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PMG Chapter 1656: Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s Sword Intent

PMG Chapter 1656: Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s Sword Intent

“I really don’t deserve so much praise, Master.” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding. Then, he looked at the one who had ranked second and asked, “Your Excellency, would you like to try?”

The young man glanced at Lin Feng and moved towards him, “I do.”

Lin Feng had just used one technique to defeat Lu Yao, even making it look easy. However, he had released so much energy at once, which he knew wasn’t that easy to do, so the second-placed guy wanted to see how strong Lin Feng really was.

Lu Yao was still bleeding, and everybody was looking at him in a disdainful way. He had ranked fifth and he still had lost an arm.

The young man with the iron sword suddenly released force which rose to the skies, his energies quickly became oppressive.

“Slash!” the battle stage was immediately cut into as the young man with the iron sword ran towards Lin Feng, marks appearing around his iron sword. Then he suddenly jumped in the air, falling down like a mountain onto Lin Feng.

“He also understands Earth abstruse energy. I see.” thought Lin Feng. He raised his hands while condensing Earth energies into a sword. He jumped ahead, and a gigantic sword appeared at the same time. It collided with the iron sword, leaving Lin Feng’s tingling with numbness.

The young man raised his iron sword again and attacked a few more times, each time leaving Lin Feng with the feeling that a mountain was falling on him.

“How strong.” thought the crowd.

“The Sword King Scriptures are some of the most powerful scriptures in Sword Mountain, and the leader personally transmits them to his disciples. The leader wouldn’t be disappointed to his disciple now.” said the elder.

“Those attacks look like Yuan Fei’s attacks, but are more powerful. Also, it’s difficult to dodge them due to their oppressiveness.” thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his head, and his sword intent seemingly changed, looking harder and sharper. He turned into a light as he moved with the wind. This time he used his Wind and Thunder Attack: Nirvana Sunya Destruction and his Desolate Ksana. The iron sword was pushed back, and a gigantic hole appeared in his energies.

However, from that hole, a new sword appeared which had wind and iron energies fused together. With that sword, a dazzling light appeared in front of Lin Feng.

“What a terrifying strength, Earth abstruse energy, but it’s practically cosmic energy. There’s also some kind-of sword king Qi. How scary.” thought Lin Feng as he condensed more sword intent himself. He didn’t want to face the attack head-on, if only to see if he could.

A gigantic black sword appeared, looking like a demonic mountain as it fell. As their attacks collided, it was difficult for the audience to imagine that battle was only between Zun cultivators.

The young man with the iron sword was propelled higher into in the air as Lin Feng was propelled downwards, crashing into the ground. They both felt paralyzed from the exchange.

The man who was fighting Lin Feng looked at him and said, “Your sword techniques are great because you know so many types of energies. I cannot defeat you, but I can still tell that there are some small problems with your sword techniques, being that they’re not pure enough.”

“No sword technique is perfect, and I acknowledge that my techniques do have many flaws. Thank you for your advice. Even though you lost, you can be proud.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng really didn’t know how to create the strongest attacks, even though he knew so many things.

“I know what you mean. You’re not like most people. I am not as talented as you, so I must study very hard. All of this considered, I was happy to fight against you.” said the young man. Then, he walked away.

“I am pleased as well, thank you.” said Lin Feng smiling.

Then, someone else landed in front of Lin Feng who was wearing a helmet adorned with feathers.

“It looks like the champion also wants to fight.” thought the crowd. The elder smiled indifferently. No matter how strong Lin Feng was, sword cultivators were always determined.

“I hope we can exchange our views on cultivation.” said the young man with the helmet. He was holding a fiery sword which wasn’t an imperial weapon. They didn’t use imperial weapons during their battles because it would have been meaningless. Even though imperial weapons could help a cultivator become stronger, this was a test of personal skill.

Initially, Lin Feng wanted to fight against the young man with the iron sword because he wanted to see him use Emperor Tie Jian’s technique up close, but why not fight against the champion of the contest as well?

“Unsheathe your sword.” said Lin Feng in a calm way.

The young man nodded, then his sword energies dashed to the skies. With a flash, nine suns appeared in the sky, illuminating the area. Lin Feng’s reluctantly squinted his eyes under that penetrating light.

A terrifying fire suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng, giving him the impression that he was in danger. He subconsciously shivered before moving like the wind.

“Nine Sun’s Assassination!” the young man moved as well, condensing the nine suns into a gigantic fire dragon.

“Break!” Lin Feng closed his eyes, then a death sword appeared in his hand. The sword and the dragon clashed.

However, the young man landed in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s fingers turned into sharp swords while the nine suns appeared again, just as dazzling as before.

“Nine Suns Laceration!” said the young man. This time the nine suns turned into a sharp fiery sword.

“Desolate Explosion!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He condensed destructive energies this time.

“Nine Suns Shield!” said the young man. He disappeared and reappeared in front of Lin Feng, his swords still moving towards Lin Feng at full speed.
Attack! Lin Feng stopped using his real sword, and funneled his energies into his hands, which turned into swords, and then his entire body followed suite.

Huh? The elder from Sword Mountain sensed Wu Tian’s Qi in Lin Feng’s energies.

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