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PMG Chapter 1644: That’s All?

PMG Chapter 1644: That’s All?

“Little boy, are you sure you don’t want to join Gold-Fire Tower?” asked the Level Nine Professor, smiling at Lin Feng. The reason why he had decided Lin Feng was the champion was because of his deployment spells. He could see that Lin Feng’s deployment spells were powerful.

Besides, he could tell that Lin Feng would become stronger in the future.

“I’m sure, Master.” replied Lin Feng smiling.

“No problem. Even though you don’t want to join the Gold-Fire Tower, you can come and leave as you wish. You’re a permanent guest of honor here and the rules here don’t apply to you.” said the professor. Lin Feng smiled, how could he refuse such an offer?

A permanent guest of honor? The professor wanted to befriend Lin Feng, which made everyone else feel jealous.

Yan Feng pulled a long face. He should have been the champion of that tournament and now everyone was looking at Lin Feng and not at him. Even the Level Nine Professor preferred Lin Feng over him.

“Master, thank you, I wouldn’t refuse such an invitation.” said Lin Feng smiling. He was now a permanent guest of honor at Gold-Fire Tower.

“Haha , you’re the youngest permanent guest of honor at the Gold-Fire Tower and I don’t even know your name.”

“Lin Feng.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Lin Feng, if you need anything, feel free to ask me.” said the professor nodding. Then, he walked to some other people. Mu Lin Xue pulled on Lin Feng’s hand and smiled, “The youngest guest of honor of Gold-Fire Tower.”

After the members of the Gold-Fire Tower chose their disciples, many people from powerful groups started choosing their new disciples. Many of which landed next to Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue.

“Lin Feng, what do you think?” asked Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng. It was as if Lin Feng had become her personal adviser.

“If those people don’t impose their rules on you, you should accept.” said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue. Then, he looked at everyone and said, “Everybody thinks highly of us. I, Lin Feng, won’t be staying here for too long, but thank you for your kindness. Concerning Lin Xue, it’s only a matter of time.”

“Alright, I understand, Lin Feng. If you have time, please come to Wind Valley as our guest.” said an old man, smiling.

The others also expressed their opinions. Lin Feng nodded back to them all, “Thank you, if I have the opportunity, I’ll come and see you.”

Then, those people left.

“Lin Xue.” said someone at that moment. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue turned around and saw that the leader of the Mu Clan was talking to them.

“Lin Xue, you are the champion of the tournament and we are extremely proud of you. In the future, we’ll do everything we can to make you stronger.” said the leader of the clan. Mu Lin Xue’s social status was now different, she was a member of Gold-Fire Tower, and she had a direct teacher. She could even consult the professors in the golden-red clothes.

As the leader of the Mu Clan, he knew he had to repair their relationship.

“Proud? I thought you wanted me to go to the Yan Clan? If I weren’t the champion of the tournament, you wouldn’t be saying that.” said Mu Lin Xue mockingly.

“Lin Xue, you should understand the difficult position the Mu Clan faced.” said her grandfather.

“Grandpa.” said Mu Lin Xue. He was good to her and he had always tried to help her. Concerning the difficulties the Mu Clan faced, she knew what he meant.

“Lin Feng, tell us what you think.” said Mu Lin Xue’s grandfather. He knew that she was stubborn, but she still listened to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng hadn’t expected the old man to ask him for help. He viewed things from outside, so he was a bit wiser. For Mu Lin Xue, staying in the Mu Clan wasn’t a good thing at all, and even if she went away, she’d remain a member of the Mu Clan.

Lin Feng thought about Muyi, but he didn’t know what Muyi wanted.

“Lin Xue, listen to your heart.” said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue smiling. Mu Lin Xue nodded, she knew what he meant.

She turned to her uncle and said, “Back then, my father was expelled from the clan. Instead, I want him to be expelled and my father to come back.”

She was pointing at her uncle, who instantly turned pale. Making Muyi come back? Even though her uncle had done all he could to get Muyi expelled from the clan, expelling Muyi was a decision from the whole clan. If he had decided alone, Muyi wouldn’t have been expelled. Mu Lin Xue wanted to vent her anger, so she chose him.

“Lin Xue, he’s your uncle.” said the leader of the clan.

“Do you think telling me that is useful? You know how evil he is to me. If you don’t want to expel him, then I’ll expel myself.” said Mu Lin Xue.

The leader of the Mu Clan remained silent and then said, “Alright, I accept.”

“Master!” Mu Lin Xue’s uncle looked horrified.

“Don’t call me Master. You’re no longer a member of the clan.” said the leader suddenly. Even Lin Feng was happy with this decision.

“Thank you very much, Master.” said Mu Lin Xue smiling.

Her uncle was furious, he glanced at everybody, but nobody defended him.

“I’m going back to the clan to get some things. Mu Lie, Mu Yu, we’re going.” said Mu Lin Xue’s uncle to his children.

At the same time, all the professors from Gold-Fire Tower were standing above them in the air. They had all seen what had just happened.

“In a few dozen years, those young people will become stronger. Some of them might become pillars of support for the Gold-Fire Tower.” said the Level Nine Professor smiling. “Unfortunately, Lin Feng doesn’t want to join the Gold-Fire Tower. Maybe he just wanted to help Mu Lin Xue?”

“He isn’t interested in weapons, he didn’t even want the fire. In the future, Yan Feng and Hen Chang Tian will become prominent figures in Gold-Fire Tower.” said Yan Feng’s teacher. The Level Nine Professor didn’t look so happy to hear that, he really didn’t like Yan Feng.

Many people were now looking at Yan Feng. Lin Feng had refused to join any group, so they wanted to try their luck with Yan Feng.

Yan Feng looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently, “Lin Feng is the champion of the tournament, but we still don’t know how strong he really is.”

Many people were surprised, Yan Feng was still angry?

“Lin Feng, Mu Lin Xue, you both won the tournament, but maybe we should have a battle without using imperial weapons. I’ll even fight against both of you at the same time.” said Yan Feng sharply.

Mu Lin Xue frowned, Yan Feng really was a scumbag. He controlled cosmic energies and his fire was terrifying, it would be difficult for Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue to defeat him.

Lin Feng looked angry, it seemed that he would have to teach him a lesson again.

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