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PMG Chapter 1641: The Champion

PMG Chapter 1641: The Champion

Many people were nervous. After all, those young people represented their groups in Gold-Fire City.

After that, the professors also announced who had ranked ninth, eighth, seventh and sixth. When it was time to announce who had ranked sixth and seventh, the professors started to disagree. When this happened, if only one professor didn’t agree, their opinion didn’t count, but if two or more professors disagreed, then everyone had to reconsider.

For those who had ranked between sixth and tenth, the professor in golden clothes didn’t need to interject. With that, it was time to decide who had ranked fifth.

“Si Man Nan ranked fifth in my opinion. Do you all agree?” asked one of the professors in purple. Si Man Nan shivered, he obviously wasn’t happy.

“I agree.”

“I agree too.”

“I think Si Man Nan should rank fourth. He made wings which can make a cultivator both extremely fast and defense-heavy.” said one of them.

“I think so too. He should rank fourth.” said another one. The professors couldn’t agree again. Maybe those who had objected only thought highly of him because they wanted to recruit him. Maybe there was a connection between them and Si Man Na, just like Yan Feng had with his future teacher. Of course, maybe they really thought that Si Man Nan had done better than Ge Qing Feng.

“Alright, we need someone else’s opinion then.” said the cultivator, turning to the three professors in golden-red clothes.

“We all agree that Si Man Nan should rank fifth.” said one of the professors in the golden-red clothes.

“Alright.” said the professor in purple clothes, nodding. Since the professors in golden-red clothes agreed, it was decided. Of course, if the three professors in the golden-red clothes hadn’t agreed, they would have needed the opinion of the professor in the golden-purple clothes. The rules were fair, even if the professors had their personal opinions.

Of course, they couldn’t let the professor in golden-purple clothes decide everything on his own. If he liked someone, then he might favor them just as these purple-clothed judges had.

Man Nan was disappointed that he had only ranked fifth.

“The fourth one should be Ge Qing Feng, do you all agree?” asked the professor. This time, everyone agreed. After all, Hen Chang Tian’s tower was extraordinary. Besides, he had made it alone. Ge Qing Feng understood the skill that was required.

The third one had to be Hen Chang Tian, even though he had made a weapon on his own, Yan Feng and Mu Lin Xue’s team had each made level four imperial weapons, so Hen Chang Tian couldn’t compete with them.

“Who’s going to rank second?” thought the crowd. Their high from the anticipation. They were almost sure that Lin Feng was going to rank second and Yan Feng first, but since Lin Feng sounded so confident, they couldn’t wait to hear what the professors had to say.

All the members from the Yan Clan stood up, the next sentence would be decisive.

The members of the Mu Clan also all stood up.

“You each made level four imperial weapons. Yan Feng’s cloud was wider, which might mean that his weapon is of higher quality. However, Mu Lin Xue’s weapon is strange, I can’t understand it properly. It’s probably because of the deployment marks. Show us the power of your weapons and I’ll decide after.” said the professor in purple clothes.

“No, Yan Feng’s weapon is of better quality, so he is the champion. Just tell us what you think, and we can talk about it. Why make things so complicated?” said Yan Feng’s future teacher. Actually, he was also curious, he didn’t understand Lin Feng’s deployment marks either.

“I want to understand the power of their weapons clearly. That’s the only way to make a proper decision.” said the professor. “What do you think?”

“It would be fair to see how powerful their weapons are first.” said the professor who thought highly of Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue.

The others agreed, so they said, “Yan Feng, you start first.”

“Alright.” Yan Feng nodded and condensed cosmic energies in his hands which powered his sword.

“Attack!” shouted Yan Feng. His sword dashed to the skies, making the sky turn red. Then a terrifying blood strength fell, along with a furious, bloodthirsty dragon which was emitting large fire jettisons.

“Mu Lin Xue and her assistant, show us the power of your spear.” said the professor to Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue.

“I’ll do it.” said Lin Feng. He grabbed the spear firmly and slowly raised it to his shoulder. Then he shouted in a deep voice, “Go!”

Bzzz! the spear shook and suddenly disappeared.

Kacha! a destructive strength filled the sky. The spear instantly appeared in the sky, and it was still rising.

“An illusion?” Surprisingly, the crowd had lost track of the spear before it had reappeared higher up in the sky. That weapon was very dangerous, it’s hard to say what level of cultivator could be killed by it.

Eventually, the spear came back to Lin Feng’s hand. Then he turned to the judges and said, “My spear is incredible in terms of attack, speed, and illusion. It’s better than his sword, and I’m sure that you must understand that now.”

“Eh?” the crowd was speechless. Lin Feng was saying that his spear was better than Yan Feng’s sword in all aspects?

“Ridiculous! You’re talking nonsense!” shouted Yan Feng furiously.

“The cloud is a sign of quality, and yours wasn’t as good. Yan Feng should rank first!” said Yan Feng’s future teacher indifferently.

“I think that Mu Lin Xue and her assistant should rank first.” said the teacher who had made a bet with him.

“What do you think?” asked the professor in purple to the others. They had each made an incredible weapon, both a sword and a spear. Yan Feng’s sword had created a better cloud, and it was incredible in terms of defense seeing how it could summon a fire dragon. Lin Feng’s weapon was incredibly dangerous, its cloud wasn’t very dense, but it was terrifying.

“I think Yan Feng should win.”

“I think Mu Lin Xue should win.”

The six other professors said what they thought. Three thought Yan Feng should win, and three thought Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng should win. The main professor still had to say what he thought.

“Our three colleagues will have to decide then.” said the professor, looking at the professors in golden-red clothes.

“We all disagree too. Our master can decide who the champion is.” said a professor in golden-red clothes. The crowd frowned. The professors in golden-red clothes had also disagreed, the suspense!

Mu Qing Ying looked nervous too. She was fixedly staring at the professor in the golden-purple clothes.

He slowly rose up in the air and looked at Lin Feng and Yan Feng. Then, he smiled indifferently and said, “You are both outstanding, but there can be only one champion. I have to make a decision, so please don’t be angry, even if you’re second.”

“So, I say that Yan Feng’s team… ranks second.” said the professor in golden-purple clothes. Yan Feng ranked second? What?

“Congratulations.” said the Level Nine Professor to Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue. Mu Lin Xue looked dumbstruck, but happy. She looked at Lin Feng, they had won!

They had won the tournament!

Yan Feng’s eyes were filled with flames of fury. He looked furious as he said, “I, Yan Feng, don’t accept this decision!”

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