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PMG Chapter 1670: Moon Imperial Palace

PMG Chapter 1670: Moon Imperial Palace
Thousands of meters away from the World Clan, three people were riding a sword. Lin Feng was one of them, but he was silent.
Next to him was Qiu Yue Xin who was holding his hand and caressing it. She knew that Lin Feng had been through a lot with Meng Qing and that she couldn’t replace her. This time, Lin Feng was very sad to leave her behind.
“The World Clan will not disappoint you.” said Lang Ye. He knew that Lin Feng was sad.
“I decided to let her stay there, and I trust the World Clan. This isn’t something I could avoid.” said Lin Feng, smiling. Lang Ye nodded, “This time, we’re going to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, which is one of the eighteen main cities of the Region of the Dark Night. We’ll find many strong cultivators there, so we need to remain determined and practice cultivation diligently. We need to break through to the Huang Qi layer as soon as possible.”
Lin Feng smiled but didn’t talk much, he knew Lang Ye was right.
Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword was extremely fast, of course, it couldn’t compare to the boat, so they’d have to spend more time travelling. While on the sword, they practiced cultivation and looked at the landscapes, there were many tribes, cities, beautiful landscapes, clouds.
Sometimes, people glanced at them, but Lin Feng and the others just ignored them.
The Vast Celestial Ancient City was one of the eighteen main cities of the region, so there were many powerful sects and clans there. Outside of the ancient city, there was an old lake where the water was always calm.
At that moment, outside of the Vast Celestial Ancient City, near the gigantic lake, the sound of music wafted through the air. Someone was playing the zither. With the pavilions, boats, and people who were nicely dressed, the scene resembled a painting.
Above the water, Lin Feng and the two others were still riding the sword.
“Those people know how to enjoy themselves.” whispered Lin Feng. He heard music, people’s conversations and laughter, it was great.
“The musician looks relaxed, but I’m sure he is extremely determined.” Lin Feng knew music, so he could easily determine what the soundwaves contained.
“He’s determined, he’s a real professional.” whispered Lang Ye, opening his eyes. Then, he walked towards the center of the lake.
“Vast Celestial Ancient City.” Lin Feng gazed into the distance, then he looked at Qiu Yue Xin and smiled, “Let’s go and see.”
“The landscape is incredible.” thought Lin Feng. He glanced around, noticing a group of beautiful women dancing. Lin Feng sighed, those beautiful women were extremely strong, they were all cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.
“The moon in the celestial sky. Going to the city, one dance.” Lin Feng listened to someone singing. He turned around and saw a young man. That young man was wearing white clothes and was playing his instrument with ten fingers.
“I really don’t deserve so much praise, thank you.” said one of the women when she saw that everybody was looking at her with admiration.
“Beautiful and talented.” said a young man. He looked elegant and smiled thinly, “How are things at the Moon Imperial Palace? When I have time, I’ll have to come and visit.”
“Mister Bai, would you like to join the Moon Palace?” asked the woman. From her eyes, she seemed to look surprised.
“If you let me join the Moon Clan, I wouldn’t refuse.” said the young man, smiling. The Moon Imperial Palace had disappeared for a thousand years and now they were back playing music and dancing. That woman proved they hadn’t disappeared completely.
The young men around them were all famous, so when they heard that young man, they knew that the Moon Imperial Palace was still in existence.
“The Moon Imperial Palace.” Lang Ye repeated. Even though the Moon Imperial Palace wasn’t as strong as the World Clan, they were very famous in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, known for their many beautiful women.
Lin Feng didn’t understand much about influential groups in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. He had the impression that the Moon Imperial Palace couldn’t be compared with the Moon Palace in his previous life.
“In three days, we’ll come back to the Vast Celestial Ancient City.” said the girl. She slowly stopped playing and took her instrument back. After a short time, the girls disappeared.
Nobody thought it was strange.
“They’re gaining power again.” said Lang Ye. Even though the Phoenix Pavilion had disappeared, they never stopped playing the zither.
Some people accelerated on their boats towards some distant music. Then, some music talismans appeared, causing waves to roll in the lakes, almost sinking some boats.
A terrifying Qi appeared in the air, and then the waves stopped.
People could still hear the zither from the talismans, they each turned into golden imprints.
One young man got closer and the deadly energies turned into destructive energies. As the young man was inside those energies, all the talismans broke apart around him.
“Boom!” the talismans exploded, sinking the boat, and throwing Qi out in all directions.
“Those people are enthusiastic.” thought Lin Feng smiling.
“Many young people from the Vast Celestial Ancient City are here, and they want to fight. Some of them plan to go to the Moon Imperial Palace in a few days.” said someone.
“Strength is strength, it’s the most important thing in this world.” said Lin Feng, laughing indifferently.
That person looked upset when he heard Lin Feng.
Lang Ye looked at him in a deep and profound way, causing that person to shudder unconsciously.
“Let’s go to the ancient city.” said Lang Ye, rising in the sky. The lake was just on their path, initially.
However, as they flew away, a strength suddenly emerged. They heard zithers and an ancient music getting louder. Suddenly, imprints moved towards them at full speed.
Lang Ye shook his hands and a terrifying strength appeared, containing world lights. The space around them became distorted as a vortex appeared, which surrounded everyone.
“How strong.” the crowd was wide-eyed.
“The World Clan.” whispered the musicians, smiling. Things were going to be fun this time at the Vast Celestial Ancient City.

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