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PMG Chapter 1672: In the Middle of the Night

PMG Chapter 1672: In the Middle of the Night
Nothing happened during the banquet, Lin Feng just listened to people and tried to learn more about Vast Celestial Ancient City. Since he was there, he had to understand the customs of the city, and who the strongest groups in the city were.
Lin Feng wasn’t Lang Ye, he didn’t have a dazzling background, so nobody talked to him except for Cang Yue who only exchanged a few sentences with him.
After the banquet, Cang Ling took Lang Ye around the Heaven Clan. He had also prepared a place for Lin Feng and Lang Ye to stay.
“Brother Lang Ye, did you know that the Moon Imperial Palace came back to the Moon Imperial Palace? They haven’t appeared here for a thousand years, so they might be strong now. They might also have beautiful women, maybe you could find yourself one there.” said Cang Xiao.
“Since they’re here, we should get to know them.” said Lang Ye calmly.
“I think so too. Some other young people from other Holy Clans are sure to come, so you should meet them too.” said Cang Xiao.
“Has anyone from the Chu Clan broken through to the Huang Qi layer?” asked Lang Ye. Cang Xiao knew why Lang Ye asked that, the Chu Clan and the Heaven Clan were both Holy Clans, and even though the strongest young man they had possessed the intent of an emperor, he didn’t have a king body.
“Not yet. I’ve heard that the Chu Clan has prepared 72 emperors’ intent for him so that he can break through to the Huang QI layer though.” said Cang Xiao. Lang Ye nodded indifferently.
“No need to stay with us all the time.” said Lang Ye, indicating that he wanted to rest. Cang Xiao smiled and nodded, “If you need anything, just ask me. Make yourself at home.”
“Alright.” said Lang Ye nodding. Lin Feng interjected, “Can we get a map? We don’t understand Vast Celestial Ancient City.”
Cang Xiao glanced at Lin Feng and smiled. He released his godly awareness and transferred a map to Lin Feng.
“Thank you very much.” said Lin Feng.
“You’re welcome.” replied Cang Xiao, then he said to Lang Ye, “I’m off.”
When Cang Xiao left, Lang Ye smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Do you want to go to town?”
“I do, I’d love to visit the ancient capital. Besides, I don’t like it when there are so many people with me all the time.” said Lin Feng.
“I’ll come with you.” said Lang Ye.
“There’s no need, I’ll just have a walk and come back.” said Lin Feng politely. Lang Ye was surprised, he didn’t understand. He smiled but asked nothing. Lin Feng had things to do in Vast Celestial Ancient City apparently, but he also said he’d come back, so there was no need to worry.
“If you need anything, just call me.” said Lang Ye, then he left. Lin Feng smiled at Qiu Yue Xin and said, “Go to to the room and have a rest. I’ll come back late tonight.”
Vast Celestial Ancient City was a lot larger than Celestial Qi Castle, so if Lin Feng wanted to cross the city, a few days still wouldn’t be enough. Luckily, the place he wanted to go wasn’t too far.
“Alright.” Qiu Yue Xin nodded and went to a room. Lin Feng started leaving.
“Brother Lin, where are you going?” asked Cang Yue, she was smiling as always.
“I’ve never seen the city, so I want to travel around.” said Lin Feng.
“I can come with you.” said Cang Yue.
“There’s no need, I’m used to traveling alone.” said Lin Feng as he accelerated. Cang Yue frowned. An ancient imprint trailed behind her as she accelerated.
“Brother Lin, why wouldn’t you want a beautiful woman next to you?” Cang Yue asked.
“I told you, I’m used to it.” said Lin Feng. Then, he moved exceptionally fast, holy marks even appeared behind him. He was trying to get rid of Cang Yue.
Cang Yue could only watch as Lin Feng disappeared into the distance. She stopped and smiled, “That guy is so fast. I wonder how strong he is.”
Lin Feng left the Heaven Clan and went to the South-Western part of the city. Even though he traveled with incredible speed, most people didn’t even care about him because there were too many strong cultivators already there, that young man was just a pedestrian to them.
Later that night, Lin Feng stopped and looked at his surroundings. It was hard to imagine that there could be such an abandoned area in Vast Celestial Ancient City.
“It must be here.” thought Lin Feng, glancing around. He had stopped at some ruins which seemingly hadn’t been lived in for quite some time.
Lin Feng slowly walked towards the ancient palaces, noting a demonic energy there.
“Stop.” said someone at that moment.
He turned around and saw a middle-aged person. He said, “You’re still too young, you can’t go there. Many people die there, so you shouldn’t go.”
Then, the middle-aged man left. Lin Feng shivered, that person was an emperor.
“Ancient mysteries.” thought Lin Feng. He could sense deployment energies, so maybe there was an illusion ahead.
“It is probably the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s memories that I’m thinking of.” thought Lin Feng. Unfortunately, he didn’t know if he could go there or not, he just knew that it was there.
Lin Feng continued getting closer. At the same time, his eyes slowly turned black and he began to look like a demon.
He looked at the palace, but he couldn’t see inside because it was surrounded by pitch-black energies.  It seemed that even with his pitch-black eyes, it wasn’t enough.
“Go!” Lin Feng shook his hands and an illusion-like mountain descended from the sky, making the ground quake some. Suddenly, Lin Feng sensed a coldness surround him, and then demon lights appeared inside the darkness.
“Who’s inside?” thought Lin Feng, those eyes looked like they belonged to a young person.
Nobody replied to him and the eyes disappeared. Lin Feng was sure that somebody was inside.
Quickly, Lin Feng sensed a hand filled with death energy moving towards him. He moved back at full speed, but the death Qi was quick to surround him.
“Life!” Lin Feng released life energy and continued moving backwards. He also released sword energies to break the death Qi apart. However, the energies which had already invaded his body were starting to corrode him from the inside out.
Lin Feng continued moving back until he was very far away, feeling a bit relieved. He took a deep breath and absorbed the death energy from a distance.
“Who’s that? Even though his death strength is powerful, it’s not a strength I can’t block. However, I don’t know how strong that person really is.” thought Lin Feng.

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    Thank you

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    Brother Lang Ye, did you know that the Moon Imperial Palace came back to the Moon Imperial Palace?
    “Alright.” said Lang Ye nodding. Lin Feng interjected, “Can we get a map? We don’t understand Vast Celestial Ancient City.”
    “I can come with you.” said Cang Yue.
    —Multiple errors here. First line, how does the MIP come back to the MIP? I believe it was meant to come back to the city.
    Second line, MAJOR goof up. In English, you never have two different people speaking in the same paragraph! Successive speech in the same paragraphs is always from the same person.
    Third, (and second), you need to review your speaking punctuation rules. Generally, a comma is used when ending speech, instead of period, as long as the sentence continues. This error was done at least half a dozen times in the above story.

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