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PMG Chapter 1655: Cutting Off an Arm

PMG Chapter 1655: Cutting Off an Arm

“Ruo Xie, you’ve studied sword ancient scriptures in Sword Mountain, right?” Lin Feng asked as they were observing the battles in the valley.

“Indeed. I studied many ancient scriptures in the valley, very powerful ones too. I studied some which are good for my speed cosmic energies, but I didn’t manage to make my decay energy turn into cosmic energy though. Even if I continued studying decay energy, I don’t think I’ll be able to find any decay ancient scriptures.” Ruo Xie explained while nodding. He had broken through to the Huang Qi layer relying on speed cosmic energies.

“Decay strength is rare and enigmatic. It’s normal that you didn’t manage to make it become cosmic energy yet, but I’m sure you will though. Now that you’re an emperor, you will only become stronger.” said Lin Feng.

“You understand more kinds of energies than me, it will be very difficult for you to make them all turn into cosmic energies. You’ll also need some ancient scriptures to help you improve your cosmic energies. Lin Feng, you must make the right choices in the future.” said Ruo Xie. With the proper skills, leveling up was easier. Lin Feng had studied demon ancient scriptures; therefore, he’d need to rely on demon strength to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

“I understand.” said Lin Feng nodding. He needed to think about it properly, but the three lives scriptures were very powerful.

Time passed, and a few more people had fought. Lin Feng had noted some magnificent sword techniques, as well as some outstanding sword cultivators.

“If I hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, I would have participated in the Great Sword Test, but even then, I wouldn’t have ranked first or second, maybe the top five though.” whispered Ruo Xie. It didn’t mean he wasn’t as talented, it was just that some of them had practiced sword techniques longer than him and with better resources.

The test ended, and the one who won wore a helmet with a feather crest. His main technique was the Nine Suns Sword Technique.

The second one was amazing too, he practiced the same technique as the leader of Sword Mountain. He used a gigantic iron sword. Although he was very young, he still looked mature.

Lu Yao ranked fifth, which wasn’t bad. His sword technique was unique in that appeared almost invisible when he attacked.

“All the disciples were great, that was a beautiful show. Many people who don’t belong to the sect are here, so if someone wants to give it a try, they can. Even emperors can give it a try, but you’re only allowed to use sword techniques, and you must restrain your cultivation level.” said the elder, standing up and smiling.

Lin Feng had only observed, but he knew the participants were nervous. For them, that test was important because it was a way to prove to the elders of Sword Mountain that they were capable.

“Can I challenge anyone?” asked someone at that moment, standing up.

“Indeed, you can challenge anyone.” said the elder smiling. Many people jumped into the valley and started fighting disciples from Sword Mountain. Some of them won, some others lost. Some very strong young people had come from far away to see the competition because they were fascinated by swords. However, nobody managed to defeat the champions.

At that moment, Lu Yao had just defeated a strong cultivator and was smiling at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, you won against some of my disciples last time, and you’re a strong sword cultivator. Why don’t you come and show us how good you are at sword cultivation?”

Lu Yao didn’t really know how strong Lin Feng was, he didn’t even know that Lin Feng had killed an emperor in Gold-Fire City either. Those who knew about that were primarily the emperors in Sword Mountain. Even without this knowledge, Lu Yao still didn’t underestimate Lin Feng. He had met Lin Feng a few times, and he really wanted to fight him. Fighting against him during the great sword test was a safe way to see how strong Lin Feng really was because Lin Feng couldn’t kill him.

Lin Feng knew what Lu Yao was thinking, so he smiled. Many people were looking at Lin Feng, including the elder who smiled and said, “Lin Feng, you also practice sword cultivation?”

“I just taught myself a few things, I’m only a beginner.” replied Lin Feng, smiling.

“Go and have a try then, maybe I can learn something from you.” said the elder jokingly. Lu Yao was astonished, the great elder was making jokes with Lin Feng?!

Lu Yao didn’t know what to think, but Lin Feng stood up and said, “Alright, let’s have a try then.”

Then, he landed in the valley in front of Lu Yao.

“Lu Yao unsheathed a silver sword and asked Lin Feng, “Where’s your sword?”

Lin Feng took out an ordinary sword, which actually looked fake as it waved about.

Lin Feng bent his sword and said smiling, “I know when to unsheathe a sword.”

“You…” Lu Yao looked furious. Lin Feng was obviously making fun of him.

He immediately released sword Qi towards Lin Feng. Then he disappeared with his sword, reappearing closer to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised to see such a nice technique. Lin Feng moved like the wind and dodged the incoming attack.

Slash… Lu Yao slashed forward, destroying the wind energies.

Lin Feng moved like a leaf in the wind, he was both agile and flexible. He appeared in the sky and dodged Lu Yao’s attacks again. Lu Yao was furious, he continued moving like an illusion as he chased Lin Feng.

“Die!” terrifying energies condensed as his silver sword moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly stopped. He fixedly stared at the wind sword while remaining motionless. He looked particularly calm as he firmly held his soft sword.

Lin Feng was using this quickly fleeting moment to study the attack. Finally, when the attack got too close, an explosion sounded as an explosive Qi appeared, assaulting the illusional sword attack. Lu Yao couldn’t condense his energies at that point, so Lin Feng took the opportunity to attack three times. The first was an explosive wind sword, the second one was a protective slash, and the third one was difficult to describe as it moved towards Lu Yao.

Lin Feng’s attacks were extremely fast. A horrible shriek sounded, and Lu Yao moved backwards. Blood splashed, and his sword energies dispersed. The crowd looked at Lu Yao’s arm, it had been cut off.

“Your sword techniques are not bad.” said Lin Feng, smiling.

“Lin Feng, what sword technique is that?” the elder asked. He didn’t recognize it, but he could tell that it went from looking ordinary at the beginning and becoming explosive at the end.

“I just condensed some abstruse energies, that’s all.” replied Lin Feng.

The elder was surprised and smiled, “I see, when a cultivator is strong, his techniques are powerful.”

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