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PMG Chapter 1664: Guessing Things about Meng Qing

PMG Chapter 1664: Guessing Things about Meng Qing
The two old people looked at the group in the sky in a calm way. It was impossible to know what they were thinking.
The professor in the golden-purple clothes looked apologetic, he knew that the ancient clan’s ceremony was extremely important. If he had offended them, then they might slaughter them. Even high-level emperors feared those people.
“We come in peace, and we hope we haven’t disturbed you. We’ll be leaving now.” said the professor. One of the old men looked indifferent as he said, “You all stay here, don’t move.”
The professor’s heart was pounding violently, but he nodded. The members of the world clan had told them not to move to prevent them from disrupting the ceremony. Other things could wait for after the ceremony.
“What’s that strength?” thought Lin Feng, looking at the vortex which was becoming more and more terrifying. It looked like a demon cloud.
Lin Feng hadn’t experienced much in the great world, so he couldn’t know about world clans, however, when he saw their faces, he was both impressed and fearful.
“Is it a small world?” thought Lin Feng. The young man was looking at Lin Feng in a cold way. Lin Feng felt uncomfortable, but he also knew that he was safe until they finished their ceremony.
The wind was becoming more terrifying as a terrifying dark vortex appeared around the coffin.
“What terrifying world strength.” thought the professor, staring at the hurricane. It seemed like they were going to end the ritual.
At that moment, a strong cultivator raised his head and looked at the strong wind enthusiastically. But then everything fell apart.
“How could we fail?” those the old men looking desperate as the vortex disappeared.
“We failed.” All the old people looked sad and desperate.
“We couldn’t have failed without reason, there must have been a counter-strength which made us fail.” said one of them, frowning.
“Those people disturbed us.” said an old man, indifferently.
“Boom!” the young man came out of the coffin wearing a black robe.
“Forget about it.” said the young man, “It’s just a ceremony, there’s no need to take it too seriously.” The crowd nodded.
“Lang Ye, we want to use the altar to establish the world bridge on your body so that it could lead you to the vault of heaven. We wanted you to become a world emperor, but we failed. Even so, you will manage to become a world king.” said an old man in a solemn and respectful way. He wanted Lang Ye to break through to the Huang Qi layer directly, unlike ordinary people who had to use cosmic energy.
“Of course.” Lang Ye nodded, he was confident in his abilities. He would become a king, and then he would make his clan rise.
Lang Ye turned to the crowd and said indifferently, “If the ceremony was interrupted by them, that’s life, but it also means that one of them is extremely strong. Not just anyone can break the world ceremony.”
“Indeed.” said an old man, rising in the air. “If you have any problems, solve them now.”
“Thank you, Master.” said the young man from the Everlasting Palace, nodding and then he looked at Lin Feng. “Hand him over and we’ll leave.”
“Do you think we will abandon our guest of honor because you want him?” asked the professor.
“Since you want me to attack, I’ll do it.” said the young man. Then, he jumped forwards and a light appeared. He disappeared and reappeared above the boat, a gigantic hand forming below him.
“Space Laceration!” shouted the professor in the golden-purple clothes. His gigantic, sharp hand moved even faster after he heard the professor.
“Slash!” the gigantic imperial weapon cut the hand in two, however, the enemy had forced his way forwards, now surrounded by dazzling lights.
“A deployment spell mixed with the empty space cosmic strength.” thought Lin Feng.
“Meng Qing, if they capture me, stay with Yue Xin, and don’t worry about me. I don’t want you taking any useless risks.” said Lin Feng using telepathy. He didn’t want to say things like that before Qiu Yue Xin because her other personality could awaken if she heard sad or bad things.
Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng nervously, “If they capture you, I’ll come with you.”
“No, they want the Everlasting Deployment spells, and there’s still a chance that I can get out of that alive. The most important thing for me is that you live.” said Lin Feng. Meng Qing replied, “Alright, but you can’t die.”
While they were talking, a golden light appeared around them and turned into a cage. Those cosmic energies were much stronger than those of a low-level emperor. There was no chance for him to escape now.
However, a hand forcefully broke through the cage. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were astonished. An old man was looking at Meng Qing when he said, “If you accept to get married with our new prince, I’ll help you kill him.”
Meng Qing started shaking while Lin Feng looked intrigued. Meng Qing was wearing a mask and a plaited bamboo hat, but he wanted her to marry Lang Ye, which meant that they knew what Meng Qing’s social status was.
“What a terrifying clan.” Lin Feng came to that conclusion.
“Impossible.” Meng Qing refused.
Lang Ye frowned, but one of the old people said, “Lang Ye, she’s the descendant of a very powerful clan.”
“Which one?” asked Lang Ye.
“The Snow Clan.” replied the old man. Lang Ye frowned, he was a young king, so he knew about the Snow Clan. He had a king body and knew how beneficial the snow clan could be for him.

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