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PMG Chapter 1661: Nihility Sword Scriptures

PMG Chapter 1661:  Nihility Sword Scriptures
Lin Feng smiled wryly when he heard Mu Lin Xue, saying, “Lin Xue, it’s not the right time for you to go and travel. I will come back to Gold-Fire Tower to see you if I have time.”
“In the future.” In the world of cultivation, dozens of years were not considered that long of a time, so him saying this might mean he’d come back in the next hundred years.
“Lin Xue, Lin Feng is right. In the future, you will have the opportunity to travel, but for now you should focus on becoming stronger first.” said the professor in the golden-purple clothes.
“When will you come back?” asked Mu Lin Xue. She looked desperate but still tried to smile.
“After having broken through to the Huang Qi layer, I may need your help to make imperial weapons in the future.” said Lin Feng, smiling. He wanted to build Tiantai in the great world, and if he did, he’d need weapons for his disciples.
But Mu Lin Xue didn’t know about Lin Feng’s plans, she only knew that he was a great deployment spell caster and that he didn’t know that much about imperial weapons.
“By the way, before I go to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, I’d like to refine a sword.” said Lin Feng, suddenly thinking about his Tian Ji Sword. Seeing how it already contained a lot of sword souls, he wanted it to become more powerful.
“Refine what sword?” asked Mu Lin Xue. She missed the good old times when they used to make weapons together.
“This sword.” Lin Feng made his Tian Ji Sword appear.
“What a strange sword.” the professor in golden-purple clothes was surprised as he said, “Your sword has souls?”
“Indeed.” replied Lin Feng nodding.
“That sword can be modified, indeed. Besides, it is strongly connected to your soul, so it can become even more powerful.” said the professor smiling. He was surprised, Lin Feng was only a Zun cultivator, but his sword contained souls, like it was alive.
“When should we refine it?” Mu Lin Xue asked Lin Feng.
Lin Feng asked, “When do we leave for the Vast Celestial Ancient City?”
“I’ll come to your room when we leave.” said the professor smiling. “I’m off for now.”
“I suppose we can do it now then.” said Lin Feng when he saw the professor leaving.
“I need materials, so wait for me here.” said Mu Lin Xue, also leaving.
Mu Lin Xue was surprisingly gone for a few days. When she came back, they began to prepare refining the Tian Ji Sword. Before they started, some lights appeared around them. It was the first time Lin Feng saw what a sword soul looked like, the purple one was the thunder soul, the red one was fire, and so on. The dots were suspended in the sky, clear to see by anyone.
“I need to cleanse my sword again.” thought Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, your sword is different from many imperial weapons because it has souls. The strength of your sword is limited to the power of its souls. Because of this, your deployment marks and the soul of your sword are interconnected.” said Mu Lin Xue.
Elsewhere in Gold-Fire City, there were two people who were gazing into the distance. There wasn’t a single soul in sight around them though.
“Are you sure he’s in Gold-Fire Tower?” asked one of them indifferently, it was a young man.
“I’m sure.” said the other one nodding.
“Who are you? Are there tensions between Gold-Fire Tower and you?” those people had given them information, they even brought them to Gold-Fire City, but what was their goal?
That person smiled indifferently and said, “We just gave you some information. It’s important to know that Gold-Fire Tower is going to send some people to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, and Lin Feng will be going with them. If you don’t want to offend Gold-Fire Tower, you should wait a bit longer.”
“We told you everything we could, so we’re off now. This has nothing to do with us.” said that person before he left. The young man didn’t even glance at them, he had learnt what he wanted to know.
“Watch Gold-Fire Tower and be careful. We’ll do it on the road.” said the young man.
Back in the small world, there was a strong cultivator wearing ordinary clothes, and he wasn’t tall, but he had a gigantic iron sword on his back. He had some memories in his godly awareness which contained a map of central Ba Huang.
However, at that moment, the middle-aged man stopped in the sky for in front of him was a gigantic sword mountain. An old and tired-looking man was seated there.
“You’re still alive.” said Emperor Tie Jian.
“You became the leader of Sword Mountain and you’ve also become a great emperor.” said the old man, looking at Emperor Tie Jian calmly.
“Where are the Nihility Sword Scriptures?” asked Emperor Tie Jian coldly.
“Teacher told you, the Nihility Sword Scriptures are not suitable for you, they’re only good for my cultivation.” a terrifying force oppressed the mountain, but the old man remained calm and didn’t move.
“The old man was confused. He also wanted you to be the descendent of Sword Mountain. But in the end, you lost against me and I became a great emperor. If I had the Nihility Sword Scriptures, I would be even stronger.” shouted the great emperor, his voice resonated all around the region. Some parts of the mountain even exploded.
“Back then, I lost against you, and I’ve never recovered. I know I can’t fight against you, but you can’t kill me either. Concerning the Nihility Sword Scriptures…” said the old man, smiling indifferently. Then, he stood up and looked at Emperor Tie Jian, his eyes were twinkling and contained Wu Tian energy.
“Boom!” Emperor Tie Jian suddenly moved backwards at full speed. He felt that something was going to leave an imprint in his brain.
Break! shouted Emperor Tie Jian furiously. The ground was shaking before Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword energy eventually weakened and dispersed. Emperor Tie Jian looked back at the old man, but the old man just smiled as his silhouette disappeared and turned to void. “You understand, don’t make any mistakes. Even though I can’t kill you, I can easily kill a few people from Sword Mountain.”
With that, the atmosphere became calm again as if he had never been there.
“Nihility Sword Scriptures, Nihility Sword Scriptures.” Emperor Tie Jian looked at the sky and released sword energies, destroying a mountain range. In a few minutes, all the mountains around him had disappeared, leaving a barren flatland. Emperor Tie Jian looked furious. The old man hadn’t recovered, but he had started studying the Nihility Sword Scriptures.

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    Emperor WTJ shld give the scripture to LF.

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