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PMG Chapter 1637: Transformations

PMG Chapter 1637: Transformations

The leader of the Yan Clan was surprised, he then added, “Even if you can make more deployment spells, Yan Feng is still going to rank first, or at least in the top three, while you have no chance.”

Many people were finally noticing Lin Feng. But, he remained calm and indifferent. Very quickly, Lin Feng carved more deployment marks which crashed onto the weapon again.

Even then, Lin Feng still wasn’t done, he continued carving marks again. Many people’s hearts started racing at that moment. Mu Qing Ying was fixedly staring at Lin Feng’s marks. Because the embryo of that spear was so complex, Lin Feng had to carve a wide range of deployment marks, which made things too complex and too easy to make mistakes. Lin Feng, however, did everything step by step, without making any mistakes.

“Mu Xiao, back then, the deployment spell you showed me was Lin Feng’s. Am I right?” asked Mu Qing Ying, as if she had been talking to herself, but Mu Xiao still heard her and started trembling. Mu Qing Ying had wanted to ask that question for a while, and now that she was done with the tournament, she had no reason not to.

“Miss Qing Ying, I just…” Mu Xiao bowed. He wanted to explain but Mu Qing Ying ignored him. She shook her hand and said, “There’s no need to explain anything.”

Mu Qing Ying now understood that Mu Xiao had fooled her and lied. Lin Feng, hadn’t felt the need to justify himself or explain anything because he never really cared. Mu Qing Ying felt ridiculous and pathetic now. She was so confident in herself, even till now there was a part of her which thought that Lin Feng had joined the Mu Clan just for her.

“Lin Xue, why are you better than me in everything? Am I too stupid?” thought Mu Qing Ying. Mu Lin Xue had immediately noticed that Lin Feng was outstanding while Mu Qing Ying had always thought that he was ordinary.

Mu Xiao didn’t know what Mu Qing Ying was thinking, he was too worried about his future. What would happen to him now?

“Hehe, I knew it. That little boy is special. I’m not stupid in thinking that those two might rank in the top ten.” said the professor in purple clothes who had noticed Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue before. He was smiling indifferently, but the professor next to him groaned coldly and said, “Do you have so much faith in those two?”

“At the very least, I don’t think they’re that bad.” replied the professor.

“The Yan Clan and the Mu Clan gambled with Mu Lin Xue and Yan Feng’s fates at stake. How about we bet too?” said Yan Feng’s future teacher, smiling in a cold way. Yan Feng was using the Nine Weapon Transformation Technique, so he could probably make a level three imperial weapon. With that in mind, how could Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue compete with him?

“What do you want to bet?” asked the other one.

“If Yan Feng wins, you show me your weapon fabrication technique, if he loses, I’ll show you mine. What do you think?” said Yan Feng’s future teacher. He had always wanted to know what technique that professor used.

The professor was surprised. Apparently, Yan Feng’s future teacher had a lot of faith in his future student.

“Can I think about it more?” asked the professor, smiling indifferently.

“Of course you can.” said the other one smiling. He knew what the other professor was thinking. He wanted to see how far Lin Feng’s deployment mark technique went.

Now he paid even more attention to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still carving empty space marks, the holy marks on the weapon were becoming more and more dazzling.

“He’s carving a great deployment spell using so many small deployment spells. All the while those small deployment spells are perfect for the weapon.” thought the crowd. Many people had hidden their true powers, but Lin Feng was the best one so far.

“So? What do you say?” asked Yan Feng’s future teacher.

The professor narrowed his eyes and stared at Lin Feng’s deployment marks. He shook his head and said, “Alright, I accept your bet.”

“Good, but don’t go back on your word now!” said Yan Feng’s future teacher.

“I never lie.”

“Alright, everybody here is a witness.” the five others smiled and nodded.

“Haha, maybe the champion of the tournament will be Chang Tian.” said another one. Hen Chang Tian was very strong. Even though he worked alone, he had already finished making the embryo and was now carving marks. He was making a big tower which was three meters high and was entirely made of gold. Apparently, carving marks didn’t seem to make him too tired, but he was having to carve a lot.

If his golden tower had any special powers, and if he managed to make a level three tower, then it’d be better than most ordinary level three imperial weapons. That was why that professor thought highly of him.

Ge Qing Feng was making a fan which contained ice-cold energies. Si Man Nan was making a pair of gigantic wings.

Yan Feng’s weapon was the most ordinary amongst the four geniuses, he was making a sword, again.

“Slash, slash…” at that moment, two hours had already passed. Lin Feng seemed to have finished carving in his marks. Their weapon was still only an embryo, but its energies were terrifying.

“That deployment spell is explosively terrifying.” thought the crowd in awe.

“It seems like those two aren’t going to try a second time. They made such great efforts anyways, they couldn’t possibly put as much energy in a second weapon.” thought the crowd.

“Boom!” a scorching-hot fire hit the stage. Yan Feng’s sword embryo was absorbing terrifying amounts of that fire. At that moment, he glanced at Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue and said in a cold way, “You hid your real strength, but it looks like I’ll still have to disappoint you. Fourth transformation!”

With that, the bright red sword embryo’s shape changed again, its fire became even more terrifying.

“Rise!” shouted Si Man Nan at that moment. His wings’ embryo surprisingly rose up in the air and shook, he had hidden something too!

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