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PMG Chapter 1667: World Strength

PMG Chapter 1667: World Strength
“Lang Ye is going to fight against him.” the crowd looked at the fighters, both looking terrifying. One of them was wearing a white robe, while the other was wearing a black robe.
“Can he fight against Lang Ye?” asked a young woman to one of the men Lin Feng had defeated. Lang Ye had the monarchic body of the World Clan. and he might become the king of the Ancient World Clan in the future. Among those who were directly related to the blood lineage, nobody could compete with him.
“He’s very strong, and his attacks are powerful, but he can’t compete with Lang Ye.” said a young man. Nobody had ever seen Lang Ye use his full strength.
“Right.” the young girl nodded. The future monarch of the World Clan couldn’t lose.
Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black as demonic intent emerged from his eyes, cursing strength also assaulted Lang Ye’s eyes. He was surprised, his facial expression changed too.
Fwoosh. The space seemed to fluctuate around them, then Lang Ye looked strange. His eyes looked to have two vortexes in the which were absorbing the demonic intent. The cursing strength also disappeared.
“He really is strong, he already made Lang Ye use the World Vision.” thought the young men on the ground. The World Vision was a technique that only those of the direct lineage could use, and once the cultivator had experience, they could use their World Vision to make people drown in their eyes.
Lin Feng watched as his intent was being drained into his Lang Ye’s eyes. Then, all sorts of vision attacks assaulted Lin Feng’s eyes. Lin Feng slowly walked forwards, fixedly staring at Lang Ye as he released dream energy. Lang Ye was surprised again, now there were different types of strength assaulting him. If he acted carelessly, he could be in danger.
Fwoosh! Suddenly, Lin Feng moved like the wind and used his Deadly Demon Punch.
Lang Ye looked at the fists and space became distorted again. Two Deadly Demon Punches passed next to Lang Ye, but he seemed unphased.
“Great Earth Destruction!” Lin Feng attacked again. This time, Lang Ye raised his fists and more world lights appeared. Lin Feng’s Great Earth Destruction crashed onto the world lights and then his attack became distorted.
“Lacerate!” sword lights rose to the skies and moved towards Lang Ye.
World lights emerged from Lang Ye’s eyes, the space around the sword lights caused them to move slower and slower until Lang Ye was able to destroy them with his fingers.
But Lin Feng didn’t stop attacking, he was determined to break through Lang Ye’s defenses. He continued releasing more sword energies and used his Great Earth Destruction again, all the while trying to move as quickly as possible. If he gave Lang Ye any time to think, then he would attack.
Lang Ye’s eyes were twinkling as he suddenly slapped the air in front of him, and then more world lights appeared, along with a coffin.
With the coffin, a strong wind started blowing, crashing into Lin Feng, propelling him backwards. His arms felt paralyzed after taking the brunt of that blow.
Lang Ye raised his hands and lifted the coffin, condensing his cyan lights. The coffin wasn’t an imperial weapon, Lang Ye had just used his mysterious world strength to condense it.
“Lang Ye’s world strength is incredible, no wonder he has the monarchic body of the World Clan.” thought the crowd. Lang Ye threw his gigantic coffin, which was surrounded by king Qi, at Lin Feng. He hadn’t just used cyan lights, he could also use pure, aggressive world strength.
Lin Feng released more sword energy, and in front of him, a long and heavy sword condensed. That sword was three meters long and contained a heavy-type of energy. Lin Feng held it in both his hands as he ran forwards.
The two fighters got closer and closer, before finally, the cyan coffin and the gigantic sword collided. A terrifying vortex of energies appeared causing the coffin and the sword to break apart. But after the coffin, it turned into a terrifying beast which continued moving towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng moved back using the wind while Lang Ye continued releasing world lights.
“Is that the power that cultivators of the World Clan have? Can they make new worlds before having broken through to the Huang Qi layer?” thought Lin Feng.
“Use your most powerful attack and show us how strong you really are.” said Lang Ye. Then, his blood started boiling and terrifying world lights rose to the skies, moving in all directions.
A shadow appeared behind Lang Ye, it a shadow of himself, but he was gigantic and looked like a king.
“It seems like he can already make parallel worlds and imprison people inside them.” thought the elders of the clan. They were very happy. At the same level, nobody could fight with him, but because Lin Feng’s speed was so incredible, Lang Ye still couldn’t defeat him easily.
“Don’t dodge, I won’t imprison you, I just want to see your most powerful attack.” said Lang Ye, condensing more cyan lights. His attack had turned into a gigantic cyan world coffin, with a world forming inside.
“Alright, don’t hold back either then, otherwise this will be boring.” said Lin Feng, nodding calmly. The members of the World Clan looked startled.
“Hmph! That guy is just acting arrogant. If Lang Ye uses his full strength, Lin Feng would definitely die.” said a young woman.
“Arrogant bastard, is he implying that Lang Ye’s attacks are not powerful enough?”
“Alright, I’ll do as you wish.” said Lang Ye, just as calmly. A terrifying king formed behind him and his cyan coffin started blotting out the sky.
“His spirit can leave his body.” Lin Feng realized. Many emperors couldn’t do that, but Lang Ye could.
A demon king appeared behind Lin Feng, it looked like an ancient demon. Lin Feng raised his hands and a black sword appeared. Even when facing such monstrous world strength, he didn’t flinch.
“Huh?” the crowd sensed the terrifying sword and demon energies coming from Lin Feng.
“Die!” shouted Lang Ye furiously. A terrifying world strength emerged from the coffin, seeming capable of destroying anything in its path.
“Attack!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Black lights rose to the skies as Lin Feng also released his sword energies.
Slash! The gigantic black sword streaked across the sky and crashed onto the coffin, instantly causing some cracks t form. Then the sword pierced through it and destroyed the world strength.
Lang Ye was amazed. He shook his hands and said, “Come back.”
The cyan coffin dispersed and moved back into his body. The terrifying world king also disappeared, leaving just Lin Feng and Lang Ye staring at each other.
The atmosphere was eerily silent, even the elders of the World Clan were dumbstruck.
“How strong!” after a long time, Lang Ye said those two words and smiled. “You’re the second person I’ve met who’s that terrifying.”
Lang Ye was looking at Lin Feng in a respectful way!

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