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PMG Chapter 1642: Do You Accept?

PMG Chapter 1642: Do You Accept?

The members of the Mu Clan didn’t know how to react. But they knew that Mu Lin Xue had only won because of Lin Feng.

Mu Qing Ying was astonished. She glanced at Lin Feng and thought, “If Lin Feng had helped me, what kind of weapon could we make?”

However, people didn’t have time to think too much, Yan Feng had already said he didn’t accept the results.

Of course Yan Feng didn’t accept that decision, he had already considered himself the winner. Many people also considered him the winner. In the end though, the professor in the golden-purple clothes said that Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue were the winners.

“Master, the Yan Clan doesn’t accept the results either.” said the leader of the Yan Clan bowing. He didn’t dare act too aggressively.

The teacher looked at the leader of the Yan Clan and said indifferently, “What you mean to say is that I should listen to you to decide who the winner is?”

“Master, we wouldn’t dare.” said the leader of the Yan Clan shaking. Even though he really meant that, he didn’t want to say it openly.

“If you don’t dare, then what exactly do you mean when you say you don’t accept the results?” asked the professor in golden-purple clothes indifferently.

“Master, I just want the tournament to be fair. Maybe we could compare the two weapons in a fight?” said Yan Feng bowing. He was furious, but he didn’t dare act too recklessly. He couldn’t afford infuriating the Level Nine Professor.

“That’s a joke. Using weapons to compare strength is ridiculous. Do you think that a high-level emperor with a level one imperial weapon couldn’t kill a low-level emperor with a level nine imperial weapon?!” said the professor in a cold way. Weapons represented an external strength. Even though they had made level four imperial weapons and could threaten medium-level emperors, that was just an expression, in a real fight, a medium-level emperor could probably still kill them. Even if a Zun cultivator had a level nine imperial weapon, couldn’t do much against an emperor.

Yan Feng said he wanted to fight against Lin Feng to compare their weapons because his level and Lin Feng’s were different. Therefore, the master in golden-purple clothes didn’t even consider that as a possibility.

“Master, I don’t mind trying.” said Lin Feng. The Level Nine Master looked at Lin Feng and then at Yan Feng and said, “Since he agrees, you have one chance.”

“Thank you very much, Master.” said Yan Feng excitedly. Then, he suddenly turned to Lin Feng and looked at him in a cold way. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had taken the initiative to accept the battle, how ridiculous!

Yan Feng was holding his long sword while releasing fire cosmic energy, making it fuse together with his sword.

Lin Feng was holding his spear in his right hand, but looked rather calm. Some destructive Qi was slowly emerging from it.

“Everybody will see that I, Yan Feng, deserve to be proclaimed champion of the tournament.”

Yan Feng released more fire, causing his sword to whistle. Then he jumped forwards.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. Talking was pointless at that moment, the only thing that mattered was strength.

“Wind Chant!” Lin Feng suddenly moved like the wind, turning into a shadow as his spear started rotating.

“Attack!” shouted Yan Feng furiously, raising his long sword. At the same time, Lin Feng threw his silver spear. It instantly tore apart the terrifying red dragon, making it explode into countless pieces in every direction. Then, Lin Feng suddenly shook his head and his spear disappeared.

Slash… Yan Feng sensed danger coming at him from every direction. He was even worried for his life now.

“Go!” Yan Feng shook his head and threw his sword. With it, a metallic sound rang, and the destructive energies turned into a terrifying tornado. Even with this, the red dragon continued breaking apart, pushing Yan Feng’s sword back. Then Yan Feng sensed a horrible pain as his sword moved back towards his chest. He groaned with pain and blood splashed. He was propelled backwards by a few thousand meters.

His face was deathly pale, and he looked confused, but he tried to ignore the pain.

He had lost though. His sword had been pushed back by Lin Feng’s spear. This proved that the Level Nine Professor had made the right decision.

Now there was no question that Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue were the champions.

“I like your sense of humor, Yan Feng. Even before the end of the tournament, you firmly believed that you were the champion.” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

The professor who thought highly of Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue smiled. He had won his bet, so he turned to the professor next to him and said, “You also asked me for my technique before the end of the tournament, I too like your sense of humor. It’s time you give me your technique.”

His interlocutor’s mouth twitched, his heart was pounding. The professor who liked Lin Feng was making fun of him!

“You refused my decision, then you wanted to fight. What about now? Do you accept my decision now?” asked the Level Nine Professor to Yan Feng in a cold way. Initially, he didn’t have anything against Yan Feng, ranking second wasn’t bad either, but Yan Feng and the Yan Clan had questioned his decision and hadn’t given him face. He didn’t need to give Yan Feng face. Yan Feng was only a young man, while he was a Level Nine Professor.

Yan Feng shivered. What could he say now? Now, he had to talk again and say if he accepted the decision or not.

“I have a headache now.” thought Yan Feng’s future teacher. It was fine to be arrogant when you were young, but they still had to be careful. Yan Feng had acted arrogantly in front of someone whom he should have respected.

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