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PMG Chapter 1636: Gradually Showing Their Talent

PMG Chapter 1636: Gradually Showing Their Talent

“So many prizes.” thought the crowd, sighing. Those who ranked in the top ten would get so many things, especially the very best ones.

Yan Feng had shown how strong he was in the second round, so he would probably rank first. Ge Qing Feng and Si Man Nan were also very strong.

The Level Nine Professor and the professors in the golden-red robes went back to their seats. The Level Seven Professor in purple clothes was still in the air as he said, “You have eight hours for the third round. You can fail, but in those eight hours you need to show your best imperial weapon. With that, we’ll consider your best weapon for the ranking.”

“Eight hours!” They had so much time!

“Now, the finals can start!” said the seven professors in purple clothes at the same time. The hundred remaining participants immediately put their cauldrons on fire after they announced the start.

“Pfew…” Mu Lin Xue took a deep breath. Everything they had done so far had all led up to this moment. Her fate depended on the finals. Even though she had started to relax in the second round, she was starting to get very nervous again.

“It’ll be fine. We definitely have a chance to rank in the top ten.” said Lin Feng gently. Mu Lin Xue nodded. Finishing in the top ten wouldn’t be a problem, but maybe that wouldn’t be enough.

“Let’s start.” This time, Mu Lin Xue took out a black iron meteorite which looked incredibly dense, it also had a silvery outline.

“Sister Lin Xue took out a meteorite, that material is extremely hard, so she’ll need a lot of time to burn it correctly.” thought Mu Qing Ying. In the next eight hours, she’d only be able to try three times with that material.

Mu Qing Ying glanced at Yan Feng, he was using a red stone, but she didn’t know what it was. Even though he hadn’t started making a weapon yet, she understood it was a fire-type material.

Mu Qing Ying had guessed right. Mu Lin Xue closed her eyes and started controlled her fire with her soul. It took her an hour to get the meteorite to melt. She was already covered in sweat and looked exhausted with that.

Lin Feng closed his eyes, he just had to wait, and then he’d be able to carve in the marks.

“Yan Feng is using the Nine Weapon Transformation Technique, and he’s already finished the third transformation. He will probably succeed with the fourth one too.” said a strong cultivator from Sword Mountain.

“The Nine Weapon Transformation Technique can improve the general level of the materials, but more importantly, it allows a cultivator to control the process even better by making their soul and the weapon fuse together. The chances of success are greatly increased whilst using that technique.” said the leader from the Yan Clan smiling happily. The Nine Weapon Transformation Technique was a technique which was passed from generation to generation in the Yan Clan. They only had a part of the ancient scriptures, but it was already enough to make ordinary stones become gold. They had a saying in the clan: The Nine Weapon Transformation Technique could make emperors become great emperors.

“Indeed, it’s practically guaranteed that Yan Feng will rank first this time!” said a cultivator from Sword Mountain, smiling.

Mu Lin Xue continued controlling her fire, having made no mistakes so far. The embryo of the weapon had already appeared, and the outline of a spear was forming.

“A spear?” the members of the Yan Clan smiled coldly. They didn’t have a lot of space to work with, so it was difficult to carve marks into them, and spears weren’t considered special weapons either. Besides, at the same level, they weren’t necessarily any better than other weapons. That was probably a bad choice on their part.

“She already gave up on the inside.” thought Mu Lin Xue’s uncle, smiling coldly.

“The one you liked sucks. Surprisingly, she’s only making a spear. She can’t rank in the top ten with that!” said Yan Feng’s future teacher laughing. The one who liked Lin Feng and Lin Xue frowned. He was just as surprised as everyone else to see that the embryo of had a spear shape. Carving marks into such a weapon wouldn’t be easy, especially seeing how the embryo of the spear Mu Lin Xue was making looked even more complex than an ordinary spear. It was more precise, and more detailed.

The masters of Gold-Fire Tower all had someone who had attracted their attention. Apart from those in purple, one master in a golden-red robe was paying attention to Mu Lin Xue, he was pleasantly surprised. He smiled and thought, “Finally, we’re going to see his real strength.”

He had been paying attention to Lin Feng the entire time, but he found Lin Feng too mysterious.

“Lin Feng.” said Mu Lin Xue, opening her eyes. Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, he looked determined. Suddenly, a terrifying Qi surrounded him, along with dazzling lights.

Earth abstruse energies emerged from his hands as he started carving marks. The space around him shook violently as marks started appearing. Apart from Earth abstruse energy, he also used immortal abstruse energy to carve.

“Boom!” Lin Feng’s hands shook, and the marks started intertwining.

“Empty space deployment spell?” many people were staring at Lin Feng now. Surprisingly, he was carving empty space deployment marks.

Slash, slash, slash! Lin Feng seemed like he was dancing as he carved the mark. It seemed like the more difficult the mark, the faster he moved?

Bzzz! Now destructive energies emerged, and the small deployment spells started intertwining. Very quickly, the deployment spells fused together.

“That’s…” Mu Qing Ying was astonished. Lin Feng’s deployment spells were so powerful?

“Eh?” People from the Mu Clan and the Yan Clan frowned. Mu Lin Xue’s assistant could carve such terrifying deployment spells?

“Go down!” Lin Feng shook his hand and his deployment marks all crashed onto the embryo of the weapon.

“Those deployment marks still aren’t enough.” said the leader of the Yan Clan, smiling coldly. However, after he said that, Lin Feng shook his hands again and continued carving empty space deployment marks. He wasn’t done yet!

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