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PMG Chapter 1653: Ruo Xie The Emperor

PMG Chapter 1653: Ruo Xie The Emperor

“Who are you, Your Excellency?” asked one of the disciples. Finally, they decided not to unsheathe their swords. Lin Feng had been merciful so far in not killing them, after all.

“Lin Feng, I am going to have a walk in Sword Mountain.” said Lin Feng.

“Did you come for the Great Sword Test?” someone asked.

“Great Sword Test?” Lin Feng didn’t know what it was. He shook his head and said, “No, I want to know to who those two threads of sword energies belong to?”

“You really don’t know?” asked the disciple. Everybody who came to study those energies knew who they belonged.

“Would I ask if I knew?” said Lin Feng in a cold way, starting to get agitated from asking the same question repeatedly.

“A long time ago, an unknown sword cultivator fought against the leader of Sword Mountain: Emperor Tie Jian, the first disciple of the old leader.” said the disciple. That wasn’t a secret, everybody knew about that battle which had taken place thousands of years before. Emperor Tie Jian’s sword weighed several tons, but even then, it was a close match between him and the unknown sword cultivator. Finally, he managed to injure the unknown sword cultivator, but Emperor Tie Jian had also been injured. It took him hundreds of years to recover, and after that, he had continued practicing cultivation until he became a great emperor.

“Emperor Tie Jian, the leader of Sword Mountain.” thought Lin Feng. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had fought against the leader of Sword Mountain!

“How did the battle end?” asked Lin Feng.

“Our leader won. Even though his opponent was very strong, he was too injured. After the battle, our leader became a great emperor and became the Patriarch of Sword Mountain.” said the disciple. Of course, he didn’t mention how badly their leader had been injured back then.

“Why did they fight?” asked Lin Feng. Emperor Tie Jian couldn’t have fought against Emperor Wu Tian Jian for no reason.

The disciple remained silent and after a few seconds, he said coldly, “You defeated me, and I replied to many of questions already, but now you’re going too far.”

There were many legends about that battle, but some small things could influence their patriarch’s reputation. Therefore, they couldn’t say everything. Besides, it was difficult to know everything precisely, the battle had happened thousands of years before after all. Only the protagonists could tell what had happened.

“What’s wrong?” said someone in the distance. A few people from Sword Mountain had arrived.

Lin Feng turned around and the person who arrived said in a cold way, “You?”

“Lu Yao! That was the young man Lin Feng had met in Si Xiang City. Back then, Lu Yao was only interested in Lin Xue, but Lin Xue liked Ruo Xie.

“Brother Lu Yao.” said the few disciples. Lu Yao nodded and said in a cold way, “You dare attack my disciples in our territory?”

Lin Feng smiled when he heard Lu Yao trying to accuse him of something, “Lu Yao, show me the way. I need to go to the main mountain of Sword Mountain.”

“Huh?” Lu Yao was surprised, Lin Feng was giving him orders?

“Don’t you know that you’re only at the foot of Sword Mountain?” asked Lu Yao mockingly.

“How noisy!” Lin Feng shook his hands and a sword talisman appeared. Then he threw it in the air and said, “Bring me to the top of Sword Mountain.”

Lu Yao caught the talisman and frowned, why did Lin Feng have the talisman of Sword Mountain?

“Who gave you that talisman?” asked Lu Yao.

Slash… Terrifying sword lights appeared in the sky, this time Lin Feng was using his Desolate Ksana sword attack. Lu Yao’s facial expression changed drastically, he didn’t hesitate and moved backwards. Even then, his sleeve was torn apart, and a wound appeared on his wrist.

“I’ll say it just one last time, give me back my talisman and bring me to the top of Sword Mountain.” said Lin Feng coldly. Lu Yao came back to his senses. Only the elders of the sect had these talismans, so even if Lin Feng killed him, nobody would care. How come Lin Feng had the talisman from their sect though?

Lu Yao gave the talisman back to Lin Feng and started walking.

Lin Feng looked at him coldly and said, “You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad. Now, hurry up!”

Lu Yao was furious, but he had no choice but to lead the way. He began to pick up the pace.

They soon approached a gigantic mountain, suspended in the air: Sword Mountain.

Many people appeared along the way and they all had a very sharp Qi.

“Lu Yao, have you become a mountain guide?” Lin Feng asked mockingly. Lu Yao was annoyed and replied in a cold way, “No.”

“I haven’t seen you in a while, but you still haven’t progressed. I thought you had become a tour guide because of that.” said Lin Feng as he laughed boisterously.

“How’s Ruo Xie doing? Has he come out yet?” asked Lin Feng.

“He came out.” replied Lu Yao. Although he had to respond because of the talisman, he kept the conversation to a minimum.

“You mean he’s broken through to the Huang Qi layer already?” asked Lin Feng happily. Finally, a disciple of Tiantai had become an emperor.

“Indeed.” replied Lu Yao.

Lin Feng was extremely happy and was smiling.

Lu Yao looked upset, indeed, Ruo Xie had broken through to the Huang Qi layer while he wasn’t having a great time. After all, Lu Yao and Ruo Xie belonged to the same generation. However, he quickly forgot about this after he saw how fast Lin Feng was. He struggled to catch up with him.

At the top of the mountain, Ruo Xie was welcoming guests. The Great Sword Test was going to start three days later, so many people came to visit, including public figures.

“Ruo Xie.” said Lin Feng. Ruo Xie glanced around and saw Lin Feng, then he smiled, “Lin Feng, you’re here.”

“Indeed, your Qi is different, as expected.” said Lin Feng as he looked at Ruo Xie.

“Don’t make fun of me. When I came out, the elders mentioned you, saying that you had won the weapon tournament! If our teachers had seen you, they’d be so happy.” said Ruo Xie smiling.

“Indeed, I wonder how they are.” said Lin Feng nostalgically. “I also wonder how our fellow disciples are these days. Maybe they have all broken through to the Huang Qi layer, if not then it’s only a matter of time.”

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