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PMG Chapter 1645: Trying to Kill Yan Feng

PMG Chapter 1645: Trying to Kill Yan Feng

Many people looked at Lin Feng and Yan Feng. Yan Feng had thought he’d be the champion of the tournament and now he was very unhappy. Although he was childish, Lin Feng and Yan Feng were both at the same level, so it’d be a humiliation to them if they didn’t accept Yan Feng’s request.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Feng’s indifferent smile, and then the corner of Lin Feng’s lips curled upwards. He said, “I don’t like exchanging views on cultivation, I only do battles to the death.”

“Eh?” An eerie silence filled the stadium. Some people even looked excited. Battle to death?!

Gold-Fire Tower protected the ten best participants from the tournament, but if two of them challenged each other and accepted the fight, then nobody would interject.

“Of course, you don’t need to fight against the both us, just one of us is enough for the likes of you. It’s best not to overestimate yourself.” said Lin Feng laughing. Yan Feng’s pupils narrowed, he knew that Lin Feng was trying to pull him in.

“This time, Lin Feng is taking the initiative.”

“If you don’t dare, then never bark in front of me again, otherwise people will make fun of you.” said Lin Feng mockingly after he saw Yan Feng remaining silent.

Mu Lin Xue looked at Lin Feng, that guy… she knew Lin Feng’s deployment spells were powerful, but she still didn’t know how strong he really was. She also didn’t know what abstruse energies Lin Feng understood, she had seen him use a few at the maximum level already, including immortal and fire energies.

Yan Feng had taken the initiative to challenge Lin Feng, so how could he refuse? He jumped forwards and shouted furiously, “Come here!”

Lin Feng looked delighted. Mu Lin Xue had ranked first, while Yan Feng had ranked second, and in the future, they’d be in Gold-Fire Tower together, so he could pose a threat to her. This way, Lin Feng could take care of one more concern he had before he left.

Lin Feng looked at the Level Nine Professor and said, “Master, Yan Feng challenged me, and I accept his request. If I die, it’ll be my fault, and I won’t blame Gold-Fire Tower for not protecting us.”

“Alright.” replied the professor nodding.

“Yan Feng, are you sure you want to fight as well?” asked the Level Nine Professor.

“If I die, it will have nothing to do with Gold-Fire Tower. We agreed to a battle to the death, so this is personal.” said Yan Feng. The members of the Yan Clan were frowning, they knew how strong Yan Feng was, but Lin Feng sounded confident.

“Alright, since you two agreed, then there’s no problem.” said the professor indifferently.

The three professors in golden-red clothes and the seven professors in purple clothes were also interested in the fight.

Yan Feng looked at Lin Feng, stretching out his hand, and exuding fire from the palm of his hand. His eyes were quickly filled with murder. He was thinking that even if Lin Feng had hidden his real strength, he was still going to kill him.

Blech! Yan Feng spat out blood onto the fire in his hand, making it become larger and brighter.

“Argh!” Yan Feng shouted furiously, and then three flames appeared behind him, all of them turning into an ocean of flames.

“Alunite fire!” Yan Feng shook his hand and terrifying fire cosmic energy appeared.

“How strong.” thought some people. The Yan Clan was a clan who valued fire, and Yan Feng’s spirit was made of fire.

“I wouldn’t have thought that Yan Feng’s alunite fire would be so strong. I was worried for nothing, he will definitely kill Lin Feng.” thought the leader of the Yan Clan, smiling.

Mu Lin Xue looked extremely worried. Yan Feng could already threaten emperors with a regular attack, let alone a level 9 Zun Qi cultivator.

Lin Feng looked calm though. He was simply looking at Yan Feng, also thinking that if Yan Feng’s fire reached him, he would die.

“You will die!” shouted Yan Feng as he started running forwards, leaving a trail of fire behind him.

“Die!” shouted Yan Feng. Three fireballs flew through the sky, turning into ferocious fire dragons.

Lin Feng couldn’t face him head-on, so he moved like the wind and dodged. By the time the three fireballs arrived, Lin Feng had already disappeared.

“How fast.” thought the crowd. It wouldn’t be easy for Yan Feng to kill Lin Feng with that speed.

Yan Feng immediately gave chase, surrounding Lin Feng once more with an ocean of flames. But again, Lin Feng disappeared before the attack reached him.

Some time passed, and there was fire littered everywhere. Yan Feng stopped moving and shouted furiously, “That’s how you fight? You’re just a coward!”

“Yan Feng’s fire is terrifying, but if I can’t kill him in one strike, the Yan Clan might intervene to save him.” thought Lin Feng. After thinking about it for a moment, his gradually became pitch-black and he looked emotionless like a demon.

Yan Feng noticed these changes, so he continued running after Lin Feng, but still unable to catch up.

“Eh?” At that moment, Yan Feng’s realized that Lin Feng wasn’t dodging this time. He was running towards him!

“This is my chance to kill him!” thought Yan Feng. “Alunite fire!”

He condensed fire in his right hand, and a vortex of fire appeared. That attack could kill, or at least badly injure a low-level emperor.

“Stop!” shouted Lin Feng, releasing a force which was multiplied by one-thousand, which quickly surrounded Yan Feng.

“Force multiplied by a thousand, that bastard!” thought Yan Feng petrified. He looked at Lin Feng and looked directly into his pitch-black pupils.

“Death!” said Lin Feng. This time he released demonic and cursing energies. Yan Feng’s face turned rigid, his eyes turned black, and death Qi started invading his body. His fire greatly weakened at this point.

Lin Feng shook his hand and shattering holy marks formed.

“Explode!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The marks on the ground quickly moved towards Yan Feng.

“Oh no!” the members of the Yan Clan suddenly looked desperate.

“Yan Feng.” shouted the leader of the Yan Clan furiously. He wanted to force Yan Feng back to his senses. At the same time, he started running towards Yan Feng to save him. He wasn’t the only one, several strong cultivators from the Yan Clan also followed.

“They agreed to fight.” said Mu Lin Xue’s teacher, smiling coldly. He jumped forwards, wanting to prevent the Yan Clan from attacking.

“Bastard!” thought Yan Feng’s teacher. That guy surprisingly wanted to let Lin Feng kill Yan Feng.

“Go!” shouted the leader of the Mu Clan. The members of the Mu Clan jumped forwards too, they also wanted to prevent the members of the Yan Clan from intervening.

The leader of the Yan Clan shouted to make Yan Feng come back to his senses, but the ground under his feet was already collapsing, and Yan Feng’s situation was looking bad. His large fireball turned into a gigantic dragon before it exploded, throwing fire out in all directions.

Yan Feng raised his head and saw Lin Feng standing above him in the sky, he still had that demonic-like pair of eyes staring at him.

“No…” Yan Feng suddenly shouted. The demonic and cursing energies further corroded his body.

“Nobody can save you today.” said Lin Feng. Then, Lin Feng released even more cursing energies, making Yan Feng feel like fainting. The ground beneath him started to collapse at this point.

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