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PMG Chapter 1668: World Clan

PMG Chapter 1668: World Clan
“Just who is he? How come he can defeat Lang Ye?” thought the crowd. They didn’t understand. No wonder what, those three peoples were guests of honor in their World Clan.
Even the elders of the clan were happy with their decision to invite Lin Feng and them in.
“That boy must have a special body.” thought one of the elders of the World Clan. He walked forwards and smiled, “Lin Feng, has a very powerful group of people sent you?”
Lin Feng looked at the old man, he didn’t trust him.
“I was born in a small place, and I have a special body which allows me to understand ten different sorts of abstruse energies, but I only started benefitting from the body recently. I really come from an unknown family.” said Lin Feng. The old man was aghast, “A body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, no wonder I sensed so many different types in your last sword attack, which was perfect I should add.”
The old man nodded, “Lang Ye uses world strength, and he already has the strength of a low-level emperor with it. You managed to destroy his coffin, which means that you can already destroy low-level emperors’ small worlds.”
Now Lin Feng understood what it meant, with his world strength, Lang Ye could make a small world as resistant as the small world of a low-level emperor. That was the reason why Lang Ye could already make small worlds even though he hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer.
“No wonder such a beautiful woman from the Snow Clan fell in love with you. You’re strong, you are smart, and you have a body which allows you to understand ten different sorts of abstruse energies. You and the members of the World Clan should become friends and exchange views on cultivation.” said the old man who was still smiling.
“I really don’t deserve so much praise, Master.” replied Lin Feng politely. The old man shook his hands and smiled, “Lin Feng, in the future, you must become even stronger, otherwise you won’t be able to protect your wives. You can’t imagine how strong the Snow Clan is.”
Lin Feng frowned. The Snow Clan was a mysterious and ancient animal clan. They were really scary but why had Meng Qing, a girl who had the celestial body of the Snow Clan, ended up in a small world? The only reason was known by Mother Master.
“Master, how strong is the Snow Clan?” asked Lin Feng.
“You can’t imagine. They are going through a flourishing period now while for us, times are ominous.” said the old man.
“With the strength of the Ancient World Clan, they must be even stronger than the Everlasting Palace. I only know a little bit about them, so I can’t even imagine how powerful ancient clans are.” thought Lin Feng.
“Besides, many people want the ancient scriptures of the Snow Clan. If Meng Qing doesn’t fight, people won’t pay much attention to her, but if she fights for real, some very strong cultivators will guess what her real social status is and will chase her. If the Snow Clan doesn’t protect her, she can’t travel freely, and if she encounters other animal clans, things might get dangerous for her.” said the old man. Lin Feng’s stopped him and asked, “What do you mean, Master?”
“If she accepts, she can practice cultivation here. Besides, our strong cultivators will also help her become stronger. They can even guarantee her safety when she travels.” said the old man. Lin Feng frowned, he didn’t understand what the old man meant.
Was he trying to make Meng Qing join their clan?
The old man saw that Lin Feng looked skeptical and said, “Lin Feng, you are guests of honor here and you are extremely strong. Lang Ye and you should become friends. I wanted him to go and travel, so you could travel with him while Meng Qing could stay here in the World Clan with us. Wouldn’t it be a great relief if she was safe here? With my social status, nobody can harm her. It would be a win-win relationship. After all, if the World Clan wants to rise again, we have to collaborate with other people too.”
“Of course, if you don’t accept, I won’t force you. It’s just a proposition. After all, having the celestial body of the Snow Clan grants her a very special social status.”
Lin Feng now understood. If the World Clan helped Meng Qing, it would be very beneficial for her. After all, the World Clan was an ancient clan like the Snow Clan.
Therefore, Lin Feng was relieved. Meng Qing had no way to become stronger if she stayed with Lin Feng, and with her talent, it would be a pity if she stopped progressing.
“Wouldn’t you be worried about Lang Ye’s safety if he went traveling?” asked Lin Feng.
“Lang Ye has treasures from the World Clan to protect him in case of danger. Besides, not many people would dare attack a young man from the World Clan who has the king body of the clan.” replied the old man. “Lin Feng, I understand you. Lang Ye and Meng Qing’s situations are different. Lang Ye has our king body while the World Clan raises him, but in her case, things are different because she has the queen body of the Snow Clan but she has never been to the Snow Clan. I may be wrong, but I’m convinced it must have something to do with the internal situation of the Snow Clan. I imagine things could get dangerous for her if she continued traveling with you.”
“She isn’t Meng Qing’s biological mother, she might just be a servant of the Snow Clan, and her role was only to protect and take care of Meng Qing.” thought Lin Feng.
“You can think about what he said. I can guarantee you that our clan won’t harm her, and that she’ll be happy here.” said Lang Ye.
“Let us talk about it first.” Lin Feng was looking at Meng Qing. If they were right, then Meng Qing’s social status made the situation more complex than they had expected. If the World Clan meant them harm, then letting her stay there would be problematic. Lin Feng had to travel and go to the main cities to improve, but that would make the situation even more dangerous for Meng Qing.
“Of course, you can stay here for a few days, you’re our guest of honor, so you can do whatever you want in the World Clan. If you want to leave together, Lang Ye can come with you as well. Our young king should travel nonetheless.” said the old man smiling. “Lang Ye, take them for a walk and show them around.”
“Alright.” Lang Ye nodded, “Lin Feng, it’s the first time you’re here, so I’ll show you the world my World Clan fabricated.”
“Thank you very much.” said Lin Feng cheerfully. He’ll soon break through to the Huang Qi layer, then he would definitely make his own world. With their strength, the World Clan had probably created an extraordinary small world.
“Go.” Lang Ye rose up in the air, then Lin Feng and the girls followed him. The old man watched as Lin Feng and the others left.
“You really want to raise the celestial girl of the Snow Clan?” asked one of the old men.
“Of course, we’ve been silent for so many years and now she shows up. It’s still not enough though, Lang Ye also needs friends, the World Clan needs friends. Lin Feng has a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, and he’s also extremely proficient at using them. In the future, he’ll become incredible. Although he still has a long way to go, imagine in a thousand years, he might just be a public figure of the Continent.”
“What about the Snow Clan?” asked another one.
“We need to be sincere. We need to make efforts to raise the girl too, even if we fail, she’ll still be grateful.” said the old man. The others said nothing.

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