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PMG Chapter 1654: Sword Mountain’s Events

PMG Chapter 1654: Sword Mountain’s Events

When we first came to the great world, two of our disciples were already cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, and with their abilities, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer.” Ruo Xie said.

“I think so too, and maybe Tian Chi has broken through to the Huang Qi layer as well.” said Lin Feng cheerfully. After all, they had been in the great world for seven-years already. It was a long time, and anything could happen there. Lin Feng had spent so much time studying deployment spells, and even then, he was only one step away from breaking through to the Huang Qi layer as well. His cultivation was more complex than his fellow disciple’s, and on top of that, his cultivation level had always been lower.

“Lin Feng, the Continent of the Nine Clouds is vast, so it will be very difficult to find everyone else. Therefore, we should continue practicing cultivation with the goal of one day making Tiantai a reality in this large world. Then, our friends and teachers will find us easily.” said Ruo Xie.

“Definitely.” said Lin Feng while nodding.

“Ruo Xie, is that your friend?” asked a middle-aged man who was looking at Lin Feng.

“Indeed, he’s one of my fellow disciples from the small world.” said Ruo Xie nodding. “Lin Feng, that’s Master Yun Yao, he often teaches me things here.”

“Hello Master Yun Yao, I’m Lin Feng.” said Lin Feng, nodding and smiling. Yun Yao looked at Lin Feng and whispered, “Lin Feng, Lin Feng…”

“Are you Lin Feng from Gold-Fire City!” said Yun Yao suddenly.

“I spent some time there.” said Lin Feng nodding. Even strong cultivators from Sword Mountain now recognized him.

“The rumors are true, you’re only a Zun cultivator, yet you can kill emperors, and you’re so young. On top of that, you’re also friends with Ruo Xie, how interesting!” said Yun Yao enthusiastically. He had heard a lot about Lin Feng, so he was immediately curious. Besides, Ruo Xie was already very talented so Yun Yao was curious to see how strong Lin Feng was. Ruo Xie was very strong, even compared to most of the disciples of Sword Mountain. And now, his disciple, a Zun cultivator, could kill emperors.

“Make yourself at home, Little Feng.” said Yun Yao. He called Lin Feng, Little Feng as if they were close. Lin Feng was delighted.

“Please, come and have a seat. Let’s have some food and drinks, you’re a guest of honor after all.” said Ruo Xie. Lin Feng followed and soon they arrived in a big hall where many people had gathered. Some people were seated, others were chatting or relaxing. But through all this, Lin Feng sensed that someone was looking at him in a cold way.

“The Yan Clan.” Lin Feng glanced around and noticed some people from the tournament, they were probably high officials. The Great Sword Test was going to start soon and those people from the Yan Clan were probably guests of honors.

“Long time no see, I trust you have been doing well since we last met.” said a few people from the Yan Clan to Lin Feng. They were very polite, which was surprising given the circumstances.

“I’m good for I’m still alive.” said Lin Feng mockingly. He knew those people wanted to kill him. He had killed Yan Feng, which was a humiliation for them.

Slash, slash… cosmic energies condensed, suddenly, Lin Feng sensed that the temperature was rising to an unpleasant degree.

Huh? The people around them sensed the heat and looked at Lin Feng, noticing how unhappy he looked. Then suddenly the ground between the members of the Yan Clan broke apart.

The members of the Yan Clan jumped away, and a deep pit formed where they were standing just before. The crowd was surprised to see that some people were fighting there, especially seeing how Sword Mountain was hosting.

The elders of Sword Mountain glanced at the members of the Yan Clan, which made the Yan Clan look upset after they noticed. They turned to Lin Feng as said, “How audacious, you dare cause trouble here? You even destroyed the ground!”

“You were standing there and I wasn’t, why try to accuse me?” said Lin Feng, expressionlessly.

“Why would we break the ground under our own feet?”

“Why would I break the ground under your feet?” asked Lin Feng.

“You…” the members of the Yan Clan couldn’t admit that they had attacked Lin Feng first.

“How can I know you don’t harbor evil intentions?” asked one of the cultivators from the Yan Clan.

“Since you won’t speak the truth, I will. The reason why I destroyed the ground was become someone attacked me with fire cosmic energies and I had to protect myself.” said Lin Feng. “Of course, I did damage the ground. This was my mistake, so I can leave if Sword Mountain doesn’t want me here.”

“Is that true?” asked an elder to Yao Yun who was standing not too far from Lin Feng.

“Master, Lin Feng is saying the truth. The Yan Clan attacked first.” said Yun Yao nodding. “Not only this, but the members of the Yan Clan are a lot stronger than Lin Feng, so if Lin Feng hadn’t reacted, he would have died. Please forgive him.”

“How many clans are there in Gold-Fire City who are as strong as the Yan Clan?” asked the elder to Yun Yao.

“Two in the northern part of Gold-Fire City, and many more in the other parts of the city. A dozen if you consider the whole city.” said Yun Yao calmly.

“When you have time, try to find a clan with whom we can work with in the future.” said the elder indifferently. Suddenly, the members of the Yan Clan turned upset, saying, “Please forgive us, Master!”

“The Yan Clan disappointed us already, and we don’t want to see such things happen again.” said the elder from Sword Mountain.

“Lin Feng.” said the elder cheerfully, “I’ve heard that you’re Ruo Xie’s fellow disciple. Sword Mountain is extremely happy to have you here, you can stay as long as you wish.”

Many people looked at Lin Feng when they heard the elder, they were wondering who that young man was. He was so young, but Sword Mountain gave him face, the elder had even humiliated the Yan Clan because of him.

It wasn’t as simple as it looked though. Sword Mountain wanted to find another partner because the Yan Clan had become too weak. Lin Feng was Ruo Xie’s friend and he was starting to become famous, so it was a good idea to get closer to him. Zun cultivator who could kill emperors were extremely rare after all.

“Lin Feng, come and meet some of the elders.” said Yun Yao. Very quickly, many people learnt who Lin Feng was. After that, everybody ignored the Yan Clan.

Lin Feng didn’t spend too much time in the hall. He wanted to walk around with Ruo Xie and visit the region. There were many historical remains filled with sword energies that Lin Feng wanted to search.


Three days later, the Great Sword Test was starting in a valley. Many groups of influence were present, including disciples from Sword Mountain. The Great Sword Test was an event where disciples from Sword Mountain exchanged their views on cultivation. Ruo Xie had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, so he couldn’t participate. Instead, he just sat with Lin Feng.

“There are all sorts of disciples in Sword Mountain who practice different sorts of techniques and skills, including many who I’ve never seen before.” thought Lin Feng. He had been watching for two hours already, and even though many of these disciples couldn’t compete with him, he could still learn a lot by watching their sword techniques.

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