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PMG Chapter 1649: Gold-Fire Tower’s Territory

PMG Chapter 1649: Gold-Fire Tower’s Territory

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Lin Xue asked Lin Feng and Muyi.

“Lin Xue, I told Lin Feng not to tell you anything. You have a bad temper, so if you had known that I had sent Lin Feng, you would have only gotten angry.” said Muyi smiling. “But now everything is fine. You and Lin Feng are close to each other, aren’t you?”

Mu Lin Xue remained silent for a few second, then Lin Feng walked closer to her and smiled, “Uncle Muyi has been studying deployment spells very hard these past few years, and after getting to know you, I understood that all his effort was for you. But then he met me and had asked me to come instead of him. You understand why he did all that, right?”

Mu Lin Xue raised her head and saw Lin Feng’s gentle smile. Finally, she nodded and said, “Father.”

Muyi looked sad and happy at the same time. He smiled at Lin Feng.

“Muyi, we’ve been treated you so poorly. The Mu Clan owes you an apology.” said the leader of the Mu Clan to Muyi.

“I understand, Master.” said Muyi nodding.

“Good, let’s go back to the clan then. Lin Xue is now a member of Gold-Fire Tower, so she probably wants to go there now.” said the leader of the Mu Clan.

“Alright.” Muyi knew why he had to go back. They also understood that Muyi had made Lin Feng join the Mu Clan, so if they were good to Muyi, they’d also be friends with Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, please take care of Lin Xue.” said Muyi, smiling in a deep and meaningful way. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “You look really cute together. Haha. I’m off.”

Then, Muyi left with the other members of the Mu Clan.

“Lin Feng, don’t listen to my dad.”

“Sister Lin Xue, I also think that you’re a perfect match. I’m off.” said Mu Qing Ying laughing. Then, she left with the other members of the Mu Clan as well. Lin Feng watched as Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao left. Then he glanced at Mu Xiao indifferently, making him shudder in fear.

But Lin Feng didn’t cause any trouble, Mu Qing Ying already understood what Mu Xiao had done, so she could deal with him on her own.

The crowd dispersed, leaving only the professors of Gold-Fire Tower left.

Mu Lin Xue’s teacher approached her and smiled, “Mu Lin Xue, you obtained the nine-headed snake fire, so I’ll help you modify it. I think your weapon crafting will improve a lot with it.”

“Thank you very much, Teacher.” said Mu Lin Xue smiling. She couldn’t wait to use the fire.

“If my colleagues in the golden-red clothes could teach you their ways of controlling fire, then it’d be even more perfect.” said her teacher. A teacher in golden-red clothes walked towards them at that moment and said, “I’d be happy to help her, of course.”

“Thank you, Master.” said Mu Lin Xue.

“Don’t forget about our bet.” said Mu Lin Xue’s teacher to Yan Feng’s teacher.

“Lin Feng, come and have a walk inside Gold-Fire Tower. If you change your mind, you can still become one of our disciples.” said the professor in golden-purple clothes while smiling. Lin Feng nodded politely, “Thank you, Master.”

“Let’s go. Let’s show all the new disciples our territory as well.” said the professor. Everybody nodded and then they followed.

The gate to the tower was gigantic and possessed a magnificent golden gleam. They crossed the gate and suddenly, the landscape changed like night and day.

“From outside, I thought the Qi wasn’t that great and that it would be small, but actually it’s another small world.” thought Lin Feng. That small world was filled with fire cosmic energy, practically rolling in waves. One could also hear hammer sounds in the distance.
“You should mentally prepare yourselves for what’ll come next. All the disciples from Gold-Fire Tower are weapon manufacturers who practice non-stop, every day. That means you’ll have to hammer weapons every day!” said the professor in golden-purple clothes. Everybody nodded, they already knew that.

“Of course, you have to become stronger to make more powerful weapons, so Gold-Fire Tower provides its disciples with all sorts of things: prizes, cosmic energies, deployment spell, ancient scriptures.” said the professor. “Let’s go and see.”

They continued walking through the small world, soon arriving in another empty space. There were many pavilions and lofty buildings, each building possessing a different Qi.

“Earth Qi!” thought Lin Feng, glancing at a tower.

“Indeed, that’s the Earth tower. We don’t only cultivate fire Qi in Gold-Fire Tower, there are also Earth, ice, wind, life, and death towers.” explained the professor.

“The world of cultivation is vast, and Gold-Fire City is only the tip of the iceberg.” thought Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, you’re a guest of honor here, so you can use all the towers as you wish. You should spend some time here and practice. You can also stay here forever, I wouldn’t mind.” said the professor laughing. He knew that Lin Feng knew several types of energies, so those towers were very useful for him.

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