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PMG Chapter 1646: Celestial Death Curtain

PMG Chapter 1646: Celestial Death Curtain

“How dare you!” the leader of the Yan Clan shouted at Lin Feng furiously.

However, Lin Feng ignored him. His target was Yan Feng and wouldn’t stop until he was killed.

“Die!” Yan Feng bit his lips, trying to come back to his senses. Suddenly, sharp swords emerged from his body, all of which were imperial weapons he had made. The situation was out of control, and he didn’t want to die.

“You’re using imperial weapons!?” said Lin Feng. They had both agreed not to use imperial weapons, but without them, Yan Feng was going to die. How could a cultivator accept death while they still had a way to defend themselves?

Lin Feng took out some talismans and threw them at Yan Feng. Some of them exploded on him, while some of them collided against the imperial weapons.

“Ah…” Yan Feng gave a horrible shriek. The shattering energies had injured his internal organs. Lin Feng moved back after he threw them. Even though he had made those talismans, he didn’t want to get caught-up in their explosions.

By this point Yan Feng’s face was deathly pale and he was overwhelmed with pain. However, Lin Feng didn’t stop. He moved like the wind and continued oppressing him with a force which was multiplied by a thousand.

“My force is only multiplied by nine hundred, so I can’t resist his force.” thought Yan Feng. He was getting desperate now, so he suddenly released even more fire which engulfed himself, turning him into a fire monster. After that, he started to run away, trying to avoid Lin Feng’s force.

A cloud appeared above them, it was filled with a terrifying strength.

“What?” Lin Feng was surprised.

“Cosmic energy!” the members of the Mu Clan and the members of the Yan Clan suddenly stopped fighting. They raised their heads and looked at the sky.

“He’s going to break through to the Huang Qi layer.” thought the crowd. Yan Feng and Lin Feng were both terrifying cultivators, and seeing how Lin Feng kept oppressing Yan Feng, Yan Feng was constantly being pushed to his limits.

As Yan Feng thought he was going to die, he suddenly understood force even better, and his cosmic energies were already at the maximum level. With those, he was finally going to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

The cloud of cosmic energies condensed, their energies falling onto Yan Feng’s body. Yan Feng’s fire cosmic energy began burning more passionately, even his body seemed like it was going to burn.

Yan Feng closed his eyes and raised his head, welcoming the cosmic energies where were cleansing his body.

“Good, that’s the genius of our clan!” the leader of the Yan Clan looked excited.

“It seems like we should be grateful.” said the leader of the Yan Clan, looking at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng hadn’t threatened Yan Feng, it would have been difficult for him to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

“But even if we’re grateful, things are not over. The battle must end.” said the leader of the Yan Clan. Of course, he meant that Yan Feng and Lin Feng still needed to kill one or the other.

“You can stop the battle now.” said Mu Lin Xue’s teacher indifferently.

“Finish the battle? Do you think the battle can stop only because you want them to stop? They must finish, and there must be a winner.” said Yan Feng’s teacher coldly.

“Hmph! Lin Feng had the advantage, yet you all intervened, and now that Yan Feng has broken through to the Huang Qi layer, you want the battle to continue? Do you all hear how ridiculous you are?” said Mu Lin Xue’s teacher.

“I intervened, I admit that I made a mistake. But it has nothing to do with their battle. Since they agreed to it, the battle must finish.” said Yan Feng’s teacher.

“Indeed, the battle must continue. How could we stop here?” said the members of the Yan Clan, all whom were smiling coldly.

Many people looked at Lin Feng, who was still standing in the sky. He was calmly watching as Yan Feng broke through to the Huang Qi layer. Seeing someone break through to the Huang Qi layer was a mysterious scene and got Lin Feng thinking. Since he understood several different types of abstruse energies, when he broke through to the Huang Qi layer, would several types of cosmic energies enter his body?

Finally, Yan Feng opened his eyes and a light made of fire streaked across the sky. It seemed that Lin Feng couldn’t use his demonic eyes to deal with him anymore.

“Lin Feng, you’re surprised, right?” said Yan Feng smiling. He had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, and he felt good, powerful even.

“Now, kneel down and cripple your own cultivation. Only then will I let you leave.” said Yan Feng. He looked proud and arrogant. He had almost forgotten that a moment before, he could have died.

“You’ve broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but I have the feeling that you haven’t progressed at all.” said Lin Feng, glancing at Yan Feng. Lin Feng had already fought emperors. In Yao Ye Island, he had also learnt from emperors, fighting their emperors millions of times. Even though he had lost or escaped each time, he was confident in his abilities now.

“Lin Feng.” said Mu Lin Xue, she was scared to death. She was still looking very, very nervous, which wasn’t surprising because Yan Feng had become an emperor after all!

“That guy doesn’t seem worried.” thought Mu Qing Ying. Didn’t he know that there was a huge difference between emperors and Zun cultivators?

Bang! Yan Feng took a step forwards, releasing terrifying fire cosmic energies. The sky turned red as he released these energies.

“Yan Feng, kill him.” said the leader of the Yan Clan. After releasing all these energies, Yan Feng started running towards Lin Feng again. He raised his hands and his fists turned into two dazzling fireballs made of cosmic energy.

Lin Feng shook his hands as demonic lights appeared in the sky, quickly turning into demonic marks which contained terrifying shattering energies.

“Die.” said Yan Feng. His fire surrounded Lin Feng, making him look like a tiny ant inside that fiery mountain.

“Lin Feng.” shouted Mu Lin Xue. Why hadn’t Lin Feng dodged? Why!

“Celestial Death Curtain, die!” said a voice. Lin Feng, who was practically bathing in that ocean of flames, launched pitch-black death energies which collided with the fire.

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