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PMG Chapter 1669: Decision

PMG Chapter 1669: Decision
Lin Feng had just arrived in their castle and he could already see that there were innumerable powerful cultivators. After some time, he realized that even if the World Clan was extremely powerful compared with other groups, they still had some weaker people. Their blood had been transmitted from generation to generation over a long period of time, so it had naturally weakened. Only the one with the king-type body would have a powerful bloodline.
“Lang Ye, your clan controls World Strength, but do they use other types of strength as well?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Lang Ye had become acquaintances already, so he felt comfortable asking this question.
“Of course, we do. But I have the king body of the World Clan, so my other types of strength aren’t very good because I mostly practice world cultivation. Many people here also study other types of strength though. It’s very convenient for world cultivation, you’ll see.” Lang Ye replied cheerfully.
“People who are not from the World Clan cannot use world strength to the degree that we can, sometimes they can’t control it at all.” said Lang Ye, sounding self-confident. “Back then, when my clan was prosperous and powerful, one of my ancestors, a peerless cultivator, had celestial world creation powers. Many small worlds have been created by my ancestors.”
“A peerless cultivator, how strong.” thought Lin Feng. When the World Clan was prosperous and powerful, it was probably terrifying.
The group continued running until Lin Feng felt things getting very hot.
“What’s going on?” Lin Feng asked.
“Come with me and you’ll understand.” said Lang Ye, smiling.
“Sun.” Lin Feng frowned, it was as if a gigantic sun was nearing them.
Lin Feng raised his head and looked up at the sun. Above them, there were more suns than there should be.
Finally, Lin Feng and the others arrived in front of those suns, high in the sky.
“What’s that?” asked Lin Feng.
“A world which has been created by one of our ancestors. It’s the sun world, we also have ice worlds and so on. Our strong cultivators use cosmic energies and special powers to create these worlds.” Lang Ye explained calmly. “This small world contains terrifying fire energies. If you were to put one of those suns in a city, it could destroy it entirely, and if you use the world strength from this world, you could carry out terrifying attacks.”
“Do you want to go and see the other worlds?” asked Lang Ye, but Lin Feng shook his head.
“I want to stay here for a few days and then I’ll come back to you, is that alright?” Lin Feng asked.
“Alright, I’ll wait for you in the city where we were. Don’t forget what the elders told you.” said Lang Ye. Then, he turned around and left looking carefree.
Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing and smiled, “Meng Qing, what do you think?”
“Lin Feng, you must want me to stay in the World Clan, right?” said Meng Qing. She knew what Lin Feng was thinking, he was worried about her and her safety.
“If you stay with me and do nothing, you won’t progress at all. And the World Clan said it themselves, you have the celestial body of the Snow Clan, so traveling is dangerous for you. I think you should stay here and I would come and see you whenever I could.” said Lin Feng, smiling.
Meng Qing smiled and nodded, “Alright, I will always listen to you.”
Meng Qing didn’t want to stay away from Lin Feng, but she couldn’t protect him like in the past. She would become a burden if she stayed with him all the time. Since she had the celestial body of the Snow Clan, she had to cherish her body and become strong and, in the future, then Lin Feng and Meng Qing would be a better team.
They also had to learn about her memories, what was wrong with her memory? Why couldn’t she remember some things? At least in the World Clan, she would be free. If she missed him too much, she might be able to go and see him.
Lin Feng caressed Meng Qing’s face and smiled, he hoped that the World Clan would help her become stronger. He had kept Meng Qing with him like that for so many years, but it was a mistake, she could have become much stronger if she had been in a better environment.
Lin Feng raised his head and his Tian Ji Sword appeared. It immediately started moving around in the sun world.
The Tian Ji Sword had endured millions of attacks to become that powerful, however, it was still just a soul, Lin Feng’s soul grew along with the sword’s soul. That world was filled with sun fire, which was perfect to cleanse his sword with.
“I’ll go and see.” Lin Feng rose up in the air and flew towards the sun. The sun began to burn him, but as he got closer, he noticed someone practicing cultivation and swallowing the strength of the sun fire.
Lin Feng forgot about everything, then he closed his eyes and sat down on the sun. He practiced cultivation together with his Tian Ji Sword.
On the seventh day, Lin Feng left the sun world. In the meanwhile, Yue Xin and Meng Qing were together walking in the World Clan’s Kingdom. Lin Feng found some special worlds, such as sometimes, he jumped into waterfalls and realized that another world was behind them. Sometimes, he walked on a mountain and suddenly found himself in another world. Lin Feng couldn’t sense those energies because he hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet. People could imprison him in such a world in they really wanted to.
Lin Feng and the girls visited the World Clan’s territory, taking in the mountains, rivers, and beautiful sceneries. After that, they went back to the castle of the kingdom and looked for the elders and Lang Ye.
“Lin Feng, did you make a decision?” asked the elder. “If you’re all leaving now, Lang Ye can come with you.”
“Master, please take care of my wife, Meng Qing.” said Lin Feng, bowing before the old man. Lin Feng had to be very polite, especially considering that they were going to take care of Meng Qing.
“Alright, you don’t have to worry, even though we are not as strong as before, we have existed for a very long time. We will do our best to make the celestial girl stronger, as if she was part of our family.” said the elder.
“Thank you, Master. I’ll pay you back someday if I can.”
“Just become strong.” said the elder smiling. “Lin Feng, do you want to leave now or wait a few more days?”
“I want to leave now.” said Lin Feng.
“Alright, Lang Ye, go and travel with Lin Feng. Don’t come back if there’s nothing important happening.” said the elder. Some strong cultivators from the World Clan would follow him everywhere secretly, so he had nothing to fear.

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