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PMG Chapter 1662: Chasing to Kill

PMG Chapter 1662: Chasing to Kill
“Nihility, if the sword turns to nothing, then the human being can turn to nothing as well. I need the Nihility Sword Scriptures.” whispered Emperor Tie Jian. He knew that Emperor Wu Tian Jian had already realized that Sword Mountain was looking for him.
Emperor Tie Jian flew towards central Ba Huang. He was going to have some fun there…
Back in Gold-Fire Tower, the professor in golden-purple clothes went to Lin Feng’s room.
He entered his room just as Lin Feng finished carving a talisman. Then, Lin Feng walked up to the professor, “Master, are we leaving now?”
“Indeed. Everything is ready. If you’re still busy though, you can leave later.” said the professor smiling.
“Master, that would be an exaggeration. How could I postpone? I have nothing left to prepare, we can leave.” said Lin Feng.
“I came myself because I want to go too.” said the professor. Lin Feng was surprised, the Level Nine Professor wanted to go to the Vast Celestial Ancient City too? It seemed that the person they wanted to see had a terrifying background. Perhaps he was a great emperor?
“You can bring your two friends too.” said the professor. Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin were now standing next to Lin Feng, wearing the same clothes and plaited bamboo hats. Even though they looked mysterious, nobody asked them anything in Gold-Fire Tower.
“Lin Feng.” said Mu Lin Xue. Lin Feng looked at her, she was wearing a sexy light blue dress, looking very attractive. She was smiling in a gentle way, “I’ll see you off.”
“Indeed.” Lin Feng nodded and they left.
More than twenty people left together. Hen Chang Tian was in the group, as well as a few middle-aged people whose cultivation levels were enigmatic. The leader of the group was the Level Nine Professor, the professor in the golden-purple clothes.
The group left Gold-Fire Tower and rose up in the air. Lin Feng smiled at Mu Lin Xue and said, “Lin Xue, you can go back. Say goodbye to Uncle Muyi from me.”
“I’ll tell my father, but I want to see you off, I’ll go back after we exit Gold-Fire City.” said Mu Lin Xue, shaking her head. Lin Feng didn’t want to argue, so he agreed. There was a boat waiting for them in the distance.
The group got on the boat and then quickly disappeared.
“How fast.” thought some nearby people. That boat was extremely fast, it must have been a Level Seven or higher imperial weapon.
In the distance, the young man was watching and was surprised. Wasn’t the group who were going to the Vast Celestial Ancient City supposed to be composed of only a few young people? There were high-level emperors in that group, so he didn’t think about it too much, marks appearing under his feet. He immediately flew into the distance.
Lin Feng and the others arrived at the periphery of the city where Mu Lin Xue jumped off the boat and left.
Fwoosh! A strong wind started blew above here. Mu Lin Xue was surprised, she raised her head and saw some remnant holy marks which were leading to the boat.
“Who was that?” thought Mu Lin Xue.
On the boat, everyone was seated. Although they were extremely fast, the Vast Celestial Ancient City was extremely far away, so it would take time. With that time, they wanted to practice cultivation.
The professor in the golden-purple robe had a strange feeling. He sensed that the Qi from the boat was stiff, but because they were moving so fast, it was difficult to have a clear perception.
“Faster.” said the professor, and then the boat accelerated. It was even scarier as it cut the sky in two like a sword.
After the boat accelerated, the professor looked back again.
“The Qi is getting more intense.” thought the professor. He was sure someone was chasing them and that person had started chasing them since they first left the city.
“Even though strength is one of the most important things, imperial weapons can still be very useful. If I had such a boat, I would be safe in most cases.” thought Lin Feng.
“Master, did anything happen?” asked Lin Feng.
“A strong cultivator is chasing us.” said the professor, frowning.
“How strong are they?” Lin Feng asked.
“They’re not any slower than our boat, which means that they’re terrifying.” said the professor.
“Are they a Great Emperor?” asked Lin Feng.
“Top of the Huang Qi layer, and he’s chasing us even though he’s alone, which means that he’s very confident.” said the professor, accelerating again.
Indeed, the young man was a cultivator at the very top of the Huang Qi layer. He had been sent by the Everlasting Palace, and he was hoping to capture Lin Feng. Even though they didn’t say it clearly, he could guess why they had sent him and not a great emperor.
Great Emperors were difficult to deal with, so if they found Lin Feng, they might leave with him and never go back to the Everlasting Palace.
“That boat is so fast.” thought the young man.
“Dong!” The young man continued to follow, pulling out a scroll to move faster.
The young man shouted, “Everybody from Gold-Fire Tower, please stop, I have nothing against you.”
“Deployment lights.” He might be from the Everlasting Palace.
“It’s not that easy to catch up with us.” said the professor in a cold way. He didn’t intend to stop.
“If he catches up, you escape, and I’ll deal with him for as long as I can.” said the professor. He didn’t know anything about the person who was chasing them, but he might be able to hold out.
The young man continued chasing them for a while, but he couldn’t catch up with them, which annoyed him.
“I promise that I just want Lin Feng, I’m not interested in anyone from Gold-Fire Tower.” said the young man loudly.

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