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PMG Chapter 164: The Dangerous Follower

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Lin Feng looked calm and serene under his silver mask. Ba Dao looked calm as well and didn’t look agitated in the slightest.

Lin Feng wanted to say something and then immediately asked: “Do you want to be free?”

Ba Dao frowned. The letters that were carved onto his face made him look extremely cold.

Ba Dao remained silent and uncommunicative. This was his way of staying obedient. Of course he wanted to be free. Who enjoyed being someone’s slave?

“I’m not the one who carved these letters onto your face. I don’t force people into becoming slaves.” said Lin Feng while looking at Ba Dao, who remained silent. He then slowly added: “If you want to leave, you can turn around and leave now. I will not try to convince you to stay, and I will definitely not try to stop you. If you want to stay with me, then you will need to follow me.”

When Yi Xue heard what Lin Feng said, she was surprised. She was looking at Lin Feng in a strange way. He was surprisingly willing to let Ba Dao go even though he had spent over five thousand purity stones of medium quality to buy him. Five thousand purity stones of medium quality was a great quantity and was enough to buy a great deal of strong slaves.

Ba Dao seemed like he was going to say something. His bestial eyes were staring at Lin Feng. He looked pensive.

“I am only going to give you this single chance to make up your mind. If you want to leave, leave now. If you want to stay with me, then you will follow me and never betray me.” continued Lin Feng. He would give Ba Dao only one chance and no matter what his choice was, he would have to live with it.

Ba Dao’s choice would influence his future destiny.

Ba Dao’s facial expression became sharper. His cold and aggressive eyes were intensely staring at Lin Feng through the silver mask. Lin Feng’s eyes looked as calm as before.

Lin Feng could lose five thousand purity stones of medium quality if Ba Dao left him, but if he decided to stay with Lin Feng, he would have to follow Lin Feng for the rest of his life and would not be allowed to regret his choice.

Destiny often depends on choices. If Lin Feng hadn’t bought him at the auction, then Ba Dao would still have been a slave, but now, Lin Feng was giving him the opportunity to regain his freedom. However, if he decided to stay, then he must follow Lin Feng and never betray him. Lin Feng couldn’t afford spending so many purity stones on someone who would only cause him trouble in the future, as his virtue had limits.

Lin Feng and Ba Dao were staring at each other. Their expressions were as sharp as blades, and the atmosphere was incredibly intense. In the atmosphere surrounding them, a cold and deadly Qi filled the air. Yi Xue started shivering just from the atmosphere created by these two staring at each other.

How cold… That coldness didn’t make a person’s body feel cold though, the cold penetrated deep into the soul.

“I will follow you, and I will never betray you.” said Ba Dao after having remained silent for a while. His sharp and cold expression vanished. His voice was soft, and he was nodding to Lin Feng.

“Alright.” said Lin Feng while smiling. Lin Feng had spent over five thousand purity stones for this slave. If he had decided not to stay with him, then Lin Feng would be slightly disappointed. Now that Ba Dao had decided to stay with him, it was obviously the best outcome for Lin Feng.

“Remember what you said and make sure to never go back on your words. You could have had your freedom, but you chose to stay. You chose to stay and follow me. Since it’s that way, if you betray me in the future, I will be forced to punish you.” said Lin Feng coldly. The air around him became much colder too.

Ba Dao remained silent and nodded. He understood what Lin Feng meant.

On that day, if Lin Feng hadn’t been there, he would have been sold to someone else. If somebody else had bought him, then they would have wanted to exploit him as a slave, but Lin Feng had given him his freedom. Lin Feng wasn’t treating him like a slave and gave him a choice. Lin Feng was treating him like he would anyone else, and he was not being treated like a slave.

Ba Dao was just a slave. He had his name carved into his face. If he had chosen to leave Lin Feng, then no matter where he went, he would still be treated like a slave. People would have tried to capture him again, and he would have never been able to break free. If he was to gain his freedom, he would never be able to show his face again. The markings on his face had made him a slave and that is how people would treat him.

Therefore, the choice that Lin Feng had given to Ba Dao was to follow Lin Feng, who would not treat him as a slave, or attempt to find a place which would treat him as mercifully as Lin Feng.

Since it was Ba Dao’s decision and he had been given the right to choose, he would never be able to regret his choice. He had chosen his destiny for himself. Lin Feng had not attempted to influence his decision.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng while starting to walk. Yi Xue and Ba Dao quickly followed behind him.

At that moment, Ba Dao started walking slightly faster, and he moved close to Lin Feng without completely catching up and said from behind: “There are some people who are following us.”

“I know.” said Lin Feng, who sounded indifferent and didn’t even turn his head. Ba Dao looked at him in a strange way.

Yi Xue’s heart was also beating faster. She couldn’t help but turn her head around.

She just saw that about a hundred meters away, a man in grey robes was following them while glaring at the group. He didn’t even try to hide, acting as if he didn’t care about being spotted by them.

“It’s him.” said the beautiful Yi Xue. The man behind them was the man in gray robes who was with Meng Cong before.

“Ignore him.” said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. Yi Xue turned around. She couldn’t understand how Lin Feng could remain so indifferent. She found it uncomfortable.

“He’s broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer. His blood vessels are very strong and he is filled with power. The Qi that he keeps releasing is very strong and thick. A deadly Qi is emerging from his body as well. He must be very used to killing, so he will be very hard to defeat. It would be very difficult for me to fight against him, and if the battle lasts for too long, then I would probably lose.” said Ba Dao in a low voice.

Ba Dao was surprisingly able to determine other people’s strength and abilities only by looking at them. Lin Feng was stupefied. He looked at Ba Dao with an incredibly strange face.

“Well, do you know how strong I am?” asked Lin Feng.

“Fifth Ling Qi layer. You have a strong and thick Qi. Your blood vessels are extremely vigorous. Besides, it seems like all the energy within your body is in perfect fusion. If I am not mistaken, it seems like you understand sword force to an extremely profound level. Any ordinary cultivator of the sixth Ling Qi layer would be unable to defeat you and maybe even myself. I would not guarantee that I could defeat you in a fight.”

Ba Dao said these words very calmly, which stupefied Lin Feng. It seemed like when he was describing the strength of the man in gray robes, it was very precise. With only a glance, Ba Dao could clearly determine a person’s actual strength before actually fighting against them.

Yi Xue was looking at Lin Feng in a strange way. He had just broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer, and he surprisingly had dared to buy a slave of the sixth Ling Qi layer. Besides, he looked extremely confident and careless.

“We’ll solve the problem.”

Lin Feng didn’t speak much more. After that simple sentence, he started to accelerate his pace and kept walking forwards.

Besides Lin Feng and the two others, the man in gray robes was surprised and then immediately smiled coldly. He said: “I can easily catch up with you. Do you think that you can escape?”

Lin Feng was walking with a slave of the sixth Ling Qi layer and had over nine thousand purity stones of medium quality on him, this was definitely tempting.

The man in gray robes started walking on the tips of his toes. His entire body looked extremely skilful and agile while floating over the street like a gentle breeze. He was moving closer and closer to Lin Feng.

But at that moment, Lin Feng and the two others changed their direction and went inside a restaurant.

The man in the gray robes frowned. He then started walking even faster and finally arrived at the restaurant. He looked inside the restaurant but didn’t see Lin Feng and the others.

“First floor!”

The man in the gray robes raised his head and looked at the flight of stairs when he saw a handsome young man standing around the stairs with a smile on his face.

“Get lost!” said the man in the gray robes while walking towards the flight of stairs and moving past the handsome smiling boy.

While the man in the gray robes was walking up the stairs, a silhouette appeared at the top of the stairs. That person was holding a long dagger. An extremely strong and sharp Qi was emerging from it. Blade Qi filled the atmosphere and an overwhelming blade force was present, which made the people in the restaurant shrink back in fear.

“What sharp blade Qi and he is actually using blade force!”

When the man in gray robes saw Ba Dao, he smiled coldly and said: “Ba Dao, join our young master Meng, he will be sure to treat you well. There is no need to bring about your own destruction.”

Ba Dao ignored what the man in gray robes said and raised his long dagger into the air. An extremely sharp force was being released from it. While force was continuously flowing from his dagger, the atmosphere continued vibrating under the pressure.


The man in the gray robes jumped into the air.

Ba Dao’s dagger released a magnificent light, which rushed through the air like a meteor. The mark of a blade suddenly appeared where the man in gray robes once stood.

A rumbling noise spread down the flight of stairs. Suddenly, the rumbling noise stopped. The man in the gray robes saw the power of that strike and then shouted: “Die!”

While shouting toward Ba Dao, the man in the gray robes made a quick movement with his hands. An incredibly strong force emerged from his hands and moved straight towards Ba Dao’s dagger.

Under the pressure of the force released by the man in gray robes, Ba Dao’s body was slowly being pushed down.

The man in gray robes raised his hand and was about to launch an attack, but at that moment, he had the sensation that something dangerous was behind him.

His heart started to beat faster. He suddenly had the impression that he hadn’t been vigilant enough and it had almost cost him his life.

He turned around and immediately saw the handsome young man he had seen a moment ago. He had forgotten about all about him, but at that moment, the young man’s black eyes looked expressionless and cold. They were filled with endless desolation.

His heart cruelly twitched once again.

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