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PMG Chapter 1652: Sword Precipice

PMG Chapter 1652: Sword Precipice

Sword Mountain was situated in a mountain range not far from Gold-Fire Tower.

It had existed for many, many years, and with this time, they’ve accumulated enough cultivators and resources to destroy entire territories. They had many ancient scriptures for sword cultivators to study, as well as ancient sword techniques and skills.

At the top of one of these mountains which looked to have been cut by a sword, there were many sword cultivators practicing cultivation.

There were men and women, young and old. Many of them were disciples, but there were also foreigners who had come to study sword cultivation. That mountain had been cut by a sword and it seemed like the energy from that sword would never leave the mountain.

Even thought the sword energy didn’t contain any immortal strength, the pure sword energy didn’t disperse.

“In the past, two ancestors destroyed nineteen of these mountains, leaving them as a testament to their strength. I can only imagine what kind of battle that was.” said a young man.

In the air, Lin Feng was flying slowly and landed on a mountain. The sword energies from that mountain instantly surrounded him, but the most intriguing part was that the energy was very familiar, Wu Tian’s energy!

“Emperor Wu Tian Jian must have fought someone here.” thought Lin Feng. The other sword energy present wasn’t any weaker than Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword energy, actually it was the opposite, it was even stronger than Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword energy.

“Maybe this is where Emperor Wu Tian Jian was injured?” thought Lin Feng. He didn’t know how that battle ended from just the energies here, so maybe he could ask around.

Lin Feng looked around, seeing many people seated cross-legged, studying the sword energies. Some of them were in the sky, while some were on the broken mountains.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and after looking around, arriving in front of a young person who was seated before sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. Lin Feng asked, “Your Excellency, do you know who the two fighters were and how the battle ended?”

The young man suddenly opened his eyes after Lin Feng spoke.

“Piss off!” he spat out sword energies at Lin Feng, tearing his clothes apart.

Slash, slash… Suddenly, Lin Feng released his own sword energies, which formed something looking like a river of sword lights.

“What a powerful sword cultivator.” thought the young man.

Lin Feng jumped forwards, pushing back that guy’s sword energies. His facial expression changed drastically after seeing Lin Feng’s energies. He was a powerful sword cultivator who could easily kill cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer and surprisingly, he was the one being oppressed.

Lin Feng took another step forward, although it was only a small one, it felt like a heavy hammer had fallen on his opponent. He groaned coldly, and his face turned pale.

“Your Excellency, please stop!” shouted that cultivator. However, Lin Feng made took another step forward, this time releasing Earth energy. His interlocutor couldn’t even move his legs anymore, he was shaking and was deathly pale.

Finally, the young man couldn’t release anymore energies, and was suddenly propelled away, crashing onto a mountain.

Lin Feng glanced at the young man in a sharp way.

“Answer me!” said Lin Feng.

The young man’s face looked deathly pale as he was worried for his life. But then a strong wind started blowing and moved towards Lin Feng. Three sword cultivators appeared and surrounded Lin Feng.

They said nothing, they just stood there.

Lin Feng condensed a sword, a heavy sword which was larger than most ordinary swords.

At the same time, the three cultivators unsheathed their swords from their backs, each of them carrying a silvery glint.

“All the disciples from Sword Mountain receive ordinary silver swords, but once they reach the rank of intern, they receive imperial cyan swords. These guys only unsheathed their silver swords because they were fighting three against one.”

“Attack!” shouted one of them, Then they all attacked at the same time. Their sword lights turned into a web which surrounded Lin Feng like a cage.

Lin Feng moved like the wind while condensing more heavy sword energies. Quickly, he destroyed the sword web and moved towards one of them at full speed.

“What a powerful sword attack. He’s an excellent sword fighter.” thought Lin Feng’s enemies. Lin Feng landed in front of one of them and nine sword lights surrounded him. Those swords lights were intertwining and turning into a sword-like curtain.

The two others landed behind Lin Feng, with more silver sword lights threatening him.

“Sword Mountain’s disciples are very strong, but that guy is too strong. An ordinary cultivator would have died instantly.” thought the crowd. The four fighters were extremely fast. However, death was something that could happen quickly.

Fwoosh. Lin Feng jumped forwards, the energies around him were as heavy as mountains.

“Break!” After weighing them down, Lin Feng attacked them with both force and sword energies. Two silver lights broke apart and their casters were propelled backwards. Lin Feng continued running forwards.

Then, Lin Feng rotated as he threw his sword from his right hand downward, the sword now looking like a shooting star as it assaulted someone else. The disciples from Sword Mountain were looking pale. No matter what they did, they couldn’t defeat Lin Feng.

Bang! that cultivator fell into the valley, bleeding profusely. The other two looked furious as they released their spirits, which were both gigantic swords.

“Attack!” the two cultivators shouted furiously. Their sword spirits moved at the same time, one containing wind abstruse energies, while the other one contained golden energy.

“Their sword attacks are terrifying.” thought Lin Feng when he saw the one which was using the wind. At the same time, he raised his hands and his Earth sword flew ahead of him, forming a curtain of energies in front of him.

Lin Feng condensed more sword energies and pushed forwards, creating a hole in the gigantic wind sword. Then the two gigantic swords were both pushed backwards, their cultivators both coughing up blood while being propelled backwards. At the same time, their sword energies progressively dispersed.

“That sword cultivator is too strong, even his attacks were similar to the leader’s.” thought the crowd. At least, Sword Mountain’s disciples couldn’t defeat him.

At that moment, a terrifyingly sharp sword Qi invaded the mountains. The few Sword Mountain’s disciples who were fighting grabbed the cyan swords on their backs, unsheathing their imperial swords.

“If you decide to fully unsheathe those swords, I won’t be merciful, and I’ll kill you quickly.” said Lin Feng, glancing at them. The opponents looked petrified, Lin Feng had been merciful so far?

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