her and said, “Miss!”

“We participated in the tournament, which is good already, but we can’t possibly pass the second round. Let’s just watch the others instead.” Mu Qing Ying was exhausted. She looked at Mu Lin Xue, Lin Feng was already carving deployment marks and a sword shape had already formed.

“Those deployment marks are so complex! Mu Xiao couldn’t possibly carve such marks.” thought Mu Qing Ying stupefied. She was very unhappy thinking that such an incredible deployment spell caster had spent time with her and she hadn’t realized. Even the first time she had seen Lin Feng, she told him that his deployment spell wasn’t good enough. Lin Feng had never tried to defend himself in front of her. Just like he had said several times now, he hadn’t joined the Mu Clan for her.

At that moment, Lin Feng was very focused, his carved deployment marks were intertwining in complex ways.

“What a powerful deployment spell. If Lin Xue doesn’t make any mistakes, managing to make the weapon fuse together with the marks, then they will succeed in making a level two imperial weapon.” thought Mu Qing Ying, she seemed awestruck. Mu Xiao didn’t look so happy. He knew Lin Feng was good, but he didn’t know Lin Feng was that good!

“Those deployment marks are incredible, I wonder how many small deployment spells they contain.” thought the professor who had previously thought highly of Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue. He looked pleasantly surprised. He found nothing to criticize as the marks were precise, distinct, clear, perfect…

“Good!” shouted the professor next to him loudly. Yan Feng rose up in the air, having already made a level two imperial weapon. He was the first one to succeed even.

“Haha, good, good!” people from the Yan Clan stood up, feeling immense pride.

Yan Feng also looked proud and arrogant, then he turned to Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng. Lin Feng was now hammering the weapon.

“You overestimated yourself. I will take Mu Lin Xue in my arms and you will stand there watching us.” thought Yan Feng angrily. Suddenly, someone else rose up in the air, it was Hen Chang Tian. He had also made a level two imperial weapon.

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