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PMG Chapter 1666: World Strength

PMG Chapter 1666: World Strength
“Don’t worry, we’ve invited them.” replied the old man, smiling, but the few young men didn’t look happy.
“Since they came as guests of honor, I want to see how strong he is. I doubt he’s even worth having as a guest of honor.” said the young man.
“And why are they hiding their faces? What does that mean?” said a beautiful girl, looking at Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin.
Lin Feng looked at the elders, but they remained silent and smiled indifferently. The elders didn’t prevent the young people from being arrogant, they would start traveling soon, so it was good that they were so enthusiastic.
The old man liked watching battles between young people the most. He also knew why their young people were so arrogant, it was because they were already proud of being members of the World Clan.
Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin took off their plaited bamboo hats and masks to show their real faces.
Many young men gulped down when they saw their faces. How breathtakingly beautiful, especially Meng Qing, the other one looked nice as well, but not as much as Meng Qing.
“The women of the Snow Clan are legendary, especially famous for their beauty. Too bad she already has someone, otherwise, she would have perfect for our clan with her monarchic body.” thought the old man.
Most women were incredibly beautiful in the World Clan, but when Meng Qing showed her face, those women all looked jealous.
“Good-for-nothing.” thought a young woman when she saw that the young man next to her kept staring at Meng Qing.
“Young people.” the old man smiled, Lang Ye looked captivated. He looked even more captivated than the other young people.
“Dong!” The young man the girl had called a good for nothing jumped into the sky, saying, “Come and fight, we’ll see if you deserve being our guest of honor.”
Lin Feng raised his head and glanced at the twenty-year-old man who had already broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer.
“Attack.” said the young man indifferently. His robes were fluttering in the wind as a terrifying Qi rolled in waves. Lin Feng released demonic energies in return. The young man shook his hands and cyan lights streaked across the sky, and although Lin Feng had used his Deadly Demon Punch, both disappearing.
“How strong.” thought the young man. Even though Lin Feng’s attack didn’t look dazzling or special, it was powerful.
“Continue.” said Lin Feng smiling. This time, he raised both hands and demonic energy balls appeared.
The young man released lights which moved towards the Deadly Demon Punches.
But things didn’t look that easy for the young man. Lin Feng’s Deadly Demon Punches were very powerful and had destroyed his cyan lights from the inside-out. He was being pushed backwards, his facial expression making a change for the worst. That outsider was oppressing him!
“That guy can have sex with a celestial girl from the Snow Clan, and on top of that, she lets him have other women, so it’s no surprise that he’s extraordinary. His demon energy is already at the maximum level, so an ordinary cultivator of the Ninth Zun Qi layer couldn’t compete with him.” thought the old man.
“Your cyan lights are terrifying too, not bad.” said Lin Feng calmly. He recalled his Deadly Demon Punches.
“Argh! the young man shouted furiously, running forwards while releasing cyan lights from his left hand and terrifyingly sharp Qi from his right hand.
Suddenly, Lin Feng raised his hands, having condensed Deadly Demon Punches in his left hand and destructive energies in his right.
“Break!” The ground broke under Lin Feng’s feet as he attacked the cyan lights. The sky shook, and slowly, the cyan lights dispersed.
“He broke the lights!” the crowd was surprised.
Lin Feng’s fist continued moving towards the young man, threatening to take his life.
“You’re much stronger than I am.” said the young man in a calm way.
Lin Feng’s Deadly Demon Punch disappeared, then he smiled and said, “The strength of your clan is very strange, but it’s very powerful. Ordinary people of the same level can’t fight against you guys.”
“Indeed, you’re an exception, you’re even stronger than ordinary people.” The young man had accepted Lin Feng’s strength.
“It’s okay to lose, especially if you learn from your mistakes.” said the old man indifferently. The young man nodded and after that, someone else came to Lin Feng. “I want to fight.”
Lin Feng looked at the old man, the old man remained silent and smiled. Lin Feng then looked at his opponent and asked, “Are you ready?”
“Let’s fight.” said the young man in a calm way. However, a terrifying wind immediately started blowing and world lights appeared, however, Lin Feng had vanished. He was already standing above his opponent.
That person’s mouth twitched, he looked petrified. His world lights faded. He felt even more humiliated, he hadn’t even started the fight but had already lost.
“If you were my enemy, you’d be dead already.” said Lin Feng in a calm way.
“Wind and empty space strength.” the old man from the World Clan was staring at Lin Feng. With that speed, apart from emperors, nobody could defeat Lin Feng.
“I underestimated him.” thought the old man of the clan. He looked at Lang Ye and smiled, “They can’t make him use his full strength, don’t you want to try?”
“I do.” said Lang Ye nodding. He was curious, could that young man, who was in a relationship with the celestial girl of the Snow Clan, stand a chance against him?
Lang Ye landed in front of Lin Feng. Suddenly, Lin Feng had the feeling that he was facing a gigantic, ancient beast. He possessed the monarchic body of the Ancient World Clan, so it was obvious that he was a lot stronger than the two young men who Lin Feng had already fought.

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